Make This: Succulent Arrangement


MAKE THIS: DIY Succulent Arrangement | brittanyMakes


Succulents are such a black-thumb friendly plant.  I’m so glad plants like this exist because if all plants were as high maintenance as fiddles or orchids, I’d never have a plant in my home.  I have been testing my plant parenting abilities, which has been both a success and a failure, but so far our cute sun room has proven to be mighty helpful in our plants survival.

Anywho, back to this quick project. I found the perfect copper footed bowl the other day while thrifting.  I don’t remember how much it was, $4? Anyway, I knew it would be perfect for a drippy plant or arrangement. I took a trip to my trusty home improvement store to scope out plants and other foliage when I found the perfect wild and drippy succulent.  So yeah, this project revolves around that guy right up there.

MAKE THIS: DIY Succulent Arrangement | brittanyMakes



To some, building an arrangement might be a no brainer, but if you are like me and only recently learned about drainage to prevent a plant from rotting, this post might be helpful to you.  I faintly recall killing my first rosemary tree by watering it so much it rot.  It’s a sad lesson to learn!

So yeah, if you are using a vessel that does not have a drainage hole, you want to layer the bottom with about a half-inch of pebbles so that the water sits below the soil.  Next, add a layer of dirt, then you’ll gently tuck your succulents in the vessel along with more soil.

There happens to be a method to a well-balanced arrangement.  You need three things: 1) varying size – select a few succulents of varying sizes: something small, something fat, something textured etc  2) varying height – make sure you have a good high-to-low mix.  There’s nothing more boring than a flat horizontal arrangement.  Actually, I’m sure there are thousands of more boring things, but you get my drift. 3) be mindful of the color palette, there is a special time and place for a multi-colored arrangement.

I found another brass footed bowl while thrifting! I think I’ll go fill that one with some succulents too…


DIY Leather & Gold Pinwheel Pillow

It’s no secret I like making pillows from scratch.  I’m sure it’s the miser in me, I can’t afford to buy new pillows as often as I feel like changing them out, so I make them.  I’ve had a few flops, but I’m quite pleased with my latest pillow creation so naturally I have a tutorial for you!

DIY Leather & Gold Pinwheel Pillow | brittanyMakes


The steps are a cinch, promise!

DIY Leather & Gold Pinwheel Pillow | brittanyMakes

STEP 1 | Measure and cut yourself a square pattern measuring 20″x20″, preferably from a large piece of paper like Kraft or butcher paper

STEP 2 | Fold your 20″x20″ paper pattern in half corner to corner (AB to EF), then fold in half again, and fold in half one final time to get your single pinwheel triangle pattern

STEP 3 | Trace & cut various fabrics of choice, I chose 2 pieces of leather hide (left over from the project I did with the Leather Hide Store), 2 pieces of metallic gold fabric, and 2 pieces of beige vegan leather. Lay your triangle pieces of fabric out to visualize the layout, like so:

DIY Leather & Gold Pinwheel Pillow | brittanyMakes

STEP 4 | Sew together each corner quadrant, A & B, C & D, E & F, G & H

STEP 5 | Sew the quadrants together to make two halves, AB & CD, then EF & GH

STEP 6 | Sew the halves together to make your full pillow front, ABCD & EFGH

STEP 7 | Sew your pillow front to the backside fabric of your choice. I chose to do a solid backside from the same beige vegan leather used in the front side. You can choose to add a zipper or not, I chose not to add a zipper.  I sewed 3 full sides and the fourth side I left about a 4 inch opening, turned the fabric right side out, stuffed with pillow fluff, and closed the 4-inch opening by running it through my sewing machine.

DIY Leather & Gold Pinwheel Pillow | brittanyMakes


There you have it! It’s not as complicated as it looks, no? I really loved how this pillow turned out, it looks good almost anywhere in my house!


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


friday favorites | brittanyMakes

// ONE Pop your bottles in style with this trendy hexagon bottle opener! // TWO we might be over the ‘in-your-face’ chevron textiles, however this chevron embroidered toss pillow is subtle yet classic // THREE what a clever way to hang an art print!  // FOUR the impending back to school season has me yearning for a new satchel // FIVE Gold geometric paper weight? I’ll take them all.

I almost forgot about my dentist appointment this morning which delayed this post from being published. My bad! I should be a better blogger and get my stuff done ahead of time, but alas I’m just your average procrastinator. Here are some links around the web I that must be shared with you today.

// OMAGAH! This DIY!

// Want to customize your Ikea furniture without the DIY hassle? This list, read it.

// This is EXACTLY how I feel about my student loans

// All my kitchen scheming has me dreaming of copper accents like these.

Have a fantastic weekend! Enjoy those last few moments of summer break.


Tour of the Blogosphere!

Perhaps the most invaluable perk about being a blogger is that we get the opportunity to meet likeminded folk from across the country and around the world that we otherwise wouldn’t ever get to meet.  Earlier this week, Jen, the blogger behind House of Wood (where she builds amazing pieces of furniture.. from scratch!) tagged me in a tour of the blogosphere post.  Jen said such nice things about brittanyMakes, sometimes I wallow in doubt over the projects or direction I’m headed, but when someone says such nice things it’s really heartwarming and validating and makes me feel like I do have an audience!

The way this tour works is, I answer 4 questions then list a couple blogs I follow and reasons why so that you fall in love with them as much as I have. Got it? Good.

1. What are you working on?
Here’s a fun fact! I have DIY-er ADD when it comes to projects, I start one, like painting our dining room, then get bored and start painting a piece of furniture, or distracted by the mail man and start building and styling the bookcase that just arrived for the nursery.  Believe it or not, I’m actually trying to keep my projects at a 4-count max.  My house just isn’t big enough to carry on more than that! So yeah, I’m working on the dining room, the nursery, a couple DIY tutorials, and in the back of my mind I’m scheming over plans for our bedroom.
projects in the works | brittanyMakes
2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?
This is a tough question to answer! Us DIY/design bloggers are always trying to think of the next best thing, a project or a designed space or whatever.  I’m constantly influenced by the more successful and experienced bloggers and designers, from their photography skills to their design aesthetic.  I am so far from where I want to be, but can certainly say that I’ve come so far from where I began.  Did I answer the question? No? That’s ok.
3. Why do you write/create what you do?
Because I would seriously internally combust if I didn’t make things.  I have way too many ideas swirling in my head, and sometimes we just need to take a break from our daily routine to do something creative.  I’m a Libra, I like balance in my life!
I’ve never thought it would be fun to make just one thing over and over. I want to make ALL THE THINGS! I’m constantly inspired by pretty much everything and, being a DIYer, I usually think “I can make that!” to whatever thing I see. I mean, most things are made by someone right? Why can’t that someone be me? Naturally sometimes I fail at execution, but seriously that’s part of the fun.
4. How does your writing/creative process work?
Well, usually I see something, an object being sold at a store or think up a solution to a need some people might have, then I get to work.  I gather supplies and, either get to making right away or go through a R&D process of what the best method would be to make said thing.  Then I take lots of pictures of the process and the finished product, and you’d think I’d be able to turn over a tutorial right away right? Nay.  I tend sit on my projects for a bit before I share them.  Why? I don’t know.  Writing a post doesn’t come easy to me so that might be the problem, which is the main the reason I don’t post every day. Someday I will! Maybe…
OK, you ready to hop on over to two blogs I absolutely adore??
FIRST UP: Gwen Hefner, the magnetic beauty behind the blog The Makerista
The Makerista
I was first introduced to Gwen via a Facebook group I’m in.  Immediately I was so impressed with Gwen’s style and blog performance, she is a natural talent! I mean, her blog brand, “The Makerista”, its so perfect!

Gwen is one of my favorite Pinterest pinners to follow, she’s just SO GOOD. If you don’t follow her, you must! Right now Gwen and her family are building a house from scratch and I’m just so excited for them and that we get to see the whole process as it unfolds.

NEXT UP: Chris & Julia, the dynamic duo behind the blog Chris Loves Julia

Chris Loves Julia

I first started reading Chris & Julia’s blog after being a fellow participant in one of the The Home Depot Challenges.  I was immediately drawn to them, they’re honest, heartwarming, relatable, beautiful and have two adorable girls that I can’t get enough of from their Instagram feed.  Chris & Julia are renovating a home in Rexburg, Idaho, coincidentally the exact little town where my sister lives! (My sister is a student at BYUI). I love their design aesthetic and following along their journey as they turn their house into a gorgeous home! Not to mention, Chris is a killer cook, I drool over my laptop almost weekly with his recipes.

Well, there you have it! Two super cool blogs you should definitely follow.


10 Amazing Floral Wallpapers


10 Amazing Floral Wallpapers | brittanyMakes

No joke, I’ve spent approximately 20 hours the last week or so scouring the internets for the perfect wallpaper, so I thought I’d share ten of my favorites!  I’m strongly considering something floral for our bedroom, I don’t think my husband knows this yet so shh, don’t tell him!

Well, here they are, clockwise, starting top left:


They’re all so good it’s hard to choose a favorite! I’ll admit, I’m most smitten with the air plant wallpaper, it’s so charming! However I’m leaning towards something classic yet colorfully bold.  I haven’t made a decision yet, which would you choose???


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Things!} & MORE!


Friday Faves | brittanyMakes

// ONE plant stands!!! Why are elevated plants so fashionable? // TWO I’m oddly drawn to this textured pillow // THREE this lamp would look perfect in our nursery // FOUR my dining table STILL lacks a set of dining chairs, and right now i’m loving the glossy black look of these chairs // FIVE geometric minky blanket??? Yes please!


AND MORE from around the internets!

// Ever get the blogger blues? Joy’s keynote is sure to amp you up

// Obsessing over this wallpaper (too bad it would cost like a bajillion dollars to cover a room)

// So impressed with this DIY

// Have you checked out Scout & Nimble yet? More deets coming soon.

// These got me thinking about Halloween

// That’s it, I’m doing this to all art from now on

// The 2015 Ikea catalogue is here!


It’s August 1st, my goodness.  And I thought this year was going to drag…

Have a great weekend! Stay cool out there!


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