Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Things!} & MORE!


Friday Faves | brittanyMakes

// ONE plant stands!!! Why are elevated plants so fashionable? // TWO I’m oddly drawn to this textured pillow // THREE this lamp would look perfect in our nursery // FOUR my dining table STILL lacks a set of dining chairs, and right now i’m loving the glossy black look of these chairs // FIVE geometric minky blanket??? Yes please!


AND MORE from around the internets!

// Ever get the blogger blues? Joy’s keynote is sure to amp you up

// Obsessing over this wallpaper (too bad it would cost like a bajillion dollars to cover a room)

// So impressed with this DIY

// Have you checked out Scout & Nimble yet? More deets coming soon.

// These got me thinking about Halloween

// That’s it, I’m doing this to all art from now on

// The 2015 Ikea catalogue is here!


It’s August 1st, my goodness.  And I thought this year was going to drag…

Have a great weekend! Stay cool out there!


Himmeli Mobile for the Nursery


DIY Himmeli Mobile | brittanyMakes

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today feels like a Monday to me. We spent yesterday recovering from our trip to Disneyland, it was a total veg-out-on-the-couch kinda day. It was glorious… except for the part where I felt guilty for not doing anything when I have walls to paint and such.  As my husband said, one veg day wont kill me.

The baby’s room is coming together, slowly! He’s not sleeping in his crib yet, still in his bassinet in our room so I kind of feel like I don’t have to finish his room until we swap him over.  Am I subconsciously waiting until his room is finished? Err, no? Yes? Don’t ask me I’m not sure.  I am one tiny step closer though, we have a mobile!

DIY Himmeli Mobile | brittanyMakes

I’ve stumbled and fallen face first on the himmeli train. Brass tubing as sculptures? How can we bloggers resist? I don’t have a tutorial for you since there are a billion himmeli tutorials in blog land, but I will reference which tutorials I used to create our mobile.  I’ll divide it into the three shapes you see here: Hexagon (top), Square (middle & side “tassels”), Diamond (bottom).

DIY Himmeli Mobile | brittanyMakes

For the top 3D hexagon I followed Rayan’s wreath tutorial. I basically only made the first shape instead of making the whole wreath.  For the bottom diamond I followed this tutorial.  Her blog is in French but luckily she posts a very clear tutorial with images.  For the middle squares, it’s the exact same method as Nessa’s tutorial but with straws of equal length.

DIY Himmeli Mobile | brittanyMakes

I couldn’t justify making this mobile out of brass tubing, so I opted to use straws which I spray painted gold. I grabbed a pack of straws from Ikea (of all places!).

DIY Himmeli Mobile | brittanyMakes

The mobile “before” looks weird and scary, but once I spray painted it gold, all was right again.

DIY Himmeli Mobile | brittanyMakesSo tell me, is himmeli your thing? Have you tried it yet? It’s actually MUCH easier than it looks.  If you’re at all concerned, Mandy has the cutest video showing you just how easy himmeli can be.



Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Things!} & MORE!


Friday Favorites | brittanyMakes

// ONE #targetdoesitagain, that is all. // TWO i’m incurably obsessed with this crazy pink Morrocan shag rug (if only it was affordable!) // THREE the pillow all dreams are made of // FOUR exercise in style with this pair of mint and gold headphones // FIVE I feel like I’m always hunting for the perfect weekender, something unobtrusively universal, unisex even, and I think this weekender is a new found favorite!

OK so, don’t be afraid, but I think I’ll try to rebrand my ‘Friday Faves’ posts from now on, because I (yes, like many others) wish to share more of what I find noteworthy around the internet.  I thrive on recommendations, from books to blog posts and beyond, therefore I naturally think others do too.  Let’s start treating Fridays as a ‘share the love’ kind of moment.

Shall we start a little bit of this love sharing now? I think yes:

// This husband is my hero.

// A very lucky 4 year old

// My favorite blog series of all time (so happy its back again this Summer!)

// This is absolutely the most comfortable & most flattering tank ever made

// How about this home??

// Can’t get these side tables out of my mind.  Want your own? You can find similar tables here.

Have a fantastic weekend friends!


So Fancy TableScape


B by Brandie & brittanyMakes


Hello! Checking in again while on a little vaca in SoCal/Disneyland (and yep, I’m in Disneyland with a 8 week-old baby, call me brave!).  Today is a fun day because the tablescape I designed for B by Brandie is live on their blog! Please, check it outB by Brandie is a company who designs fashionable, high quality dinnerware for the everyday home.  I was asked to design a tablescape using their gorgeous china as my muse.  Of course I had to go gold :)

Notice those fancy ferns? I teamed up again with the mighty floral talent Amanda Luu for another episode of The Flower Workshop! The next tutorial is coming soon!


Your Camera is Missing Out


DIY Camera Strap from Scrap Leather | brittanyMakes for 6th Street Design School

I love a good DIY, there are just so many ideas swirling around in my head. Some of my ideas are original, crazy weird, super simple, or happen to be various renditions of other projects or things I’ve spotted out in the internets. Today’s project is something of the latter, I’m not claiming originality nor am I re-inventing the wheel, I’m just putting my spin on something I actually needed, yet, of course, has been done before.

I completely ruined my stock camera strap when I photographed the latest Home Depot Style Challenge.  I came home and my entire camera bag, strap included, reeked like bonfire.  Not to mention my clothes and hair! It took me a week to wash out that smell, and I’m a girl who hates shampooing… Anyway, I needed a new camera strap, so I turned to my mound of fabric scraps for a solution.  Read the entire tutorial over at the interior design talent Kirsten’s blog, 6th Street Design School.


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Things!}

Friday Faves | brittanyMakes


// ONE this pillow would pair nicely with the navy velvet pillows I just made! // TWO this club chair, my oh my, come to mama! // THREE I’m a huge fan of Target’s Room Essentials line, it’s both stylish and affordable.  I especially like this clip lamp, keep it white or even better – spray paint it gold! // FOUR never take your entryway too seriously, give your guests a laugh with these sweet doormats // FIVE the most unique basket I’ve seen in a while! Love it’s structure, it would look perfect beside a club chair filled with throw blankets

I’ve finally gotten into a good groove with the baby, who just turned 7 weeks by the way! Nuts!  We have a good feed/sleep schedule down which allows me some DIY time, not to mention is helping my sanity – I’m actually getting some sleep! It will all be tested next week tho, we’re going on our first family trip down to SoCal to visit friends and swing by Disneyland.  Call us crazy.

Have a great weekend!


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