West Elm Mid Century Planter

West Elm Mid Century Planter, Vintage Rug // brittanyMakes

It’s done! I filled my West Elm planter over the holiday, woot! Recall my planter dilemma? I’ve had this planter since the beginning of summer, just sitting empty in my house.  I loved reading everyone’s votes on what to plant, and I’m happy to report the majority of folks voted for the same thing I wanted (yay!), two tall euphorbia ghost cacti similar to Amber’s. Now, my cacti aren’t nearly has tall as hers, but they will grow! I found these two in Berkeley, at the coolest dry nursery.  I’m hoping that little arm (on the left cactus) will sprout come next summer.

West Elm Mid Century Planter, Vintage Rug // brittanyMakes

I couldn’t decide on what rug to put in this space, as you can see I tested out two very different rugs. I’m loving the kilim!

Which one is your fave?

Sources: Rugs, planter, console table, acacia bowl (similar), chandelier, roman shades, framed art, brass footed bowl (from the flea), African mask (also from the flea)


Thanksgiving Instagram Giveaways

Happy Monday! We’re recovering from a 4 day weekend. We flew to Texas to visit one of my girlfriends who just had her second baby. I thought I would never come down with baby fever again after having Zano…there’s just something about a newborn!  And I’m happy to report, flying with an 18 month old wasn’t too terrible.

The days leading up to a holiday are always the best. Commuter traffic is light, my house is clean, I’m mentally on vacation for a couple days before actually taking vacation.. it’s fun! Another reason I love the holiday season, as a blogger, is I usually participate in some fun giveaways! Today I’m sharing two exciting giveaways!

A group of 20 bloggers and myself are giving away $1000 gift card to Target to one lucky winner! Head on over to my Instagram and follow the instructions to get entered!

$1000 Target Giveaway

The second giveaway happening right now is over on Lauren McMullen’s feed. Lauren is giving away $175 to The Vintage Rug Shop! YEAH BUDDY! One lucky winner will win $175 to spend on rugs, throws, or the ever-fast-selling pillows!

Lauren McMullen Giveaway

I encourage you to enter, as these giveaways are pretty exciting! Of course I’m biased since they include me, but hey, who wouldn’t die if they won $1000 to Target???

Hope you’re having a great Monday!


Mid Century Accent Chairs

mid century accent chairs | brittanyMakes

Don’t tell my husband, but I’ve been thinking A LOT about finishing our living room. He thinks our house is done. Done? Done as in “we’re done, no more spending money on the house!” But, uh… what about the built-ins flanking the fireplace, or our (socially acceptable) desert of a lawn, or the planter beds that are empty, or our laundry “room” situation, or our roof, or repainting our house? Clearly I have a list a mile long of things left to do in the house. Sadly for me, he threw his list out once we finished our last project.

Well, I’ve started taking a few matters into my own hands, like buttoning up our living room. I’ve had two of these chairs in my possession for a year and a half, just sitting in my garage waiting for their moment. One of my besties gave me these chairs, for free. Yes, FREE. They’re a hot mess now, but you just wait until I’m finished with them! I’ve been saving my pennies to get them professionally reupholstered. I usually upholster things myself, but these are behemoth chairs and besides, I literally have no time to spare so I’ll be paying someone to upholster them for me. Heck, getting these two chairs reupholstered professionally costs less than buying two brand new chairs of similar style. At the end of the day I’m saving us money! (Which is totally not an accountant thing to say, ha!)

Here are 4 upholstery styles I’m considering for these chairs.

mid century accent chairs | brittanyMakes

velvet | tweed | stripe | check

Which one do you like best?


Big Thanks!

You know that feeling where you’ve done something you think is really good – maybe you built a bookcase or painted a piece of art – and you feel like patting yourself on the back? You also feel like sharing it with everyone you encounter, but worry about looking like an arrogant a-hole? Well… I kind of feel this way about my kitchen. I really love my kitchen, I think we did a great job (smell the arrogance yet?), but I tend to jump back and forth over the line of being humble and low key, allowing the internet to “discover” it… and annoying boasting over it’s awesomeness. My kitchen is no where near being the best, it’s kind of like your child, you will love your child more than anyone else, and that’s normal! Anyway…

Blinds.com loves my kitchen, so much so they have it as their landing page! WHAT! I’ve tested it out on a few browsers, you can’t see it on a mobile device as the formatting is different, and I think IE shows something different? Anyway, it’s there! I promise! I’m looking at it right now on Safari and Chrome.

blinds.com landing page | brittanyMakes

the Signature Roman Shade in Camden Dark Storm

I don’t think I got to thank blinds.com enough for their amazing product and sincere generosity. They supplied our cordless pull down roman shades for our kitchen and living room, with out them our kitchen would be naked. They were beyond easy to work with, their team is full of the nicest, friendliest, encouraging folks. They accommodated our living room window, which is HUGE, like over 100″ huge, and they made sure the roman shade on that window matched our smaller windows. Anyway, I really wanted to give them a huge thank you, it really is validating when a company loves the results so much they feature it as the landing page on their website.

I have another duo to thank! Megan + Dawn over at E.Interiors are featuring me today over on their beautiful site! They really know how to make a girl blush. They’ve been featuring their favorite bloggers every friday, from House of Jade to Danielle Oakey Interiors, both super talents! I know you all will enjoy their site as much as I do. Thank you again Megan + Dawn for all your enthusiasm and support!

ALRIGHTY, it’s Friday! Peace out everyone!


“How is the shop going???”

Since launching The Vintage Rug Shop, just about 6 weeks ago, I’ve been asked a lot of questions. I want to share with you the most common questions I’ve been asked, maybe it will help nudge someone into launching their business, or give a little perspective! I’m not a professional (yet) but I’ve gone through the scariest part – actually launching!

the VINTAGE RUG shop // brittanyMakes

“How is the shop going?”

The shop is going great! Beyond great, actually! It’s still very much a baby, but It’s more successful than I imagined it would be, and I’m enjoying every second of it. I spend literally ALL my free time working on it, thinking about it, planning, scheming, shopping, editing, posting, & socializing.  I truly believe this can be big – huge even – if done right. In the past, whenever I’ve had a wild idea, the appeal or drive usually dissipates (as it probably wasn’t a great idea), but with the VR shop, It’s like I’ve found ‘the one’, and my energy is being invested into him.  My optimism is contagious, even my husband is pumped for me, and that’s saying something!

the VINTAGE RUG shop // brittanyMakes

“What have you learned so far?”

I’ve learned so much over these last 6 weeks, well, even more than that honestly, since prepping the shop & launch took about 6 months. I’ve learned the ins and outs of an eCommerce solution, the best method for shipping, how to REALLY clean and care for a vintage rug (don’t do it yourself, people), how to marry customers tastes with my own, how to not be disappointed in returns, how to build relationships with vendors & customers, how to identify rugs (working on this one), how to deal with the whole secret world of ‘wholesale’ (which is still half a mystery, if I’m being honest)… I’ve learned so much, and yet still have so much to learn.

the VINTAGE RUG shop // brittanyMakes

“Is it what you expected?”

I wasn’t sure what to expect in launching an online shop. I’ve never worked in retail before, so it’s not like I could bring forth any knowledge of the ebbs and flows of a retail business. I do, however, know what it takes to run a company, as I’m the Controller of a digital marketing agency. I know how to manage cash flow projections, prepare financial statements and budgets, and focus on positive ROI. Going into the decision to launch the VR shop, my mission was to take my expertise in finance and marry it with my growing obsession of vintage decor (rugs specifically, obvs).  I’ve been successful in my career, but it’s not what brings me joy. I am very much a goal setter, and ever since starting this blog, it’s been my goal to turn my passions into my successes.

I haven’t felt this excited about a project in a long time. I have so many ideas swirling in my head, I wish I had more time to execute! This is a trial for patience, that’s for sure. I am excited for the holidays, and hope I can bring a little bit of joy and energy into people’s homes with my products.

If there’s anything you’re curious about, ask away in the comments! I’m more than happy to share!


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