I’m 30! And the shop is LIVE!!!

What better way to pull the attention away celebrate my 30th birthday than launching an online vintage rug & textile shop??? It’s 1am here, and there’s already been a handful of issues that needed fixing. Sounds like a typical launch day, huh?

Anyway! THE SITE IS LIVE!!! Here’s a quick preview of the site –

the VINTAGE RUG shop


the VINTAGE RUG shop

Some of those rugs up there are already gone! Also, everything ships for free! (in the US, that is).

Hope you enjoy browsing the shop! HAPPY LAUNCH DAY TO ME!


We’re Launching!


The Vintage Rug Shop Launch

WE’RE LAUNCHING!!! I keep saying “we” when it’s really just me, but ‘we’ sounds more like a business so just go with it :)

I’m literally shaking as I’m typing this.  I have been so nervous to commit to a launch date, but my 30th birthday is as good a day as any! The Vintage Rug Shop is officially launching on October 1st! That’s 2.5 days away!!!!!

Everyone who subscribes to the site before launch day will receive a special somethin’ somethin! So hurry your butts over to the site and give me all your contact info! JK, but seriously, please subscribe. I will love and adore you all for eternity! All subscribers will be the first to be notified when new product hits the shop, and trust me, you want to be first in line.

Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement these last few months, seriously!!! Oh, and feel free to spread the word. Or don’t, in case you want all the goodies to yourself.

PS: We’re selling more than just rugs!


It’s Fall Decor Time!

Welcome readers from Chic Little House!!!

It seems appropriate to be scheduling this post today, seeing as how today is the first official day of Fall! Adios summer!!! It was nice knowing ya, but I’m super burnt out over this 100-degree weather. I have a section of my closet full of plaid and flannel that I can’t wait to get to.

Let’s get to the fun stuff, shall we? It’s the start of my favorite season, and our favorite host Lindsay has outdone herself with this group of bloggers. Get ready for some MAJOR style envy! It’s Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours time, and I’m pumped to give everyone a quick tour of my little house.

BSHT 2015 Fall Home Tours | brittanyMakes

BSHT 2015 Fall Home Tours | brittanyMakes


BSHT 2015 Fall Home Tours | brittanyMakes

lamp (Target, in stores) | sheets | hat

BSHT 2015 Fall Home Tours | brittanyMakes

Our bedroom has been through some changes. I hate to admit, it’s the most neglected room in our house and it still doesn’t feel quite right, but I’m obsessed with that sheet + pillow combo! We share our bedroom with our pups so it always feels in a state of disarray. Our next house definitely needs a separate doggy space, that’s for sure!

BSHT 2015 Fall Home Tours | brittanyMakes

side table (Target, in stores) | copper candle | rug (The Vintage Rug Shop – coming soon!)

Um, I am OBSESSED with this table! I can’t find it online, hopefully they link it up soon because it literally is sooooooooo good. Its like an adorable version of this one.

BSHT 2015 Fall Home Tours | brittanyMakes

Speaking of tables, this coffee table is what home decor dreams are made of. Too bad it kind of clashes with my cream & pink rug.. I’ll have to rethink this rug situation, which I’m not in a hurry to do but It’s on my mind that’s for sure.

BSHT 2015 Fall Home Tours | brittanyMakes

plaid throw | coffee table | decor book

BSHT 2015 Fall Home Tours | brittanyMakes

white pot | plaid towel | walnut utensils (Target, in stores)

It’s pretty obvious plaid has taken over this season, but what’s ironic is it’s present in every fall/winter yet feels so fresh right now. It doesn’t hurt that navy, the color of my heart and soul, is also in the fall decor spotlight.

Jump on over to my favorite girl Mallory’s blog to check  out her perfectly decorated abode!


Jump on the tour and see everyone’s beautiful fall home tours! Make sure to start with Lindsay’s post :)


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The Sunroom Reveal!


a bright & airy sun room black & white cement tile // brittanyMakes

Our sunroom was the last space on our minds during our home renovation, but ironic enough it was the first (and let’s be honest, the only) space I fell in love with when we bought the house.  (New readers here? Check this post for the before photos of our house.) I mentioned before, our sunroom was not a space to hate, if anything, we actually really liked it conceptually. Sadly it became somewhat the step-child of our home because, let’s be real, it wasn’t a real functioning bedroom or anything. It didn’t lead to any space we actually wanted to be in. The garage? Total disaster zone. The back yard? Woof. Until recently, our back yard was the epitome of a mound of dirt. Sunroom before:

SUNROOM Before | brittanyMakes

And sunroom after(!!!!!):

a bright & airy sun room black & white cement tile // brittanyMakes

a bright & airy sun room black & white cement tile // brittanyMakes

How in love are you with those tiles? They’re from Cement Tile Shop, and they’re everything! I think we gave our tile guy an ulcer over them though, these tiles are a little high maintenance and need a lot of prep and pampering before being installed.  The tiles come unsealed so you you have to seal them yourself otherwise they will be permanently stained by the grout. Cement Tile Shop provides detailed instructions on what products to use and how to seal them properly, but even then, there’s room for a lot of error. They recommend sealing twice, but trust me, seal them 3 or 4 times before installing.

a bright & airy sun room black & white cement tile // brittanyMakes

Our tile guy is a pro. He executed against the instructions to a T, but my husband, who was in charge of sealing, must not have let the sealant soak in on a few of the tiles (see this post) and ended up having to strip them with an acid wash (which you can get at any tile shop, just ask for “acid wash”), reseal them and let them sit for the recommended amount of time before grouting. We were all super nervous that day, that after all that hard work (and money!) that we would be left with beautiful & expensive stained tile.

a bright & airy sun room black & white cement tile // brittanyMakes

OH! And Spoiler alert!!!! You see these pillows and throws? I’ve been hinting hard about my next endeavor – The Vintage Rug Shop – an online rug & textile shop! It is coming SO soon, I just can’t wait! These pillows and throws are just a peek into some of the items that you’ll find in the shop. I’m really excited about this, and hope you are as well. Keep your eyes peeled because I’ll be announcing more details very, VERY soon.

a bright & airy sun room black & white cement tile // brittanyMakes

a bright & airy sun room black & white cement tile // brittanyMakes

SOURCES: Cement Tile // pillows & throws // gold table (vintage, spray painted in Design Master Brilliant Gold spray paint) // hat // flokati // white vase (small) // large white planter // gold dipped planters (Target past season)

*this is not a sponsored post


The Best Booties for Short Legs





I’m not usually ready for fall until the end of August. Something about August ending somehow signifies the end of Summer. Yet, every year, without fail, September always brings the heat! I’m ready for a fall wardrobe, and yet here I am in shorts and a tank! Couldn’t be any further from the fall layers I’m craving. It’ll come soon enough, I’m sure.

I’m writing this post today for two reasons. First, I am short – like 5’3″ on a good day, which means my legs are short! Second, booties are my shoe of choice and, for short legged folk like me, it can be tough finding the right bootie that don’t make my calves look huge or my legs look shorter.

I think the boot gods have finally responded to my short leg woes, because this year there are some VERY good options. My go-to’s are the ones with the cut-outs, a little trick that helps elongate my short legs!

Are you a bootie lover? Number one and six are in my closet as we speak.



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