I definitely waited for the last minute to post my last minute gift guide.  See what I did there? I unintentionally showed you just how much of a procrastinator I can be… Help! How do I prevent my son from inheriting my ‘wait until the last minute’ tenancies? Funny enough and in my greatest defense, I usually make my best decisions under pressure! Speaking of pressure, we only have 6 more days to shop for Christmas… Here’s what you need to finish off that shopping list of yours!


Last Minute Gift Guide! // brittanyMakes

// ONE I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent trying to get my husband to wear chukkas, as dapper as I tell him he’ll look, he still refuses.  These are the most affordable ones I’ve found, yet still look mighty handsome // TWO a very manly vest to do very manly things while wearing // THREE because the holidays wouldn’t be the same without a red buffalo check blanket // FOUR copper is a man’s metallic, any dude will look a 100x sexier poppin’ bottles with a copper opener // FIVE matching copper shaker is a must, naturally // SIX pour your manly drinks in these rigid and angular drinking glasses

Last Minute Gift Guide! // brittanyMakes

// ONE my favorite thing to wear every day lately is a heathered gray vest, it goes with everything! And this one is perfect! A little lux action with that fur hoodie // TWO trust me when I say every lady needs a gold wishbone paperweight // THREE Black + gold + NYC action? This sweater is so cute // FOUR get this stool for one of the ladies in your life (or yourself!) before they’re gone! // FIVE gold glitter satchel? you had me at hello // SIX blush pink is a year ’round staple, grab this leather tote while it’s on sale!


12 Days of Holiday Tablescapes!

Christmas Tablescape | brittanyMakesChristmas is in 9 days. 9 DAYS! I tend to be a giant procrastinator around the holidays, I get caught somewhere between trying not to spend a million dollars on gifts yet still trying to find that perfect something for each member of my gigantic family without offending them with something from the dollar section at Target.  I know, a gift is a gift and should be happily received regardless, but it’s not always so easy is it? ANYWAY, I’m getting off track. Christmas, it’s here! And it’s the first time in our new house that we get to decorate for the holidays.  My husband is beside himself with joy.  It’s his FAVORITE time of year and I wouldn’t be a good wife if our table was sans decor.

And what fabulous timing! I’m joining forces with 11 other mighty talented bloggers (list below) on a 12-Days of Christmas Tablescape tour.

SIDE NOTE – our dining chairs, thrifted of course (which I’m 99% sure are Milo Baughman) are in horrible shape and need to be recovered.  Please don’t look too closely.  I got them for $10 each so if they’re not Milo I’m not even mad.

Christmas Tablescape | brittanyMakes

My formula for this holiday season was super easy: tartan napkins, sheepskin flokati, touches of metallic gold and copper, and classic white dinnerware.  Everything pairs nicely with our warm walnut dining table!  I love our dining table, it’s the first ‘grown-up’ piece of furniture we’ve purchased that was delivered pre-built! White glove delivery and everything!

Christmas Tablescape | brittanyMakes


I just trimmed some sprigs of greenery off our Christmas tree as a little tabletop flair. I tied them together with a bit of rosemary and red velvet ribbon.  What screams the Holidays more than red velvet ribbon?

Christmas Tablescape | brittanyMakes


There’s like a lot of weirdness going on in our dining area right now, like subfloor as flooring, missing baseboards, grimy dining chairs, weirdly draped tinsel, plants that look like tenticals, to name a few.  But i’m not going to complain one bit, It’s the holidays and my baby’s first Christams.  I couldn’t be more blessed and more at peace with these things.  All in good time these details will be fixed.


Christmas Tablescape | brittanyMakes

So!  Since I’m a noob at holiday decorating, what are your go-to tips and tricks to decorating for the holidays? Do you bother with a holiday tablescape? I actually quite enjoy the little details like the handwritten notecards, it makes me actually want to host an intimate holiday dinner :)

SOURCES: Dining Table // sheepskin flokati // shelving unit (sprayed gold) // gold flatware // DVF geo-shaped dinnerware // terra cotta place card holders // dining chairs: vintage // tartan napkins // gold & cement vase (instores only, sold out?) similar here // Wanderlust Globe // metallic mini bowls // zebra rug: vintage //

I have to thank Jen for hosting this fun tables cape tour! Be sure to check out the last 6 days tablescapes and mark your calendars for those who are scheduled next!


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}

TGIF!!! I’m skipping the ‘favorite things’ product collage today as I’m trying to put together some last minute gift guides for next week.  I’m a last minute shopper, I can’t help it, and certainly I can’t be the only one so I thought if any of you are procrastinators like me, I should be a good person and help you all on finding some last minute gifts too.

christmas tree shopping // brittanyMakes

// We’re celebrating my SIL’s birthday this weekend with an ugly Christmas sweater party. I just might be wearing this sweater.

// have you been entering the 24 Merry Days giveaways yet? The lineup and product list is redic.


// I just ADORE how this DIY wrapping paper turned out

// Dear Santa, this peacoat is everything.



I know I know, I’m one of those moms who hashtag their kid.  Don’t judge me too hard.

#babyzano // brittanyMakes


It’s been a couple months since I posted a motherhood update.  Let me be very clear, I LOVE being a mom. I love seeing this little nugget’s face in the morning, all smiles and cheeks, so innocently joyful for no reason whatsoever.  My heart melts every day for this little kiddo. I can’t believe we created this little being, his little heart, his little lungs, his toothless grin, we created him and it blows. my. freakin. mind.

The first thing I tell couples who have no kids is this: there is absolutely nothing like the love you have for your child. There is nothing you can feel prior to having a kid that will compare. Nothing.

The other thing I tell couples is, as special and as extraordinary this love feels, it is SO common.  Every mother and every father feel the love of this magnitude for their children.  It baffles me that something that is so personal and so individualistic and so significant to us is commonplace.

Some other random tidbits I want to share now that I’m a mom:

  • I can’t stop buying baby clothes. Baby jeans, baby sweats, baby Christmas sweaters, baby bear claw slippers, baby hats. All this baby-wear is the new hoarding, and I might have a problem.
  • Every move he makes, every giggle, every fart, every roll, every wiggle, brings me blissful joy.
  • This book saved me
  • We’re officially sleep training as of last Friday.  Now, he’s always been a decent sleeper, and because of the book mentioned above, he’s literally like a clock for naps and feeding, but the last 4 weeks or so he developed a bad habit of waking up every 2 hours at night (I blame Thanksgiving), and of course I couldn’t help but run to the rescue when he woke up. But no more! I can happily say that during the last two nights he’s slept at least 8 hours straight.  SO! There is hope I will sleep again!
  • I haven’t gone for a run in like 2 months. I feel so gross.
  • Being a working mom sucks.  Some moms love it, I know, but it’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do, besides childbirth.
  • I will look at pictures and videos of him while I’m at work, with a big fat grin on my face.  I will also show strangers and random coworkers pictures of Zano at any moment of awkward silence.  His cheeks are the best ice breaker.
  • I haven’t joined a mom group yet.  I had it in my mind that I would hang out more with friends that have babies of similar age, but they either live too far away, or are as equally consumed by juggling work and parenthood that we just can’t seem to find the time to hang.  Sometimes it makes me feel sad.
  • We’ve only been to the theaters once since the baby was born, and that was to see Interstellar
  • I am so fearful of having a second kid.  I worry that there’s no possible way I could love two kids the way I love one.  I know it’s an invalid thought, but it really worries me.
  • What is the best time to have kid #2?

This is pretty much the most random post ever.  I’d love to hear your thoughts! How did you feel when your first baby was 6 months old? How did you get the courage to have baby #2? What did you do to sleep train? What crazy things should I look out for in the next 6 months?


DIY Mystery Supply Challenge: Wanderlust Globe Ornament

I don’t want to sound like a complainer here, but seriously, glass ornaments! There’s not a whole lot more you can do with a glass ornament that hasn’t already been done.  So instead of this project being an “OMG what an amazing idea I wish I thought of that!” sort of project, it’s going to be an “oh cool! I really like that version of that ornament!” At least I hope so.

DIY Mystery Supply Challenge


Burlap and Lace // Desert Domicile // DIY Playbook // Dream Green DIY // Fabric Paper Glue //Homey Oh My // Makely Home // Sarah Hearts // Vintage Revivals





We were each challenged to design an ornament using essentially the same ingredients: A clear glass ornament, ribbon, faux snow, and a Sharpie paint pen.  The ornament shape, ribbon color, and Sharpie paint pen color were of our choosing, which is a great little twist because instead of all our ornaments being pretty much the same, we’re able to pick the ingredients that work with our individual styles and tastes.

Ornament inspiration: the hand painted Wanderlust Globe

globe inspiration

My main mission was to find or make something that would be the equivalent of a globe display stand.  I considered crafting it out of clay or wood, then I found this gold loop easel at the craft store, which ended up being perfect for the ornament version of the Wanderlust Globe, mainly because the head of the ornament would have posed some issues.  Instead of trying to hide the ornament head, I utilized it as it was intended, to hang from something, like this easel!



The process of my ornament transformation is fairly straight forward.  First, I painted two coats of chalkboard paint over a round ornament bulb.  I hung the ornament to dry on the gold easel.  I’m still so happy I found this easel,l it really is the best thing I could find that looked like a globe stand. Then I drew the continents with the white Sharpie paint pen.  Maybe it was user error but I was having trouble getting the paint out, just don’t look too closely at North America…



Wanderlust Globe Ornament // brittanyMakes


Next, I took a gold marker and wrote in all the major locations.  I wish the marker I chose had a little more metallic sheen to it, but I needed a fine tip so my options were slim.


Wanderlust Globe Ornament // brittanyMakes

The last thing I did was take a section of the glitter ribbon tape and wrap it around the base of the ornament topper.  So, where’s the snow? Well, consider me disqualified because all I could come up with is sprinkling it around the globe stand for the picture.  You can’t win them all can you.

Wanderlust Globe Ornament // brittanyMakes

Well, there you have it! Make sure to hop on over to the other beautiful participants to see what ornaments they cooked up! Here’s the list again if you need it :)

Burlap and Lace // Desert Domicile // DIY Playbook // Dream Green DIY // Fabric Paper Glue //Homey Oh My // Makely Home // Sarah Hearts // Vintage Revivals



The Kitchen Reveal! (pre – flooring)

Alright folks, the much anticipated reveal* is finally here! I say this with an asterisk because, sadly, we’re still living with subfloor in our kitchen & dining room.  We’re saving up for flooring for our entire house, and hey! If you’re feeling mighty generous and want to help a girl out, vote for me and I just might win some mula towards new flooring!

If you’re new to our kitchen reno, jump to the end of this post for the full timeline.

Without further adieu, here she is!!!

navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal


navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal


navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal

To say I love my kitchen is a massive understatement. I am obsessed with it! I’m more obsessed than a tween watching Robert Pattinson walk into view in the first Twilight flick; I squeal like a piglet (in my head, not out loud, that would be odd) every time I walk into the kitchen. Sometimes I take a detour around my island when traveling from one corner of my house to the other JUST to be close to those cabinets!  I’ve caressed the counters more times than I can count, and I’ve certainly caught myself drooling in the farmhouse sink as I wash dishes.  I’m sorry I’m bragging about my new kitchen, try not to hate me too much, but I’ve never had something this brand new before in my home! My husband and I paid for it with our hard earned savings! It’s like a physical representation of our years of hard work, and we are mighty, mighty proud.

Now, for that legit before & after photo that every reveal post needs:

Kitchen makeover before & after // brittanyMakes

Can you even believe it’s the same space? Neither can I.

navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal


navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal


Cedar & Moss pendant lights // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal


navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal

navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal

Thank you so much for enjoying this reno process with me! Living through a kitchen renovation was one of the most difficult things my husband and I have ever done together, and we hired out! I can’t believe we almost DIY’ed the whole thing.  Major kudos to folks who can go through that together.  You can read here why we decided against DIY’ing our kitchen remodel.

Sources are below.  Shoot me an email or leave a comment if you have any questions on anything or if I missed something that you want to know.   We’ve had the kitchen now for about a month, and besides learning how to care for marble counters and tip-toeing around the painted cabinets for fear the paint will fall off if we sneeze the wrong way (read here for why I have developed this complex), besides all that, so far everything has held up beautifully and we wouldn’t change a thing.

Sources: Carrera marble counters | subway tile backsplash | farmhouse sink | exhaust hood | refrigerator | range | lower cabinet paint color: Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams color matched to Kelly Moore Dura Poxy | Target Windsor style counter height stools | Lew’s brass hardwareCedar & Moss pendant lights | CB2 bell flush mount light | Delta faucet | Target polka dot vases (in stores only) | Target gold & cement vase (in stores only) | Oh Joy for Target gold pitcherCapri Blue Candle footed chopping board | vintage rug

Get caught up on the remodel!


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