Shopping for a Dining Table

A commenter asked me the other day to round up some dining table options since she is in the market for a new dining table, and what do you know? So are we! Our kitchen remodel has decreased our dining space slightly, which means our Parson’s dining table no longer fit the space.  I was having a hard time dealing with such a large dining table anyway, as much as I loved it as a craft surface, it was impossible to keep clutter free. With that said, I’m actually happy to be moving on to a table that better suites our space.

When deciding on what table would best suit our space, I first considered the flow of the room.  Our kitchen and dining room are now one – you know, that open concept that’s so hot on homeowner’s minds right now? We have a small house anyway, so a smaller table was really the only thing that made sense.  My husband always thinks of function as the only deciding factor when purchasing furniture (men. right?, he wanted us to get an expandable table for when we have family and friends over.  I wasn’t against it, but I realized we needed a round table to break up the boxy angles and lines of our new kitchen, and there aren’t many round expandable tables that (let’s be honest) I liked.

It’s not often we have a large group of folks over anyway, so we decided we would purchase a folding table which we can store in our garage and bring out when we do have guests over that exceed our normal seating arrangement.  It was worth it to me to get a table appropriate for our space rather than get something that is just too large.  Our everyday is just the 3 of us, and a 4-seat table is really all we need.

Here are 5 round tables that were contenders for our dining room.  Can you guess which we purchased?

Round Dining Table options


// ONE // TWO // THREE // FOUR // FIVE


From the Weekend: Pumpkins & Weather


Zano's first pumpkin patch

We took baby Zano to our local pumpkin patch this weekend! I really enjoyed taking him, he was so observant of all the little kids running around and wanted to touch all the pumpkins.  It was always a tradition in our families to go to the pumpkin patch every year and it feels amazing passing even the littlest tradition on to this new family of mine.  I know Zano couldn’t actually pick out a pumpkin, but documenting his first trip is something we will reminisce once he’s older.

Speaking of pumpkins, this weekend was the first time it really felt like Fall.  It rained on Saturday, which I must have sensed was coming because I actually covered up our patio set just the other day!

patio cover // brittanyMakes


Here’s our patio set, sans party, sans appetizers, sans anythign pretty really.  We made a valiant attempt last year to cover it, but ended up just bringing the cushions inside all winter.  This year I was all bent on getting a patio cover for the set, as with all things I own, I like to prolong it’s life as long as possible.

Classic Accessories reached out to me and asked if I’d like to give their patio covers a test run.  Why yes, yes I would! They sent me the medium sized patio cover in gray.

patio cover // brittanyMakes


I’ll be honest, I’ve never worked with a patio cover before, mainly because I’ve never actually had a back yard to call my own! I totally feel like a responsible adult now that my patio set is covered :)


patio cover // brittanyMakes


Their cover was so easy to use. It’s fashioned with ties and those bungee tightening cable thingys, using both really got a perfect fit around our entire patio set.

It might go without saying, but covering your patio furniture will seriously extend the life of your patio set.  You can always find a reasonable cover at your local shop, but if you’re in the market, I highly recommend checking out Classic Accessories.  It rained on Saturday and our patio set stayed nice and dry, for that I am a happy camper.

*Classic Accessories sent me this product for review, all opinions are my own


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}

TGIF folks, like, for real.

Today’s post is a little different than my usual Friday posts.  Instead of piecing together 5 things I love from multiple venues, today I’m sharing with you things I love from ONE venue: the POPSUGAR Must Have Box!

Are you a subscriber? Have you heard of it? I posted this picture yesterday and shortly after I found out a close friend of mine is a subscriber and LOVES it! Her husband surprised her with the subscription not too long ago, and her reaction was pure excitement.  A direct quote, “it feels like Christmas every month!” Her favorite products so far are the candles, and I have to agree because the October candle is hands down the best thing I’ve ever smelled.  Our dogs sleep in our bedroom, sometimes it can get stinky, and let me tell you, now my bedroom smells like delicious pomegranates, not to mention it’s in a chalkboard votive.

October POPSUGAR Must Have // brittanyMakes

The best part of about the Must Have Box is that you actually receive some incredible products, and each box is a mystery! Every month you receive a box full of goodies, things you need, things you want, things you didn’t even know you want but now couldn’t live without! I started my subscription with the October box which is currently being revealed by bloggers like myself.  You can check out previous month’s boxes here, I’m super jelly about that September box!

PopSugar Must Have - October


My favorite item in the October box is the lucite picture frame.  Literally the day before I received the box I was searching high and low for a lucite floating picture frame that was reasonably priced.  I almost spent $20 on a frame, but this box PLUS all of it’s other goodies was only $39.95! Certainly those Rifle Paper Co. cards in the September box alone exceeds that price.

I couldn’t be more impressed with the products POPSUGAR curates for their subscribers.  I’m pretty excited to tell you POPSUGAR has offered a special $10 discount for brittanyMakes readers, just enter code OCT10SELECT when you buy a 3-month subscription.  The code is only valid thru 11/2, so get your move on and try it out.  You won’t be disappointed.


 POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.


What is UP?

So.. it’s Thursday… I’m a terd burger for not posting yet this week.  We’ve been head deep in kitchen happenings – who would have thought a hired-out kitchen remodel would be this exhausting! We’ve had to jump over so many hurdles, there have been issues with our cabinets, our window, the cabinet paint, the electrical! I’m ready for it to be over, I can’t tell you how bad I want to bake something!  All complaining aside, everything really is coming together nicely, I’m just super thankful we actually did hire out the work.  I can’t imagine having done this work ourselves and being able to work through the issues we’ve ran into.

kitchen plans // brittanyMakes

The first major drama we ran into was about our cabinets.  We signed off on this kitchen layout and cabinet design.  You might already know this, but the process goes like this: the designer draws up the 3D kitchen rendering based on our kitchen measurements, which gets sent to us for approval.  We tweak, then approve, then the foreman orders all the necessary cabinets, trim, molding etc from the drawings.  The cabinets arrive and the crew installs them according to the 3D rendering.  Easy as pie, right?

kitchen cabinet installation // brittanyMakes

False.  Apparently, the designer wasn’t in the know that our contract called for pre-fab cabinets, so she designed our kitchen under the assumption we were getting custom made cabinets.  We signed off on a kitchen design not fit for pre-fab cabinetry.  You would think once the designer sent the rendering to the foreman for ordering, he would have said “oh wait, what I’m ordering doesn’t jive with the rendering, I should make sure my client realizes this”.  Instead, he ordered away, the cabinets came in and the crew installed them without question.  At least you’d think the crew would say ‘hey, this cabinet is different from this rendering?” But no.  We came home after the cabinet installation to find 5 of the cabinets were not what we signed off on.  5. FIVE! Can you tell in the above pic which cabinets are wrong? That’s OK, I marked them for you:


The two island cabinets should have been 2 x 3 drawers, the two lower cabinets by the fridge should have been two large doors with shelves, the upper middle cabinet should have been installed in the right corner, and the corner cabinet should have also been a large door opening to shelves that extended to the back wall.  Instead, they installed a lazy Susan, which is totally fine, we aren’t lazy Susan haters, except this happened:

window issue // brittanyMakes


Do you see it? Tell me you see it.  Our window isn’t center! And if that wasn’t the worst, the right side of the lazy Susan door is wider than the spice rack! some of you might say ‘oh it doesn’t matter, you can hardly tell’.  But, it DOES matter! This is seriously a designer’s nightmare.  They installed a lazy Susan which screwed up everything.  It pushed everything over 3 inches, the window isn’t center, the cabinet doors flanking the sink aren’t the same width.  I wanted to cry after I saw this.

Long story short, after a lot of arguing and frustrating talk with our GC, we decided to keep the lazy Susan, and they agreed they would move the window over 3 inches. They also fixed the lower wall cabinets so they would match (two cabinets of drawers).  We also had them agree to fashion a new door for the lazy Susan so that the door flanking the sink to the left would be the same width as the spice rack on the right.  The jury’s out on this piece, we haven’t yet seen the new door.  But, our window is aligned now!

window moved // brittanyMakes


I find it crazy it was less work for them to move our window than get us a custom corner cabinet.  Our only other option was to have dead space, and there was absolutely no way we were going to agree to that.  In our tiny house, we need all the storage we can get!

farmhouse sink // brittanyMakes


And in more good news, our delicious farmhouse sink is installed! Antonio may or may not have caught me petting this beautiful porcelain sink.  I’m not ashamed.

Get caught up on the remodel!


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


Friday Faves // brittanyMakes

// ONE how perfect are these house numbers// TWO Target selling MCM furniture??? How great is this dresser? // THREE Wit & Delight for Target! I adore these faceted planters // FOUR this pillow reminds me of this other pillow I made!  // FIVE gold metallic waste basket, your trash will never feel so chic

// I’m guest posting over at Cuckoo 4 Design today, sharing super cute pictures of all my pups, check it out!

// this faucet is making its way into my kitchen as we speak!

// My sister in law has an Italian Cookie bakery in Monterey, CA and she’s in the running for a small biz grant from Chase Bank and could use your votes! Help us spread the biscotti love!

// Wish my dad could build me this bench!


This weekend is focused on getting my bedroom in order, and hopefully seeing the finishing touches happen in our kitchen! I owe you an update, everything’s just happening so fast!

Happy weekend friends!


Fall in Love // A Room Makeover { update #1 }

Two weeks ago 18 other bloggers and myself announced a room makeover blog hop thingy that we’re doing, and what better room to makeover than our bedroom?! Our bedroom is in distress, kinda like the current state of my fiddle leaf fig tree (it’s dying! Help!).  I desperately need to give my bedroom some attention, and I have a plan yet it’s proven to take much more time than I anticipated.  Surprise, surprise.

So, what have I done since the announcement? Nothing.

Kidding. First we made a bigger mess by moving out our old storage drawers, like the ugly dresser my husband ‘borrowed’ from his college dorm, 8 years ago.  Yes, YEARS.  I tried moving my armoire into our bedroom once our wall came down (there wasn’t room to fit the armoire down the hallway before).  Once we got it in there I was so upset.  I probably threw what you’d call an “adult temper tantrum”.  I was so annoyed my armoire was eating up all the space in by bedroom.  It didn’t last more than a week in there! I decided living out of large blue Ikea bags was better than having a succubus of an armoire in my room.  I’ve been hunting for a replacement dresser, something vintage-y, without much luck.  My husband replaced his college dresser with the 8-drawer Hemnes dresser.  Trust me, it’s an upgrade.

So anyway, I’m running with a design plan with the following in mind: something classy and gender neutral, and a bit calming.

Fall In Love // bedroom makeover by brittanyMakes

Black & white pillow // gold pillow // art print // bowl // lamp // rug // dresser // throw // lumber

Some of these items may invoke questions, like the lumber.  Why the lumber? You’ll have to wait and see! Hopefully it all works out as I see it in my head.


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