Ciao 2015!

2015 was a great year! I had some serious motivation at the beginning of 2015, brand new opportunities on the horizon, new renovations in mind, essentially a dream situation. 2015 will be tough to beat.

At the start of the year, I started collaborating with brands that I absolutely love: landing page | brittanyMakes

I partnered with right after my feature on Design*Sponge, which led to my home being featured on their landing page. Talk about legit!

Also at the beginning of the year, I became one of the first Style Influencers at, an opportunity that propelled my confidence in design. style influencer

2015 was also the year of the remodel! We installed new porcelain wood-look tile flooring, one of the best decisions we’ve made for our home.

wood tile flooring | brittanyMakes

We also renovated our main bathroom. I’ve still only showered in it once! #truestory

California Modern brass, wood & marble bathroom | brittanyMakes

We spruced up our sunroom with black & white cement tile.

black & white cement tile in sunroom | brittanyMakes

And we completely remodeled our backyard, which sadly we’re not quite finished with. Hopefully a full reveal will happen before this summer! ha!

backyard bocce

2015 was also a year of growth, challenge, and risk.  I took a risk and started a business (!!!), which has been equally rewarding and scary. Half the time I feel I can’t keep up. I’m still figuring out how to balance my biz and my day job, as well as my family and blog.

the VINTAGE RUG shop

I’m not sure what 2016 will bring, hopefully good things because so far all I’ve got is an iPhone in the toilet!


Merry Christmas! & our Holiday Card


Holiday Cards from Minted | brittanyMakes

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a fantastic day, full of love and laughter.  We had such a blast introducing Santa for reals this year. My MIL decorates to the nines with Santas of all shapes and sizes. Left and right I hear Zano say “ho ho” every time he spots a Santa figurine. It’s beyond adorable.

There are a few things I notice most around the holidays. Being a working mom, there are things I just can’t get to in a timely manner. I find myself shopping last minute, even though I started early.  Wrapping gifts two days before Christmas well past my bedtime, and ordering holiday cards a week before Christmas. I think some families have it down – you take your holiday card photo on or before Thanksgiving, so once turkey day passes, you’re on it! Ordering cards for delivery weeks before Christmas and New Years. Instead of getting to mid December and thinking ‘dang, it’s too late’, I have to tell you my secret – Minted.

For the last couple years I’ve ordered our holiday card from Minted. Let me clarify, I rush-order our holiday card. Minted has so many options to customize your holiday card, and since I typically cut it close on time, I choose a style that suits post-Christmas delivery (as in, can also be received as a New Years or general Holiday card and not feel like it was a late delivered Christmas card. Trickery!)

My favorite selection Minted offers is the foil pressed cards. Think gold/copper/silver foil meets letterpress. The foil is shiny and so fancy looking, and the slight indentation from being pressed takes the design to the next level.  I also love their new completely customizable cards where you upload your own image – check out the card Gwen’s kids created!

I ordered our cards Tuesday afternoon, and they arrived Friday. Talk about quick!

Christmas 2015 | brittanyMakes

It was like pulling teeth, but I sort of got a family photo taken on Christmas day! There’s something about 19 month olds that makes sitting still, let alone looking at the camera, nearly impossible.

On a brighter note – I chopped my hair off! It was somewhat a dramatic/traumatic experience, but after a couple days its finally growing on me.  Let me just say, it took two hairstylists and a lot of tears to get to this.

Merry Christmas!!! I’ll see you in the new year!


Copper Table Setting


Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

My dining table is usually covered in blog and shop materials – fabric, pillows, rugs, packaging tape, receipts. It’s rarely clean enough to eat from (and we always eat at our island anyway). It’s not until the holidays roll around when I get the sudden urge to dress it up (see last year’s table here). Something about a set table reminds me most of Christmas time.

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

I fell pretty hard for all the copper decor this season. I usually lean towards brass as my metallic of choice, but this year I’m all about incorporating different tones of copper to bridge the warmth of my walnut dining table to go alongside my go-to golds.

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

I bought a few of these paper hanging stars for a baby shower I’m hosting this weekend, but then decided they looked perfect atop my IKEA bar cabinet. I guess I’ll have to go get a few more for the shower 😉

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

The bottle brush trees alone were looking a little bare and lonely, so I clipped some branches from our Christmas tree – we got a flocked one this year! I had a few tubes of mini ornaments in copper and gold tones, left over from the Christmas challenge I did two years ago, that I sprinkled throughout the clippings and trees.

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

For the place mats, I spray painted some cheap mats from Ikea with Design Master 24 carat gold spray paint (it’s the perfect rose-gold!)

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

The geometric plates I found at Marshall’s almost 3 years ago. They’re DVF and I can’t find them online, although I’ve seen some olive colored ones on ebay… The black plates are from Ikea, they’re perfect, and cheap!

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

In case you’re interested, I put together a “get the look”! I love seeing these at the end of people’s blog posts.

OH, ps, if you’re wondering where my rug went, I sold it on the shop! I’m on the hunt for another…

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

banner // stars // sheepskin // table // flatware // trees // plates // copper bowl // place mat // black napkins

Anything else not listed is either vintage or discontinued (like those DVF plates, sadface!)


2015 Gift Guides – the dude


2015 Gift Guide // the dude

Whether he’s a sports goer, a camper, a grill master, or an umbrella carrier – these gifts are sure to make your man one happy clam.


2015 Gift Guides – the homebody


2015 Gift Guide // the Homebody

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