It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’ve been sick more times than I can count this winter. It must be that baby of mine! The germ swap at daycare is no joke.  It took four consecutive colds before I finally found a simple solution to boost my immune system: burgundy lettuce!

Burgundy Lettuce | brittanyMakes

Trying to stay healthy during the winter is super tough. Its difficult finding the motivation to make salads or juice fruits and veggies since for some reason I mentally associate crisp fresh foods with warmer months.  Tell me I’m not the only one who connotates summer with healthy fruits and veggies and winter with hearty foods like mac n’ cheese or stews? I decided to evaluate my diet and realized I wasn’t incorporating as many healthy veggies as I should to keep my body

My husband’s best friend works for Coastline Family Farms in Central Cali, and after complaining to him about how frequently I was getting sick, he recommended I try juicing Burgundy lettuce, specifically Nutraleaf lettuce that Coastline Family Farms grows themselves.  This lettuce is like a power food, it is full of vitamin C and contains more antioxidants than blueberries! He recommended juicing it along with my favorite fruits and veggies to pack an incredible amount of nutrients into my meal. It’s not curing the common cold or anything, but it’s definitely going to give my body the boost it needs.

Burgundy Lettuce | brittanyMakes

As you know I don’t normally write about food here, but I wanted to share this little tidbit since it was the first time I ever tried Nutraleaf lettuce.  I first juiced the lettuce on it’s own, it’s not too bitter, just the perfect balance of sweetness.  I love making green smoothies too, and if you have a powerful blender like a Vitamix or a Ninja, this lettuce will puree right up! I believe specialty grocery stores are selling Nutraleaf, and Safeway too? I’ll have to confirm with my husband’s bestie.

Since I’m still on the mend from my latest cold and I could use all the advice I can get! Do you folks have any tricks? What tips can you share on staying healthy during cold and flu season?

PS! FRIDAY!!! Get your eyes back here Friday for quite possibly the best announcement of my life.


Casual Fridays

bar styling // brittanyMakes

Happy Friday!

I promise! Very soon I’ll be able to share some of the things I’ve been working on, I can’t wait! Above is a little peek to tie you over :)

Have a great weekend!



New Rugs!

Happy Monday! Just kidding, I know it’s Wednesday. I’m stoked Friday is just around the corner, but annoyed because this week has seriously escaped me.

I tend to think most of you already follow me on Instagram (I’m @brittanymakes) but actually realize not everyone even uses Instagram! It’s crazy, you should use it if you don’t! I post a lot of real-time and behind the scenes pictures there, and it’s a great place to discover new designers and gain inspiration!

So, for those of you who don’t use IG, or follow me, let me share with you two of my latest thrifting finds! Rugs!

vintage rug // brittanyMakes

The first rug I found was at the annual White Elephant Sale in Oakland, CA.  The Oakland Museum hosts the event, they collect donations throughout the year and throw a once a year ‘rummage’ sale to help fund the Museum. You can find anything and everything there! This year I sought out rugs, a vintage Pendleton blanket (already thinking ahead for Zano’s big-boy room haha), art, linens and fabrics, and kinda whatever else I could find. I scored this stunning 9′ x 12′ 100% wool handwoven Pakistani rug for $400. That might sound like a lot, but it’s very rare to score a rug of that size and condition for that price.  It can be done, obviously, but it’s super rare and usually takes a lot of time scouring thrift stores and hunting Craigslist to catch that good of a deal.

I plan to use this rug in our living room, once we rip up the carpet and lay down flooring.  It’ll happen! I’m somewhat happy with our white floors (I started painting our sub-floor white this past weekend), and I’m even considering pulling up the carpet and extending the painted sub-floor into the living room.  Right now our flooring situation is a hot mess: part hardwood, part sub-floor, part 1960’s poop-brown scroll tile, part gross carpet. I should have pics of our painted sub-floor for you soon. It looks SOOO much better.

vintage rug // brittanyMakes


The next rug I found was at the flea market! I scored this vintage beauty for $150. It’s 5×7-ish in size, and fits perfectly under our dining table.  This rug and my kitchen cabinets are a match made in heaven. The navy in the rug is trying to seduce my charcoaly blue cabinets, it’s really awkward to watch, I keep telling my cabinets ‘stop playing hard to get!’  I’m thinking of window treatments that tie in with the light blues in this rug. Once this space is complete, it’s going to look sooo good.





Casual Fridays

AH! What a busy week it’s been. It’s not an excuse, but I have a lot up my sleeve :)

This week was FULL of excellent reads!

My Instagram photo of the week – painting the sub floor! As you know, we’re saving up for flooring throughout our whole house, and I just can’t bare to look at the sub floor any minute longer! Fingers crossed it turns out OK!

painting the subfloor


What are your plans for the weekend?


This Year is my Year

I took a minute to read over my resolutions from last year… then I laughed for like a minute, ha! Last year my resolutions were ambitious and challenging for where I was in my life. Prime example: I resolved to put my clothes away on the daily, while pregnant no less! How did I fare? I probably lasted two months, tops, aaaaaaand I’m back to my old habits again. Ugh. What can I do? My husband and I share a tiny closet! I’m super short and can’t reach the top shelf to put my sweatshirts away. Is it normal not to put your clothes away every day? Should I not worry about this? I kind of feel like a failure.

Olive the Frenchie | brittanyMakes

What about the other resolutions? Well, we did get another Frenchie, just two weeks before I had baby Zano (puppy and baby?! Apparently I was very ambitious in my 9-month pregnant state). We bought a house, which wasn’t originally in the plan, and deciding to start work on the house aided in the decision to go back to work, so yes I am a mom but no I am not ‘stay-at-home’ as I thought I would be. But that’s OK, the baby gets to hang out all day with the sweetest daycare lady and 2 other kiddos his age. He’s getting socialized and I’m bringing in the bacon. #yay

Back to my goals and resolutions for the new year – my first resolution? SKILLS! Here’s where I tell you a negative that’s actually probably a positive but spin it so it looks like I have something I need to work on.  In all seriousness, I’d like to be less of an A.D.D. cat and harness my weird and broad range of skills and try to focus on perfecting a handful of them. I’m a victim of the DIY plague, where I think I can do everything myself, sometimes it works out for me but most times it just makes me feel scatterbrained as I jump from one thing to the next on any given day.  I’m resolving to focus on strengthening a few of my favorite skills, like photography, sewing, crafting and the like. I want to reallocate the time I spend on things that I’m not so skilled at and instead invest that time on perfecting those I like to do the most.  What does this mean? It means I probably won’t DIY everything.

kitchen reno

Some house goals for the year include: get new flooring (!!), turn our sun room into an entertaining space rather than a catch-all eyesore, and it might be wishful thinking but I’d like to upgrade our fireplace situation. It’s visually unobtrusive, but it’s meh.

And finally! The big kahuna goal of mine this year is: get uncomfortable! One thing’s for sure, this year is MY year. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years, and for the most part I’ve always been in some sort of transitional period in my life: moving (3 times), engagement, wedding, pregnancy, saving money, etc.  This transitional feeling has prevented me from taking any risks with this blog biz. I knew my foundation was always changing, and I became too comfortable moving at a slow pace. I’m finally in a good groove at home, my mom duties, work, and house duties are balancing nicely, and I’m ready to jump head first into the deep end! I’d love to share specifics with you now, but for the sake of THE JINX I’m going to keep things simple and somewhat overarching-ly vague. For those of you who are struggling, or feel like you’re not quite where you want to be, just know this: hard work pays off! Keep at it! Don’t compare your timeline to others, keep doing your thing and everything will fall into place as it should.

Now tell me, are you doing anything risky this year? What goals have you set for 2015 that will be challenging to reach? What do you do if you catch yourself getting too comfortable?

Baby Zano


I’ll leave you with a very cute picture of my son, Zano, who clearly should have been the next Gerber baby ;)


Casual Fridays

Hey! It’s finally Friday! We’ve been hosting auditors all week at work, closing out 2014 etc etc. SUUUPER fun stuff, let me tell ya. I’m glad the work week’s over that’s for sure.

You may have noticed I’ve been skipping my usual Friday Favorites posting routine. As much as I enjoyed rounding up favorite things and making a fancy collage for everyone, it just feels old hat to me, and in the light of a new year, I needed some time to think of something a little more fresh.  So, in the mean time, I’ll continue on with some fun links!

Here are some really exciting things I’ve been reading/watching/listening to this week:

Have a great weekend everyone! Please check back on Monday for my (riveting!) goals for 2015! It’s still January so making them now still counts.



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