Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Things!}


friday faves // brittanyMakes

// ONE I still can’t get enough of coral lately, and this cross body bag could be that perfect pop of color over your winter neutrals // TWO the designer at onefortythree is killing me with his collection of brass sconces, I am obsessed with this shaded sconce, obsessed! // THREE I’ve made many poufs in my day to save a buck or two, but these poufs from Target are a STEAL! I think I like this one the best // FOUR we all need just one pretty, simple, black & white vase in our collection // FIVE if the velvet looks this luxurious in a photo, imagine how amazing it must be in person! Throw two of these on your bed and you just welcomed Spring, and Summer!

I’m SO looking forward to this weekend.  The first week of every month for an accountant blows.  Sometimes I’m better prepared for the busy week than others, but with my dad going thru recovery I’ve pretty much spent every night with him at the hospital.  I’m happy to say he’s finally going home today! The surgeons had to do some crazy things to him to scoop out all that cancer in his throat, including splitting his jaw in half from the front (JEEZE right?).  I am happy to report he’s swallowing, talking, drinking water, and is very energetic for all the crazy crap he had to go thru to be cancer free.

What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun?


Our New Bedside Lighting

Choosing bedside lighting isn’t one of my strong suits.  I usually toss mismatched thrifted lamps on our side tables, which make for a great single-sided photo of our bed, but over time I’ve realized it really makes the room feel out of balance.  I think mis-matched table lamps can be done well, but its a skill I have yet to hone and it was time I relied on a tried and true method: matching bedside lighting.  Real rocket science, I tell you.

bedside lighting with an accordion sconce | brittanyMakes


I’ve always loved accordion sconces, you can stretch them out to get a dramatic look, or tuck them in which reminds me of tucking your kids into bed, or in my case, my pups :)  Although I shouldn’t rule myself out on that analogy, soon I’ll be tucking in a wee one in about 12 weeks, crazy!

Accordion sconce by Kenroy Home

I loved the Floren swing arm lamp from Kenroy home, and I was able to get a pair of them to solve our mismatched bedside lighting solutions for good! These bad boys are the perfect option for an affordable bedside lighting solution.

I was so happy when I opened the box to find I only had to assemble 5 parts, and attaching the lamps to the wall was beyond easy.   I especially love that the cord is translucent, so I didn’t feel the need to use the cord covers that come with the lamp.


bedside lighting with an accordion sconce | brittanyMakes


Your probably concerned about the mix of metals going on in my bedroom, but I am a believer that all metals go together if done right, and the fact that this sconce is classic in design, it definitely pairs well with our gold headboard.

bedside lighting with an accordion sconce | brittanyMakes



bedside lighting with an accordion sconce | brittanyMakes


I have to thank Kenroy Home, a company who’s excelled at curating an amazing collection of home lighting and decor, for giving me the opportunity to welcome these lamps into our bedroom.  They complete the space if you ask me :)



*this post was partnered with Kenroy Home, all opinions are my own

That time I photographed people

Wow.  OK Thursday, here you are! This week has been weird, yesterday my dad was in surgery for 17 hours (17 hours!!!).  That’s so long I don’t get it.  Anyway, thank you everyone who posted such great comments on my Instagram yesterday.  Totally heart warming, seriously.

In case you’re curious, my dad was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010.  You might wonder if he’s a smoker, he’s not.  Never smoked a day in his life.  Sometimes shit just happens for no reason, to people SO undeserving.  Well, back in 2010 he went thru the normal chemo+radiation treatment, cleared it up and was cancer free for almost 3 years.  A couple months ago it came back so we’ve been doing all it takes to get rid of that crap.  I’ll admit, it feels a little strange to bring this stuff up on the blog, so much stuff goes on in peoples lives behind the scenes that we leave out, to keep a blog a pretty and happy place.  Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t share, but there’s really no reason not to share.  Someone else is always going through something similar, and for some, it helps to relate.  Anyway, for those who have battled cancer, have family members and loved ones battling cancer, I feel you.  It’s a rough ride, and recovery isn’t always as simple as walking into a surgical room with cancer, and walking out cancer free, so with that I feel lucky that my dad has this option.

So anyway, I don’t have a great segue to the topic of this post so I’ll just bring it up all awkward like – this post is about my first time photographing people! I usually photograph standing objects, like chairs or nightstands, and the occasional bulldog.  It was so fun to photograph  my good friends who are expecting a baby in a month.  This is a special time for them, which is a perfect excuse to take some pictures.  I am not a pro, nor do I pretend to be one, but photography is SO interesting and my skills are ever evolving and I really enjoy learning .  Without further adieu, here are a few of the pictures of this gorgeous couple:

maternity photo session | brittanyMakes

maternity photo session | brittanyMakes


Congratulations Schon & Alyson! I cannot wait until our sons meet, and to share in all the play dates :)


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Things!}


Friday Faves // brittanyMakes

// ONE Big news! Nanette Lepore now has a home line full of the many colors and materials that make her fashion line so desirable.  I just adore this embroidered botanical pillow, the tassels had me at hello. // TWO I wanted to share this pendant with you today because it seem so hackable.  Take a brass bowl, a lamp kit and a cute wood bead of sorts and you have yourself a copycat. // THREE Wall hooks are always a must, in the entryway or in your bedroom.  I adore these marquee hooks from Anthro, don’t you? // FOUR I dont know if you know but almost everything in the Jonathan Adler line for JC Penny is upwards of 50% off right now, including this lamp! Imagine it in a baby girl nursery, totally cute. // FIVE You may have seen this tufted beauty floating around Pinterest this week.  I couldn’t help but share it today.

TGIF!!! I have a crazy busy weekend ahead – a baby shower, a birthday party, and a family dinner.  I hope I can squeeze some fun blog things, like photographing the midcentury swivel chair I’m working on.  I have a couple other fun projects up my sleeve, catch the sneak peeks on my IG feed as they won’t be fully revealed for a couple weeks.  How’s that for some calculated suspense?

Have a great weekend!


The Homies 2014 – Nominate your Favorite DIY Blogs

Hey! Just checking in mid-day today to remind you to cast your vote for the top DIY & Home Project blogs! Every year Apartment Therapy hosts their annual The Homies awards, and this year I have more than one vote, woot!

the homies

Click here to vote! I’m so excited for the top contenders, they’re killing it! I just love seeing my favorite fellow bloggers listed, they’re so deserving!


Currently Reading

I wish I could say I’m one of those people who loves to read.  I mean, I like to read, I used to be a big book worm in grade school, and I definitely love a good series and will usually pick up a well recommended book, but I don’t love to read.   It’s probably an excuse but I feel like I just don’t have enough time to read.  Does anyone else feel this way? I read a lot of blogs, does that count as reading?

A couple months ago I stumbled on Joanna’s Motherhood Mondays series – if you haven’t read this series, you MUST, it’s a virtual page turner! Specifically her articles on parenting around the world, places like Norway, Japan, Dubai and more – I’m not kidding, these interviews will blow your mind! Anyway, as I stumbled on her series I read her post about a book she read called French Kids Eat Everything, by Karen Le Billon.  I’m about half way through, and no joke, this book has completely changed my life.

French Kids Eat Everything - a GREAT book!

OK, that sounds a little dramatic, but seriously, I’ve found Le Billon’s reflections on American food culture and how she compares it to French food culture straight up riveting.  She is so spot on in the way she distinguishes between the two cultures, all the while sharing her story as an American woman living in a French coastal city (in Brittany actually!) with her French husband, and how she learned to cure her kids of their picky American eating habits.

What’s most interesting so far is learning through Le Billon about what French food culture actually MEANS.  It’s not like, ‘oh the French love to eat weird stinky foods but they walk a lot so they’re always skinny,’ or ‘the Italians love to eat pasta and have big obscene dinners with every family member every single night’, or whatever misconceptions we carry about other food cultures.  What’s eye-opening for me in reading this book is learning how French food culture is literally engrained in all things in France.  It’s in their education system, it’s in their daily routine, it’s in peer pressure and social influence.  It’s unspoken, yet everywhere.

Le Billon does a great job summarizing the unspoken “rules” of French food culture, 10 rules to be exact.  She explains how these rules can be applied so that we as parents/parents-to-be can overcome our current food-related habits, which happen to be the root cause of so many food related issues that Americans face.

You’re probably asking yourself, is this book a food Bible? No.  Will you fail as a human if you don’t memorize every single word and change everything about what you know about food? No.  But it is crazy eye-opening, and really gets you thinking about how your “normal” food habits might be influencing your children.

In short, I recommend reading this book.  You’ll love it, I promise.


Nursery Decor: Thoughts on Rockers

Rockers are expensive, yo. But that’s not even the worst part.  Deciding on a rocker with your (or should I say “my”) husband has to be one of the most obnoxious things ever, more obnoxious than having to wipe my bulldog’s bum every day.  In my defense, they didn’t mention this in the bulldog instruction manual when we bought her.  I would rather wipe my dog’s bum for the rest of my life then have another conversation with my husband about what rocker we should get for our nursery.  Oh, and I should add stroller to that list too.

Let’s just wish for some impossibilities together for a minute.  I wish someone would sell a rocker that is the same price as these repulsive ones, but is visibly comfortable (for the dude’s approval), incredibly stylish, and while we’re at it – customizable.  There’s major market potential here, am I right?

Now, I know I’m no where near being the first pregnant blogger to share a list of rockers that fit your budget.  It’s been done a billion times, but what I want to share with you are the EXACT rockers we narrowed down, of which one we chose to buy.  Sadly our rocker is currently sitting in the delivery box in our garage, and it’s killing me not to be able to bust it out and rock round in it, cradling my Frenchie like he’s my baby.

OK, so here are my lists, which I divvied up into two categories: Neutral and Stylish.  All of which are “affordable”, and by affordable I mean not.

nursery decor: neutral rockers // brittanyMakesONE // TWO // THREE // FOUR

These four rockers above were somewhat approved by my mister, for the mere fact that they “look” comfortable. We ended up choosing one of these rockers, can you guess which?

nursery decor: neutral rockers // brittanyMakesONE // TWO // THREE // FOUR

Now, if I had all the money to spare, I would buy one of the rockers from this list above.  Let’s be real, I’d buy that bentwood beauty, although midnight nursing sessions prob wouldn’t be very comfortable in it, so, seeing as how I’d have all the money and therefore ample space, I’d place my midnight feeding rocker right next to it – most certainly that copper based gem.

The first rocker I ever shared with my husband was that bentwood rocker from onefourtythree.  Let’s just say he couldn’t have but his foot down harder.  I get it, I couldn’t see him nursing in that chair either.  I did walk away with the exact feeling I felt when my parents used to tell me I couldn’t spend the night at my bestie’s house on a school night.  So. Extremely. Soul crushing. The others truthfully weren’t ever a real option, just ones that were entertained and compared.

So, how did we choose? Well, the only reason we bought the rocker we did is because I’m an excellent gift card hoarder which saved us about 60% off the original price.  Can you guess which one we chose?


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Things!}


Friday favorites | brittanyMakes


// ONE Yep, melon tones are still on my mind.  I am fully convinced I need to add this coral velvet pillow to my absurd collection of throw pillows // TWO A faceted pendant light, yes please! // THREE I adore these jewelry boxes from Target, I actually gave a bunch away as Christmas gifts this year. Kept one or two for myself. Total nightstand candy. // FOUR how classy would you feel tucking these gold embossed cowhide coasters under your glass of water? // FIVE let’s drool together over this slouchy rose gold metallic satchel, I would wear this day and night, and cradle it in my sleep.

Oh boy, I’m SO glad it’s Friday.  It’s been one of those work weeks that I couldn’t wait to end.  On the bright side, I have so many projects going on at once right now.  This weekend I plan to finish some of them up to share with you next week. Horray!


Make This: Copper Laptop Table

Hey folks! Today I’m sharing a shockingly easy tutorial over at 6th Street Design School on how to make a laptop table from plumbers pipe.  Take a minute and check it out!

DIY Copper Laptop Table | brittanyMakes


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Things!}


Friday Favorites // brittanyMakes


// ONE Plant stands are new to me.  Scratch that, I should say PLANTS are new to me! Anyway, after spotting these plant stands I’m thoroughly convinced I need all my plants (that have survived) to be placed on said pedestal.  Like a trophy. Because it hasn’t yet died.  Get it? // TWO The perfect salad bowl.  Enough said. // THREE DVF + beautiful bone china? Too bad I didn’t see this line when I was registering for wedding china.  // FOUR I’m crushing on shades of melon lately, and these coral boxes from OKL are tugging at my heart strings // FIVE One day I’ll have a kitchen counter that needs stools.  These stools to be exact.  I’m obsessed with them, they give a nod to mid-century, a nod to the vintage lover, and a nod to that something rustic that every house needs.  They’re the perfect stool for any style of home, and this I like.

It’s raining here this weekend! California is very happy.  Sorry for all you folks in snow or worse weather.  I’m just excited to be forced indoors and work on projects :) Maybe go see the movie my husband wants to see so bad (Frozen, go figure).   I married a big kid.



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