Home Depot Style Challenge – Patio Redux!


Home Depot Style Challenge - Patio Redux | brittanyMakes


Hello! I’m very excited to share with you today our patio redux challenge is officially live on The Home Depot’s The Apron Blog!  I was 9 1/2 month’s pregnant when The Home Depot reached out to see if I’d be down for the challenge, obviously I said ‘heck yeah!’ not realizing what it’d be like to tow a 3-week old around.  To tell you the truth, it wasn’t bad at all! My husband played with the baby while I got my refresh on.  We’re a good team :)

I can’t help myself, once I finish a space I just gotta put the space to use and show you how we have a good time! It’s officially summer so naturally I threw a s’more party to celebrate the refresh of our patio space we designed last Spring. Check out all the fun pics and details over at The Apron Blog.


Our Birth Story & the First Month of Motherhood

Reader beware, this is a long post! (FYI I’ve truncated this post for optimal loading)

Our baby boy, Zano, is 4 weeks old today.  I can’t believe how quickly these last 4 weeks have flown by.  In many ways he’s the same little infant that made his grand (for lack of a better word) appearance 4 weeks ago, and yet in so many other ways he feels like he’s about to apply to college.

Family Picture | brittanyMakes

Here we are, 2 weeks in! 

So, how’s motherhood going, you ask? Basically it’s come down to one thing: being a mom means you’re severely and constantly afraid about how quickly time is ticking by, and you always worry you’re not soaking up every moment enough.  It’s emotional torture to love something so much and be so afraid all the freakin’ time.

All in all, motherhood is total bliss. It’s a foggy, tiresome, bags-under-your-eyes-clothes-are-too-tight-bras-don’t-fit-super-sore-breasts-spit-up-in-your-hair heavenly bliss.  I seriously wouldn’t trade it for the world.


{

Style Challenge Sneak Peek

The Home Depot Style Challenge - Sneak Peek | brittanyMakes


Happy Wednesday! Is it me or does it feel like the first few days of the week always pass so quickly?

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a sneak peek into the next installment of The Home Depot Style Challenge! I’m very excited to be a participant again next to some super talents. A full fledged redo wasn’t necessary this time around.  The task is to spruce up our spaces that we made over last year.  We wanted to answer the questions like ‘how did our patio sets hold up after a year?’ or ‘is painting concrete worth it?’.  Of course the answer is – design is always worth it.  But really, you’ll have to keep an eye out on The Apron Blog for the reveal of our spruced up patio spaces!


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Things!}




// ONE hot damn, THIS hanging egg chair! I’m still on the fence if these types of chairs are actually functional, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting one right? // TWO Sometimes I think Target couldn’t get any better, and then they release a set of (very affordable!) gold flatware! I’ve seen gold flatware range in the hundreds of dollars, a full set of these would hardly hurt your wallet // THREE A fun (and albeit expensive) pillow, that is all. // FOUR Soon I’ll be in the market for some toy storage, right now I can get away with hiding what little toys we have in the closet for our baby boy since he’s too young to play with them yet.  I think I’ll have to grab a pair of these black and white striped tote bins once the toys begin to multiply // FIVE perhaps you’re like me and always on the hunt for the perfect side table.  I’d have to say this curvy brass table from World Market is pretty darn perfect.  Pair it next to your side or club chair and you have a legit piece to rest your coffee mug.

Any fun plans this weekend?? We’ll be finishing up our Home Depot Patio Redux challenge, can’t wait to share with you how our patio has held up over the last year.  Have a great weekend!


HOUSE PLANS: The Kitchen

Not too long ago, we bought a house.  I’m still in shock about this, we actually bought a house! The entire house was completely move-in ready; no renovations were needed before moving in, however not everything in the house is in our tastes.  After living in our house for almost 2 months now, we’ve started seriously discussing the changes we want to make to increase the function and form of our casa.  Today, I’m dissecting our kitchen, and the changes we plan to make in, hopefully, the near future.

house plans: the kitchen | brittanyMakes


Above are visually some of the changes we plan to make to our kitchen.  Below is the full list:

  • Tear down right kitchen wall to open up to dining space
  • Swing right wall cabinets against adjacent wall
  • Add kitchen island
  • Replace sink with apron front sink
  • Replace faucet & all hardware
  • Look into replacing all door fronts (we’ll see about this, might have to wait until phase 2)
  • Replace linoleum flooring with uniform wood flooring throughout entire house
  • Replace countertops
  • Remove wall oven and range top, replace with a range stove (this will open up counter space where current stove is placed)
  • Mount microwave above new range stove (currently sitting on counter, taking up precious real estate)
  • Wall off “floating” fridge
  • Add cabinets above fridge
  • Potentially add a wall to ceiling pantry where stove is currently
  • Remove boob light
  • Remove decorative trim above sink
  • Add pendant light above sink
  • Add backsplash or paint walls something non-beige

I put together a quick inspiration board to help visualize the look and feel of how we want our kitchen to look.

Kitchen inspiration | brittanyMakes

The depressing thing about any renovation is that it costs money.  We’re in saving mode right now, hopefully we will have enough pennies saved up to get this party started soon.  I’m also hoping I can convince the contractors in my fam to help tear down those walls.  This is actually the next step in my plan - the sooner I can butter them up the sooner we can have that open kitchen!

Next up – the living room!


DIY Changing Table Tray

Hello! I’m so excited about today’s post, especially for the fact that I was able to squeeze in enough baby nap time to write this post.  It’s super difficult to stop cuddling with a newborn, but I’m actually proud to have found a little bit of time to bust out this tutorial.

Considering my life as of late is baby-centered, I’m sharing a quick tutorial on how to make your own changing table tray.  I mimic’d the design off of the Oeuf changing station, but instead of inserting this tray on top of the crib, I made it a dresser/tabletop station using these diamond-shaped vinyl bumpers.

DIY Changing Table Tray | brittanyMakes

This project is super easy, there’s no need to spend $260 on the Oeuf changing station when you can make it for about $50! Here are the materials you need:

I ended up purchasing two of the 1″x3″ pine boards so that my cuts were free of any knots.  I chose the maple plywood since it’s super smooth and not at all splintery as some other plywoods can be.


DIY Changing Table Tray | brittanyMakesFirst, I took the front piece, and with my jig saw I cut out an angular design somewhat similar to the Oeuf changing station. I sanded the edges smooth once done.  Next, I attached the 16″ sides to the front and back pieces of the tray using wood screws and a little bit of wood glue.

DIY Changing Table Tray | brittanyMakes

I flipped the tray over to attach the bottom which is secured using more wood screws.  I should have used my KregJig to attach the front with pocket screws for a clean look, but I cut corners and instead drilled the front face directly to the side pieces.  Because I did that I covered the screws with a bit of caulk.  I was going to use wood filler but the wood filler I have on hand is super sandy and I wanted the tray to have a clean, glossy look.

DIY Changing Table Tray | brittanyMakes

The tray isn’t perfect, but I think it’s totally adorable and a complete Oeuf Changing Station hack.

DIY Changing Table Tray | brittanyMakes

DIY Changing Table Tray | brittanyMakes

Just see how handsome baby Zano looks just chillin’ in his tray waiting to get his dirty diaper changed.

DIY Changing Table Tray | brittanyMakes

I love him!


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