Vintage Poster for the Nursery

vintage map in the nursery | brittanyMakes


crib // rug // poster (vintage, similar here) // fringe blanket // spotted sheets (Target) no longer avail // flokati // wolf // fox

Truth be told, designing spaces is more hard than it is easy. Sometimes you just know exactly what a space needs, and others, like our nursery, end up being WAY more difficult than expected.  I’m having a major design crisis in our nursery. I just can’t seem to finish this space! I know, I know, #firstworldproblems

Let me explain what the issues are here:

1) The room faces north, who would have guessed that a north facing room happens to be the most difficult to decorate? I didn’t go to design school so this is probably a ‘duh’ situation for some of you. I’ve learned most recently (like today! ha!) that you shouldn’t fight the dark light in northern facing spaces, instead, embrace it by using darker hues to invoke drama and intimacy. The other lesson I learned? Definitely don’t paint the walls in tones of greens or grays in northern facing rooms. Well, crap! That’s exactly the tone of paint I used on the walls! A greeny-grey (BM Gray Owl).

2) I put a lot of emphasis on neutrals when originally designing the nursery, now I feel like there’s too much white going on! Like I intentionally voided the space of crazy colors, but now it’s too stark.  I can fix this if I paint the walls a different color, which I might do. We’ll see.

3) I’m caught up in not wanting an out-of-the-box themed room but yet wanting to create a space with personality. Zano is the cutest kid, he certainly has a ton of personality (for a 9-month old) but it’s not like I could hold up two paint swatches and ask him which color he likes best! He would probably just take them both and put them in his mouth, or feed them to our pup, Olive.

I’ve felt this way about the nursery for a while, which is why there hasn’t been some big ‘reaveal’, sadly! I’ve been on the hunt for things here and there to layer in some personality. The coolest thing I found was this vintage United States poster at a thrift shop in Monterey. It’s a funny story, we were actually having dinner across the street at my favorite (FAVORITE!) restaurant.  My husband and his friends were waiting for our table while one of the wives and I ran across the street to the thrift shop before they closed. I saw the poster hanging on the wall, It was marked down to almost free, so I snatched it up before, you know, asking the husband for permission? the poster is HUGE! I definitely did not anticipate how big it was.  Oh, did I mention we drove to dinner? I had to cram this framed poster in our car, above the heads of our 3 friends.  We all got a huge laugh out of it, except for my husband, he was a little grumpy about it hahaha.

Anyway, long story short, the space isn’t finished but I found this super cool poster which I wanted to share with you. Hopefully, soon, I’ll make some changes now that I know a little more about northern facing rooms which will hopefully be the fix this space needs to be complete.

Happy Wednesday folks!


Finally! A rug for the bedroom

vibrant navy rug from RugsUSA | brittanyMakes

vibrant blue rug from RugsUSA | brittanyMakes

It dawned on me yesterday that I never shared our new rug we added to our bedroom. I’m such a doof! This rug came to us at the perfect time actually, RugsUSA reached out to me at the same time I was planning our bedroom makeover. Initially I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in designing our bedroom but once I found this rug everything else easily fell into place.  I clearly have a love affaire with navy blue, and this vibrant navy rug captures it all!

It looks like this rug is out of stock currently, but RugsUSA re-stocks ALL the time so sign up to receive notification emails or keep your eyes peeled!

Some changes are in the works for this room. Sadly, that headboard is on the chopping block. Any takers???


IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet

 IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakes

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakes

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakesOur original kitchen renovation plans included a desk-like area that would run from the cabinet beside the range, under the window and to the wall that meets the sun room (see this before photo for reference). We envisioned a desk/seating space that would appear like an extension of the kitchen, with a matching marble counter and a matching cabinet to store office stuff like a printer or filing system. Unfortunately we couldn’t install this desk-like space for two reasons: mainly cost, but the standard prefab cabinet depth was deeper than the wall that meets the sliding door to the sun room. The counter tops would rest beside glass, and if we didn’t want that then we would have to alter the sliding door area and it just seemed like too much of a headache at the time. I kind of wish we had pursued that option since our sliding glass door is broken anyway and we plan on replacing it, but we didn’t, and now we’re left with an bare, awkward corner in our dining room that just needed some help.

As a temporary solution I placed a Vittsjo shelving unit in the corner, which I spray painted gold (duh). And although it did the trick it always looked messy and I was SO TIRED of dusting those glass shelves, they always looked dirty.

I always thought a bar cabinet would look excellent in that corner, one like this or this or even this! But you know, $$$$$ and there’s just no way I could persuade my husband that we needed a $700 bar cabinet when I could DIY a legit one for like $150.

Here are the materials you need:

I wanted the inside of the cabinet to have a little flair, and I had extra faux bois gold foil wrapping paper (which I hoarded from Christmas). I used some double-sided tape and taped the paper to the sides of each cabinet wall (I didn’t want to commit to gluing it on).

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakes

We don’t have a ton of cabinet space (a decision I made on purpose, I hate having too much crap in kitchen cabinets!) and needed a place to stash our go-to wine glasses. I ordered these raw wood wine racks and screwed them into the Besta top using wood screws.

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakes

I actually had a set of wood legs from an old stool I found at a flea market, so I just removed them from the stool and attached them to the bottom of the Besta cabinet.  The fact that they are vintage adds so much character to the cabinet if you ask me! For the same look, use these table legs, spray paint the caps gold, and attach them using angled plates.

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakesFinally, attach the doors, measure and drill holes for the knobs and you’re done!

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakes





Casual Fridays


TGIF!!! I hope everyone had a great week. Here are some links that caught my eye this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Brass Dining Chairs – Before & After

Brass Dining Chairs - Before & After // brittanyMakes


Brass Dining Chairs - Before & After // brittanyMakes


Brass Dining Chairs - Before & After // brittanyMakesYou guys are the greatest! Thank you for all the love over Friday’s post. Working with Domino is a DREAM, and I can’t thank you all enough because if it weren’t for you taking your valuable time and reading my blog and following me on Instagram (my media of choice), I wouldn’t have this incredible, life changing collaboration going on. I received such positive feedback on our dining room and the white floors, I’m really happy I shared the space. Not every home is polished and pristine, I’m happy I could share how we made our half-done space look pretty snazzy.

Now that you’ve seen the reveal! (If you haven’t, check the post out now!) It’s time to share the DIY behind this space. First up – the dining chairs!

Brass Dining Chairs - Before & After // brittanyMakesI bought the dining chairs from a salvage warehouse for $10/each. They were worth every penny for the brass base alone! What you can’t tell in this photo is just how awful they smelled. These chairs came from a smoker’s home, and probably sat in the smoker’s home for YEARS, and smelled like it too.  The original upholstery was grimy and they desperately needed to be redone. I feel like I always bite off more than I can chew when it comes to upholstery projects, but these chairs seemed straightforward enough so I wasn’t worried that I would be redoing 4 of them.

Brass Dining Chairs - Before & After // brittanyMakes

I removed the cushions on each chair first then went to cleaning up the bases.  It looks like these chairs each sat in some water at some point in their lives, the bottom of the base that touches the floor are tarnished, rusty and dull. I asked my Instagram crew for some advice on how to clean oxidized/tarnished metal. Some suggested ketchup, some suggested wool brush, some suggested lemon juice and salt, some suggested Bar Keeper’s Friend. I tried a few methods, with no improvement. I think they just need to be re-plated. I called around some local shops and it would cost about $100/chair for re-plating. As much as I would LOVE to do this, it’s just not in our budget. For now (and due to the ‘Domino’ time crunch), I left the bases as is. I’ll be sure to update you if another method works!

Brass Dining Chairs - Before & After // brittanyMakes


There are so many upholstery tutorials out there, I’ll spare you the details and give you a high level summary of what I did. Usually with chairs, there is an upholstery ‘equation’ so to speak: plywood + foam + batting + fabric + staple gun (I have this one) = a comfortable seat cushion. I bought new foam for the seat cushions since the ‘vintage’ foam was super stinky and flat.  The back cushions were in pretty decent shape so I left the original foam, sprayed with some Febreze and wrapped with new thick batting.

It took me quite a while to find a fabric I liked for these chairs. At first I was going to upholster them in a performance velvet, but decided I wanted a bit of pattern. I found this blue herringbone upholstery fabric at Jo-Ann’s (which I bought with a coupon). It was exactly what I was looking for! I bought 4 yards, although I probably only needed 3 1/2 yards.

Brass Dining Chairs - Before & After // brittanyMakes


Who doesn’t love a good before & after? Once I was finished with these chairs and brought them inside, my husband immediately said “wow! this is probably the first upholstery project you actually finished!” Ha! #whatajerk



White Floors & MAJOR News!

domino announcement // brittanyMakes


So many good things are happening today. It’s Friday! And it’s finally time to spill the beans!

I’m so happy to announce I’m officially an online Style Influencer for Domino Magazine! I’ll be posting creative and original content on on a regular basis. This is literally a dream opportunity and I stoked BEYOND reason. I was so happy when they presented me with this opportunity, I couldn’t wait to get started. I have so many projects on the horizon and being able to share those and influence others through the Domino network seems like the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

My first post on Domino is our full dining room, painted flooring and all! Pulling our dining room and kitchen together has been an arduous 6-month task.  What feels like has taken forever, I can finally say this space is worthy enough to share, and quite possibly, entertain! I’m so excited to finally feel comfortable enough to invite friends and family over and not be utterly embarrassed by the state of our floors. Our home as a whole is far from finished, but that just makes this Domino deal that much more exciting!

That said, head on over to and check out the full post! I’ll be sharing some projects next week that went into this space (like those chairs! and that cabinet!).

HAPPY HAPPY Friday folks!


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