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// ONE Pom-poms are having their moment, rightly so as they’re super fun and are a DIYers best friend in sprucing up boring things like curtains or blankets.  Leave it to Target to save you the DIY trouble with this super plush pom-pom throw, which is on sale right now! // TWO This clock is pretty cool, spots and all! You could prob DIY this super easily. // THREE YES! THIS SIDE TABLE. // FOUR Hoo-rah for West Elm’s amazing new arrivals! I am DYING over these stools.  And have you seen the brass wire kitchen stuff? If not, you must, now! // FIVE I’m so happy we figured out a way to tie-dye fabrics to look watercolored and less ‘tie-dye-y’.  I wouldn’t look twice at a traditional tie-dyed pillow, but this aqua pillow is just so lovely!

Some weeks Friday’s sneak up on me, and other times I feel like I’m waiting all week for Friday to arrive! This weekend is our anniversary, we’ve been married for a year! It seriously has been such a great year.  Check back in a couple days and I’ll share a little recap for you :)

Have a great weekend!


HOUSE PLANS: The Living Room


Living Room Plans | brittanyMakes


Welcome to the second episode of “what we wish to do to our house but don’t have the funds to do so quite yet”.  It’s a riviting season I tell ya! Read here if you missed episode one.

All kidding aside, we really, like REALLY, want to get these projects started, but it’s all about super boring adult stuff like patience and timing and prioritizing.  The minute I get the go ahead, I’m tearing out that carpet! It might look old and stained in the photo above, it’s actually super plush and new(ish), and looks that way from people walking all over it.  It’s fine.  Really, the carpet is fine, I just hate carpet.  It’s gross and deceiving, although on the plus it hides dirt and dog hair really well.  JK.

The next thing we’d do is remove that wall.  Be gone wall! I yearn for an open space, one that connects to the living/dining area, and this wall is preventing this from happening.  There are two entrances to the kitchen/dining room, one on the outside of the living room, and one through that opening by the fireplace.  Neither path feels shorter than the other, it’s annoying trying to decide which way to go to the kitchen or dining room every day.  i just need that wall to go.  We’re about 90% sure it’s load bearing, so we’ll have to figure that out once we take it down.  Like I mentioned last time, I have a few contractors in my fam, it’ll all come down to shmoozing them to get their help.

Other things we’d like to change, the wall color of course! That will probably be one of the first things I do, since I can easily paint walls during nap time.  The fireplace wall has weird wood paneling that must come down.  The house was built in the 60′s so I imagine this wall was a wood paneled focal wall.  I’m sure it was nice, but now it’s beige and needs to go.  I also want to beef up the fireplace surround.  I’m currently searching for something vintage/recycled, cross your fingers I find something amazing.  The end goal is to throw our flat screen above the fireplace, super classy I know, but I’m married to a dude who loves his TV, and I like myself some HGTV and New Girl and Sons of Anarchy and crap, and since we’re removing that wall and all it’s really the only place it can go.  I love what Dana did with their TV above the fireplace, so I imagine executing something like that.

Lastly, the windows.  All windows in the house are not trimmed, and they’re all lovingly adorned with cheap blinds, yellowed with age. Untrimmed windows feel unfinished to me, so I’d like to figure out what to do with them soon.  I’m toying with a couple options in making these windows look better.  I could a) get some legit woven shades to hang on the outside of the window, pair it with a sheer light filtering shade for privacy or b) beef up the window with some moulding and trim, make it look extra pretty and only add a sheer light filtering shade for privacy.  I like the idea of the woven shades to bring in some natural textures to the space, not to mention It would save me from figuring out what trim to execute.  But then I like the idea of trim/moulding because windows like this and this look gorgeous in my opinion.  I just worry that trimmed windows won’t tie with the age of the house, like I’d be forcing a craftsman look on our midcentury-ish built home, which would just be bad design.

So there you go! That’s what we have planned for our living room.  Hopefully we can get these projects going soon!


From The Weekend: 4th of July


From the Weekend: baby's first photo booth | brittanyMakes


From the Weekend | brittanyMakes


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating America and all her glory! For us it was sadly another year we missed a fireworks show, I don’t know how we seem to always miss a show, but there were plenty of pyro-enthusiests setting off fireworks leading up to, and of course after, the holiday.  We spent the weekend in Monterey, CA, my husband’s hometown, celebrating the union of some close friends.  What a fun weekend to get married, huh? We even brought Zano to the wedding! As you can see in our photo booth pics, we had a great time, although I have to work with Zano on his poses, he didn’t quite understand he needed to mix it up on each shot :P  Silly 5-week olds.

I’ve gotten this question a lot so I thought I’d explain where sir Zano’s name from.  We named him after my husband’s dad, Luciano, a hearty Italian man who came to America straight from Venice. Zano, pronounced “Z – on – o” is somewhat a derivative of Luciano, which we use as his nickname.  So yes, when he’s an adult and decides Zano is not a businessman’s name, he can resort to his full name, if he chooses.  We, however, will call him Zano, as it is unique and is as hearty as his heritage.

So there you go! And tell me, what did you all do this weekend? Did you miss a fireworks show like we did?


Home Depot Style Challenge – Patio Redux!


Home Depot Style Challenge - Patio Redux | brittanyMakes


Hello! I’m very excited to share with you today our patio redux challenge is officially live on The Home Depot’s The Apron Blog!  I was 9 1/2 month’s pregnant when The Home Depot reached out to see if I’d be down for the challenge, obviously I said ‘heck yeah!’ not realizing what it’d be like to tow a 3-week old around.  To tell you the truth, it wasn’t bad at all! My husband played with the baby while I got my refresh on.  We’re a good team :)

I can’t help myself, once I finish a space I just gotta put the space to use and show you how we have a good time! It’s officially summer so naturally I threw a s’more party to celebrate the refresh of our patio space we designed last Spring. Check out all the fun pics and details over at The Apron Blog.


Our Birth Story & the First Month of Motherhood

Reader beware, this is a long post! (FYI I’ve truncated this post for optimal loading)

Our baby boy, Zano, is 4 weeks old today.  I can’t believe how quickly these last 4 weeks have flown by.  In many ways he’s the same little infant that made his grand (for lack of a better word) appearance 4 weeks ago, and yet in so many other ways he feels like he’s about to apply to college.

Family Picture | brittanyMakes

Here we are, 2 weeks in! 

So, how’s motherhood going, you ask? Basically it’s come down to one thing: being a mom means you’re severely and constantly afraid about how quickly time is ticking by, and you always worry you’re not soaking up every moment enough.  It’s emotional torture to love something so much and be so afraid all the freakin’ time.

All in all, motherhood is total bliss. It’s a foggy, tiresome, bags-under-your-eyes-clothes-are-too-tight-bras-don’t-fit-super-sore-breasts-spit-up-in-your-hair heavenly bliss.  I seriously wouldn’t trade it for the world.


{

Style Challenge Sneak Peek

The Home Depot Style Challenge - Sneak Peek | brittanyMakes


Happy Wednesday! Is it me or does it feel like the first few days of the week always pass so quickly?

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a sneak peek into the next installment of The Home Depot Style Challenge! I’m very excited to be a participant again next to some super talents. A full fledged redo wasn’t necessary this time around.  The task is to spruce up our spaces that we made over last year.  We wanted to answer the questions like ‘how did our patio sets hold up after a year?’ or ‘is painting concrete worth it?’.  Of course the answer is – design is always worth it.  But really, you’ll have to keep an eye out on The Apron Blog for the reveal of our spruced up patio spaces!


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