It’s Christmas Time!

Wow! I can’t believe we’re already through with Thanksgiving. As of yesterday I am in full Christmas mode! The tree has been purchased, holiday decorating has begun, and lights are up on the house, which is super exciting because now that we’re homeowners, this is the first time we’ve ever hung Christmas lights outside.  My husband is kind of afraid of heights, he had to climb up a ladder to hang our exterior lights, and it’s mean of me but it I couldn’t help but laugh as he got all worried climbing only two steps up from the ground.  It’s not like our house is that tall!

I have an exciting announcement to make! I’m participating in a Christmas ornament challenge! The lineup for this event is blowing my mind.  I religiously follow each one of these ladies blogs and feel unworthy to be lined up beside them.  It must be a mistake!


DIY Mystery Supply Challenge


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The challenge is kinda like that foodie show Chopped? I always watch that show while I’m at the gym running on the treadmill, something about it mystery food dishes help me ignore the fact I’m working out.  Is it weird that not one dish have I ever thought to recreate? I wonder if the show has ever taken a poll on this… Well, anyway, this challenge is something like Chopped, where we each get a box of random craft supplies (we all get the same stuff!) and we create an ornament of sorts using said supplies.  The good news is no one is going to get publicly shamed, the bad news? I might actually shame myself if I don’t think up of something other than a snow filled ornament…

Here are the ingredients we get to work with:

- clear glass/plastic ornaments
- 1 Sharpie paint pen (any color)
- 1 bag of faux snow
- 1 roll of ribbon
The full reveal is next Monday, so put it on your calendars and add all these fine ladies to your reader, because ornament crafting is comin’ in hot!
Lastly, did everyone had a successful shopping weekend like I did? I participated in the Thursday night + Friday morning “Black Friday” confusion.  I had to go to Best Buy twice (!) to get the two things I wanted for the sale, because each item wasn’t offered on sale both days.  Dumb. But! I did score some 50% off at Old Navy & Gap, I bought this vest, this infinity scarf, this plaid shirt, and these fancy sweats. I was looking for some booties but came up empty handed.  And duh, today is Cyber Monday! I have like 5 rugs in my shopping cart from the incredible 70% off all Loloi rugs sale going on over at Scout & Nimble.  This indigo denim beauty and this vegan raw hide are my faves!  I’m also eyeing this wide angle lens for my Nikon DSLR.
Check back later this week, our full kitchen reveal is coming up!

Mini Gallery Wall in the Bedroom

The week before Thanksgiving always throws me off, I’m never quite prepared for it so do me a favor and just pretend this isn’t my first post of the week :P

My husband has been threatening to get rid of all of my “junk frames” (as he calls them) which I was carefully storing in our garage the last few months. He desperately wants an empty garage so he can build his ‘home gym’ (lols).  I guess I wasn’t sharing his sense of urgency over working out in the garage, I wasn’t in any hurry to tidy up the mess. In reality, I had been waiting for that perfect design moment to arrive, you know, that light-bulb-I-got-the-perfect-idea moment to tell me how and where to hang the art that I accumulated from our loft.  It’s tricky trying to take decor from one space and insert it into another.  It takes time! Don’t husband’s know this??

mini gallery wall // brittanyMakes

I’ve been working with Minted on a couple things ever since they invited me to the Camille Styles book launch in San Francisco last week.  Minted has expanded their marketplace to not only offer cards and stationary, they now have a full suite of hand selected custom and limited edition art prints from all our favorite artists! I was looking for a photograph to incorporate in my bedroom that had 3 characteristics: soothing color palette, slight pattern, and large scale.  I stumbled on this print by Gail Schechter and just had to have it.  I was also head over heels for this print by Jennifer Little but thought I’d come back to that one another time.

mini gallery wall // brittanyMakes

It was easy navigating the Minted art shop.  I was worried I’d lose track of the prints that I loved, but their ‘favorite’ button (almost like a ‘Pin it’ button) enables you to go back and view all your favorites at any time. The next big thing Minted has added to their shop is a slue of metallic foil art prints! This one by Marabou Design is so sweet!

I just wanted to say thanks to Minted for sending me one of their gorgeous prints! My room wouldn’t be complete without it.




Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


Friday Faves // brittanyMakes


// ONE a very chic lumbar pillow // TWO it’s never too late to start collecting blue & white ceramics! Start now with this beautiful jar // THREE oh man, I would do questionable things for this table // FOUR Live edge cheese board?!?! Quite possibly the best hostess gift of the year // FIVE super cute (and surprisingly expensive) braided basket. Perfect for a kids room


// excited to finally see this big reveal!

// these business cards are unreal

// congrats to Kirsten & Erin on their new shop!

// are you following this podcast? I can’t get enough! I’ve listened to each episode twice.  Don’t judge.

// I NEED to make this


Have a great weekend everyone! And thank you so much for the positive feedback on our kitchen! I’m hoping for the big reveal sometime in the next week or two.  I’m still kind of afraid to cook in it,it feels too new! I hope to really break it in over Thanksgiving :)



Kitchen Update: Painted Cabinets

kitchen update: painted cabinets // brittanyMakes

We have kitchen progress!

Man, if I could only explain exactly what it took to get to this point, you’d probably leave with a migraine.  But! Before we dive into the details, let’s take a minute and admire our kitchen so far!

kitchen update: painted cabinets // brittanyMakes


kitchen update: painted cabinets // brittanyMakes


kitchen update: painted cabinets // brittanyMakes

I never anticipated that painting the lower cabinets would cause so much drama.  If you remember the last I mentioned our kitchen, all cabinets were white (like the uppers), the counters were still just the plywood supports, the sink had just been installed, hardware was missing, light fixtures were missing, and the back splash was non-existent.  So much progress has happened since! What’s crazy is, the majority of these beautifying things happened over just a weekend.  (sorry for all the iPhone photos!)

cabinets painted // brittanyMakes


Our counters were installed and almost immediately the cabinets were painted.


cabinets painted // brittanyMakes

And everything was starting to look beautiful! We could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and were stoked we’d soon have a kitchen again!

What’s all this the drama about the cabinets, you’re wondering? WELL. First off, I can’t even explain how this decision was made, but somehow the painter (and presumed professional painter) painted our cabinets with flat interior wall paint.  Our contractor said, “I have an account at Sherwin Williams, go pick out your paint color”, which I did, and chose SW Cyperspace.  I explained how I do not want sheen on the cabinets.  Obviously I’m not a professional, so I would expect that a professional painter would say “well, we can’t do flat because it will be impossible to clean, finger prints will be permanent stains” etc etc.  If he had made any mention of this I would have said ‘OK, what’s the lowest sheen we can go that we can keep clean.  Oh, Satin? Let’s to it then!’ but no, somehow he just selected a paint completely unsuitable for kitchen cabinets and went ahead and painted the cabinets. We were none the wiser until about 3 days later when they came over to install the drawers and doors.  They picked the cabinets off of the cardboard where they were drying and the paint started peeling off.  Literally, peeling off! We found out they didn’t use primer either.  Seriously?! I’m not a professional painter and even I know primer is a must, especially on surfaces that have an existing finish!

I was pretty peeved after this.  The foreman tried to say that paint was what we wanted.  LOLs right? So they had to scrape off ALL the paint and start again.  This time they chose a high traffic, extremely durable paint called DuraPoxy Premium Interior Enamel from Kelly Moore.  They also primed first, thank God.

photo jThe above photo was after they painted the second round, and installed the hardware.  Go ahead and laugh, the cabinet knobs are upside down lol! Simultaneously, when the hardware was being installed, the tile guy was installing our backsplash.  I could kiss the tile guy.  He was SO precise and SO methodical.  I was super impressed with his work.

subway tile installation // brittanyMakes


Here’s that close-up of our back splash, and our cabinets, and our delicious hardware!


kitchen update: painted cabinets // brittanyMakes


As I’m sure you can guess, our kitchen is done (besides the floors).  Even though there have been bumps in the road during this remodel, we are beyond happy with the end result of our kitchen.  We haven’t fully moved back into our kitchen yet, I mean, I want those cabinets to cure!  And of course, I can’t wait to show you proper after-photos. Soon, very soon!

Get caught up on the remodel!

 Special inspirational credits go to Sarah of Smitten Studio and her fabulous kitchen


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


Friday Faves // brittanyMakes

// ONE Winter’s coming! bundle up with this lux faux fur infinity scarf // TWO these place mats are so simple and stylish! // THREE I’m already contemplating a simple holiday table setting using these chic dessert plates // FOUR I need this stunning pitcher for my new kitchen! // FIVE love this new open shelving unit

// TOMS for Target, say what!

// I really enjoyed the honesty in this post

// This is such a cute and easy DIY

// Can’t wait to meet this talented lady next week!

// Help! I can’t decide between these boots or these boots

Have a great weekend everyone!


Artfully Walls Kids Boutique & a Giveaway!

I would argue one of the major challenges in interior design is art.  By ‘art’ I literally mean everything art-related: framing art, hanging art, selecting art, curating art, DIYing art – all of it.  It’s a tricky thing, and without the right talent or skill, it can go wrong so fast.

Just think about this, there are folks who pay thousands in tuition to learn the skills of curating art! It’s not a simple skill to learn, and yes just like anything there are a lucky few who have a natural talent of designing said art spaces, however for the average joe it can be quite a challenge.

Artfully Walls founders recognized the challenges and pains we all feel when designing a wall gallery and sought to find a solution.   They are a company that fully focuses on two things: creating the perfect gallery wall and providing the tools to make that happen.  With a little bit of code (aka magic) and a lot of ingenuity, Artfully Walls created two incredible design tools: the Wall Designer the free Try on Wall mobile app.  You use the Wall Designer to help curate the perfect wall gallery using prints and canvases from their shop.  The mobile app is an easy and free tool to see how art will look on your wall. It’s like trying on clothes, but for your wall!

So, besides singing praises for Artfully Walls, I’m actually here today to spread the news about the launch of their new Kids Boutique!

Artfully Walls Kids Boutique // brittanyMakes

Hanging art in your nursery is like spreading jam on your toast, sure you can eat toast without jam but it will be dry and unappetizing and leave you unsatisfied, just like a nursery without art.  Like jam smothered toast, a nursery is just that much tastier with art on the walls!

Artfully Walls Kids Boutique // brittanyMakes

I’ve got a hint of a woodland theme going on in Zano’s nursery, so when I saw this Hare print by Moran Pinchas, I just had to have it.  I love that it’s hand drawn in black and white, it’s whimsical and modern all at once.

Artfully Walls Kids Boutique // brittanyMakes

SO! In celebration of the Artfully Walls Kids Boutique launch, we’re giving away 2 (read: TWO!) art prints to one lucky reader.  And in case you’re worried about entering, the art prints are not limited to the kids boutique.  The winner can select any 2 art prints offered on the website!

To enter, leave a comment below mentioning at least one of the prints from Artfully Walls you would select if you won the giveaway, then tell me where you would hang it! Bonus entries if you follow Artfully Walls on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook :)

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