A Day in Sonoma

Happy Monday readers! I have to say… the only redeeming quality about Monday is getting to share your weekend adventures with others.  The BF and I are usually quite busy during the weekends, between visiting family and hosting friends, and we've gotten pretty darn good at hosting our own personal fab tour of Sonoma's wine country. 

After last Monday's 4th of July post, all week we were in deep cravings of cheese and wine.  We finally persuaded my BF's parents to come visit.  His parents live in Monterey and usually don't travel further than San Francisco.  It was a special treat for them to come and visit.  We began the day with lunch at Sonoma Cheese Factory. We ordered a couple sando's and tasted all the cheeses. Here are a few photos of our day in Sonoma:

How cute is that couple holding hands?


CHEESE, YUM! My fave is the Habanero Jack, I love it when my mouth is on fiya!


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