DIY Pearl Sleeved Sweater

I’m sharing a fun tutorial today over at the amazing 6th Street Design School on how to glam-up a closet staple – the crew neck sweater!


Hop on over and read the full tutorial here.





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the Tricycle red nightstand

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen the sneak peek photo I posted over the weekend of my freshly painted nightstand. I painted my nightstand in Miss Mustard Seed's new line of milk paint, Tricycle red to be exact!  This shade of red is the best red evah!  Believe it or not, I used to be a red hater (I blame my old roommates for their poor choices in home decor – pops of red people, not EVERYTHING red! OK, I'm done…). 

Miss Mustard Seed revealed her Tricycle red milk paint back in May, and it's been on my mind since that very moment.  Then, a couple weeks ago, an amazing opportunity fell in my lap (which I've yet to share, so sorry!) and milk paint was the exact ingredient we needed.  I emailed Marian, spilling some secret details about our big opportunity, and asked if it was at all possible to buy some paint before it was even available.  It was possible! And Marian is my hero.

So, first, let me say many sorries for all the red-hate I let out onto the internet!  I suppose I needed the perfect shade of red to hit me in the face.  Tricycle red, I love you.

Here's the exact photo I posted to Facebook:




Sneak peek photos are so fun, could you guess this was a nightstand? Probably not.  Maybe a dresser or console table? 



And here she is, perfectly happy beside our bed where my BF can pet her before he sleeps. Here's what our nightstand looked like before:


The before wasn't bad, I enjoyed it's original state for a few months.  I was waiting for inspiration to hit me on what to do with it.  I wanted to do a test run with the milk paint I ordered, so I chose something I had on hand.  Enter: nightstand.

Marian has said it over and over, that milk paint gets all chippy and distressed in the most unpredictable way.  It's a guessing game where the paint will stick and where it'll chip.  I applied the first coat and was afraid it wouldn't chip at all.  But once I applied the second coat, and let the paint dry overnight, it was a hot, beautiful, chippy mess in the morning. 


Nightstand post


I grabbed a sanding sponge, and lightly sanded the entire dresser.  It took me about 3 minutes, and the paint just flaked off.  I wanted to prevent the paint from chipping further, so I grabbed some dark wax and covered the entire dresser in a light coat. I chose dark wax over clear to slightly tone down the red just a little.  Also, the dark wax makes it appear weathered and distressed, without having to sand the paint down further.  The look isn't for everyone, but I thought it was perfect for this piece.



I have 2 other milk paint colors in my hands, Ironstone and Boxwood… Hmmmm… red, white, green? Can anyone guess what region those colors represent?  Hint: I think I smell something Italian in the works…

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craigslist binge, and some random thoughts

After months of accumulating furniture, fabric, boxes of poly-fil, paint, and craft supplies, I finally got myself a storage unit.  I'm not exactly sure when I crossed the line into hoarder territory, my BF thinks it began with the first set of antique chairs I bought last summer.  Obviously I disagree.  I'm accumulating projects to work on in the near future, and items to sell – like floor pillows!  And I need inventory to do that, duh.

A couple weeks ago I featured Susan's post about her Craigslist secrets.  I'm not joking when I say this – I have been on Craigslist every day since then, refreshing the same key word searches in hopes to find the exact item I'm looking for, at the perfect price.  As of last Friday, all that time spent has finally paid off! I found a complete French antique dining set, 6 French-y curvy cane chairs and a matching 2-leaf expandable table, for $50! My BF had no qualms about the purchase, as long as it went into a storage unit.  After we picked up the dining set, I felt like I had stolen something.  $50! Sorry, I forgot to take a picture before the items went into storage.  Don't worry though, I'll share them soon.

If that wasn't enough, yesterday I found these chairs for sale, 2 of them, for $50:



Picture quality is questionable, and no doubt the fabric is gross and dirty, but I wanted them. I went to lunch and couldn't get the chairs off my mind.  I was certain I would regret not buying the chairs, so once I got back to my desk I dialed the number and scheduled a time to check them out.  Let's just say the transaction took less than 5 minutes – "here are the chairs," "here is the cash," and in the car they went.

I snapped a quick photo before loading them into storage…


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