Planter Dilemma

West Elm Chevron Planter // brittanyMakes

West Elm released a bunch of mid century style planters at the beginning of this summer. My immediate favorite was the chevron planter, I basically ran to West Elm the day it hit shelves, and sadly, it’s been sitting empty in my house ever since! #shame

Here’s my dilemma – there are gazillion plants out there that would showcase beautifully in this planter, but I only have ONE planter. The odds are against me that I will choose the wrong plant, which will end up on the internet somehow and be super sad for the rest of my days!

Whenever I share my dilemmas with my husband, his initial tenancy is to solve the problem for me – “just plant this shrub! (points to a baby succulent)”. After I explain how that won’t work (scale, size, won’t photograph well, lame-ness etc) he helps me break down the look I’m going for, in logical pieces. So, let me do just that a-la my husband’s technique: I want something large scale, sculptural, unique, drought tolerant, and most importantly, non-poisonous. I would like the planter to be inside our house, but we keep our shades closed all day while we’re at work, which really only leaves our sunroom as the option for this plant to get any light source.

Anyway, while I mull over my options, I wanted to share 9 variations of what folks planted in this exact planter:

West Elm Chevron Planter - 9 variations // brittanyMakes

one* // two // three* // four* // five // six // seven* // eight // nine*

*many of these images were picked up on West Elm’s #mywestelm tag

I’ve been leaning towards planting two tall euphorbia ghost cacti, similar to what Amber planted for her fab client. I also love how the cloud juniper looks, but I’ve had the hardest time sourcing one of those.

Do you guys face the same planter commitment issues as me? If this was your planter, what would you do???


The Best Booties for Short Legs





I’m not usually ready for fall until the end of August. Something about August ending somehow signifies the end of Summer. Yet, every year, without fail, September always brings the heat! I’m ready for a fall wardrobe, and yet here I am in shorts and a tank! Couldn’t be any further from the fall layers I’m craving. It’ll come soon enough, I’m sure.

I’m writing this post today for two reasons. First, I am short – like 5’3″ on a good day, which means my legs are short! Second, booties are my shoe of choice and, for short legged folk like me, it can be tough finding the right bootie that don’t make my calves look huge or my legs look shorter.

I think the boot gods have finally responded to my short leg woes, because this year there are some VERY good options. My go-to’s are the ones with the cut-outs, a little trick that helps elongate my short legs!

Are you a bootie lover? Number one and six are in my closet as we speak.



Glam Desk Accessories

Today is my last day of work! Whaaat!

In celebration of transitioning working from office to home, I put together a few glamorous desk accessories that I’m considering for my home office.  ‘Home office’ sounds super fancy, right? In reality it’s just a plain ol’ desk in my bedroom, which I usually never sit at because our couch is sooo much more comfortable for this pregnant girl right here.  I’m determined to actually use my desk, and what better method to lure myself then deck it out with these gold accessories?

Glamorous desk accessories // brittanyMakes



It totally feels weird that today is my last work day and weird that motherhood is just around the corner.  It’s weird that I wont have to think about debits and credits for a while, and that my entire focus will be on a small human being. I’m just so used a long commute, full day’s work, and only caring for my pups, oh and husband of course 🙂

I want to make sure we’re clear on blog expectations here! I’m not going to get all ‘mommy blog’ on y’all, but it’s definitely what’s happening to me right now and I can’t help but share these changes with you.  I’ll be going thru an entire design and DIY process as we work on the nursery, which will be a ton of fun, so hopefully you’ll stick around!



sources for spotted & snow cat fabric

You all must be gripping your chairs in anticipation of an upholstery tutorial, RIGHT, RIGHT?  Wellllll, it’s still in the works.  Bear with me, I promise it’ll be good!



While making the decision of which fabric I wanted to use to reupholster my French Bergere chairs, I conducted what felt like a billion web searches for spotted/snow cat fabric.  There are a ton of options out there, but I was looking for fabric less than $20/yard (actually less than $10/yard, however some of you might not be as cheap as me!).  I picked out my 12 favorite fabrics and am sourcing them for you today!



For my chairs, I bought 5 yards from a fresh stock of snow leopard velveteen fabric from, which was only about a month ago, and now it’s unavailable! GAH! Why!!!! Now I feel like I need to hoard my remaining supply.  Although, really it’s not a big deal because these 12 other fabric options are mighty comparable.

Spots Fabric Collage

From top left to bottom right:

// ONE Rescue II Dalmatian Spots fabric from at $7.50/yard // TWO Flutter Peachskin Spots fabric from at $7.98/yard // THREE Charcoal Dots fabric by Domesticate from Spoonflower at $18/yard // FOUR Spots fabric by Hey Tangerine from Spoonflower at $18/yard

Big Cat Fabric Collage

From top left to bottom right:

// ONE Dalmatian Dog Skin fabric by Marcus Brothers from at $5.99/yard // TWO Leopard fabric by Creative Cuts from Walmart (!!!!) at $7.97/yard // THREE Snow Leopard Spots on White fabric by Timeless Treasures from Fabric Paradise at $8.25/yard // FOUR Animal Print Leopard fabric from at $8.98/yard

Big Cat Fabric Collage 3

From top left to bottom right:

// ONE Large Leopard Gray Black fabric from at $6.98/yard // TWO Snow Leopard Textured Velvet fabric from J&O Fabrics at $24/yard (OK, I broke the $20 rule on this one!) // THREE Seeing Spots fabric from Designer Fabrics Online at $19.99/yard // FOUR Cheetah Microsuede Fabric from Online Fabric Store at $17.65/yard

The fabric with a pattern most similar to the one I used on my chairs is the leopard fabric from Walmart! Who would have thought! I had no clue Walmart sold fabric.  I never shop there (imagine going to a Walmart in Oakland, CA *shudder*). The second closest option is the Snow Leopard textured velvet fabric from J&O fabrics.  Sorry it’s over the $20 threshold, but it’s definitely worth the few extra dollars if you want a velvety texture on your chairs. All the other options were real contenders, the decision was tough!


window shopping with Polyvore

My BF and I have agreed to speed up our savings so we can move out of his bachelor pad by summer time.  Yay! So excited! Crossing my fingers for a loft!  The caveat? No more frivolous spending.  Sad face.  No more trips to the mall during lunch (the mall is across the street from my office, this will be tough).  I've even blocked my daily sales emails from J.Crew, Pottery Barn, West Elm and Crate & Barrel.  Boo.

I can't trust myself to only window shop, I always run into an irresistible deal that I can't pass up.  So, I've left my cards at home and now I'm left to think of alternative ways to scratch the shopping itch – without actually forking up dough.  Enter Polyvore.  You may have heard of it, or even played around with the design editor, and I know you've certainly seen outfits and collections throughout Pinterest.  My best friend created a few fall outfits that are still circling Pintrest.  She has excellent taste.

I scraped up a couple outfits with this season and my personal style in mind.  I Incorporated winter's influence with a few color pops, since we're all looking towards spring…it helps us cope with the rain or snow.

#1 – The weekend go-to: blousy shirt, tall boots, gold accessories, and a fab tote.


brittany go-to



#2 – The California rainy day go-to: nautical influences, cozy scarf, tall boots, canvas tote, and a rockin' umbrella

brittanymakes winter go-to



#3 The Wednesday go-to: blousy tee, beige blazer, gold jewelry, bold flats & matching tote


brittanymakes yellow go-to spring 2012



#4 The tomboy go-to: must-have boyfriend jeans, leopard accent scarf, tortoise shell watch, school boy brogues, and a fancy leather tote


brittanymakes tomboy go-to spring 2012


Pretty fun, right?  I definitely prefer the casual look, something comfy and accented with fun accessories, not to mention the Frenchie!  Rocco is my influence, Frenchies are so dang cute!
I'm thinking of making this a regular thing, using Polyvore each season or so, what do you think? You can check out my Polyvore page here.

Ten Perfect Gift Ideas for Christmas 2011

Hey everybody! How's your Christmas-prep-stress-level today? Sky high, like mine? At least I'm not the only one.  I have so much to do, I don't even know where to begin.  I've officially given up on exercise this week, and have come to terms with the fact I may only get 5 hours of sleep a night until Sunday.  The worst of it is I have yet to wrap one gift!

I thought I'd share my ten favorite gift ideas for 2011.  This isn't any official list.  It's most likely my tastes which I inflict on others by giving these items as gifts!  And I may be biased, but I truly believe anyone would be happy with either one of these gifts. 

Without further adieu, here are my 10 favorite gifts of 2011 (in no particular order)…


1. Toms

Everyone needs a pair of Toms.  They're comfy, unique, and environmentally friendly.  Tom's One for One movement is wonderful and impressive.  Their mission is to encourage people to get involved, and improve the lives of children one shoe at a time. 



2011 Gift Ideas

{

Vintage Trends are a Real Hoot!

Owls! I know you've seen them everywhere.  Owls were a staple home accessory in the 1970's, and they've made a successful comeback.  Just peek through ZGallerie or West Elm's catalogue and you'll see how this vintage trend is making a significant impact on the modern home. 

I recently spent a lot of time hankering over West Elm's current line of products, after attending the Pinterest Meet-Up.  I fell in love with this frosty blue owl lamp that I saw perched high on the display wall.  Unfortunately I'm too cheap to drop $100 on a lamp, so I mosyed on (to adore the papier-mâché wildebeest, of course).

I even bought an ugly owl wood sculpture thing the other day, from Ross or TJ Maxx, I forget which.  I plan to turn it into a a fab home office companion, you just wait – it's going to be so easy!  I decided to write this post to persuade those of you out there who think, "what am I going to do with creepy owl decor?" Check out these options, nearly every big home store is selling some form of owl:

Ease into owls by installing either of these accessories.  Hide the owl hook behind your door, or replace your standard switchplate with this owl rustic piece.

Owl SwitchplateAnthropologie                                                        Owl Hook – Anthropologie

Anthro owl light switch  Owl hook


{

Pinterest Meet-up at West Elm Emeryville

The Pinterest meet-up was so fun! I easily persuaded my fabulous coworker to join in on the fun.  The smile booth photos are not yet available, but I'll share them the minute they're up.

The theme of the evening, "collect, curate, create".  Perfect, right? West Elm couldn't have been more hospitable.  The Pinterest staff was also super friendly.  I met Pinterest users from all over the bay, SF, San Jose, and the East Bay.  We are truly devoted to the Pinterest community, we will travel miles and miles to gather together!  It was so warm and friendly at the event, you could feel the connection between everyone – representing and supporting the common love to 'pin'. Interested in following my boards?



{

Pinterest Fanatic & SF Meetup

Hello! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.  I am off soaking up the sun on Lake Shasta, reading a book or taking a plain old awesome nap, hopefully resembling this little guy here:


{

I Mustache you a Question…

Mustaches are everywhere lately! And I'm not just talking about your boyfriend's unshaven face.. I'm talking about fun classic flavor-saver mustache, seriously they're everywhere! 

Mustache blank

Even the girls in my office decided to use the mustache as a team building exercise…



I'm the creeper, second from the left

{

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