the look for LESS! (the Target edition)

Did you know I have a day job?  I'm an accountant – I crunch data, book journal entries, analyze financial statements, blah blah boring stuff.  (Shh, don't tell my boss I said that).  While I work, I'm usually day dreaming of interior design, thrifting adventures, furniture makeovers, fabric prints, paint swatches… I could go on and on.  Bottom line?  I'm definitely not dreaming about accumulated depreciation or revenue recognition.

Don't get me wrong, being an accountant has it's advantages.  I'm inherently frugal, strict with my monthly budget, quick to strike on deals, and I watch my finances like a hawk.  I actually have a lot of fun with it – mixing my accountant ways with my love for home decor & DIY – it has spawned into a game I like to call "the look for less". 


So, how do we play this game? First, think of something you've been pining over for a while but can't justify forking up the cash.  It could be anything – a mirrored dresser, a faux fur blanket, an industrial chair.  Next, ask yourself, "can I DIY this?".  If the answer is NO, let the game begin! This is the moment where I search high and low for a more affordable alternative.  Today I'm playing the game at Target!


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