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A Night In featuring Rejuvenation | brittanyMakes

It’s not often you see bloggers post evening or nighttime photos of their homes. We’ve been trained to only post beautiful, bright, naturally lit photos always striving to produce images equivalent to what you see in magazines. But, in every home (especially a blogger’s home), is a well designed space that is loved and used and lives through a normal nighttime routine just like any home should – whether it be cooking dinner in the kitchen, watching your favorite show before bed, or just overall decompressing on the sofa with your iPad, etc. I was really happy to hear about this idea Julia and Kim had about highlighting the home in a different way. These pretty ladies got together and thought ‘hey – let’s highlight these cozy spaces that we use routinely every evening, and share these spaces and our routine with our readers!’ I was totally into this idea, and became instantly grateful they asked me to join in on the party.

A Night In featuring Rejuvenation | brittanyMakes

My son Zano’s bedtime routine is one of those nighttime rituals I relish. I’m a working mom, I commute at least an hour each direction every day, and most of the time don’t get home from work until 7pm. It pains me not to be able to spend more time during the day with Zano, but I’m comforted that he and I have a routine every night, something special between him and I, something I seriously don’t want him to grow out of!

A Night In featuring Rejuvenation | brittanyMakes

Of course each evening begins with dinner. Zano eats dinner with us, he eats what we eat and it’s usually no thang. No time for two dinners in this house! After dinner is an immediate bath (unless he’s miraculously kept himself clean), then brushing teeth, then a little bit of play time. I’ve learned it’s easiest for Zano to make the transition to bed time if he thinks it’s his idea, so I ask him questions like “do you want to read this book in bed?” or “which stuffed animal do you want to sleep with tonight?” Things don’t go so well if we say directly “OK time for bed!”.  Zano loves books, and is at the stage where he wants to read them to me. Even though he can’t read yet, it’s the most adorable thing! We end the evening tucking him in bed with his stuffed animals. I curl on the end of his bed with him holding my hand until he falls asleep. Gah! My heart! I fear the day he no longer wants to hold my hand for bed.

A Night In featuring Rejuvenation | brittanyMakes

We recently transitioned Zano to a big boy bed about 5 weeks ago. He did it on his own, the day I put sheets on the bed was the same night he proclaimed he was going to sleep in the big bed. I didn’t want to question/jinx his enthusiasm, so we went with it and he’s been sleeping in it ever since! One of the great things about graduating him to a bigger bed is the fact we can sit (or fall asleep) next to him. Cuddle time is important to us mamas!

A Night In featuring Rejuvenation | brittanyMakes

Making a space special for Zano was important for me, since in just a few months he’ll be sharing his room with his little sister. I wanted Zano to feel comfortable in his space, and have ownership in the things that are his. This is his big bed! His nightstand! His book shelf! The overhead light in our room can be too much during bedtime so I wanted to add a light that helps transfer the mood of the room from PLAY to SLEEP. Lucky for us, Rejuvenation offered to help us create the coziest spot in our home even cozier. Even luckier for Zano, he got the light of my dreams!

A Night In featuring Rejuvenation | brittanyMakes

I had been lusting hard over the new Cypress lights from Rejuvenation, and felt the Cypress Double Swing Arm plug in sconce was perfect in both style and function for Zano’s side of the room. What I like most about this lamp (besides that luscious brass!) is that the switch actually allows you to have either the top, the bottom, or both lamps on at once. We can swing the lamps at any 180-degree position if we need one of the light sources pointed elsewhere. Also, the plugin option offers so much freedom. We’re not sold that this is the final resting place for Zano’s bed, I definitely wanted the freedom to re-position this fixture should we move his bed to another wall. The plug-in option totally gives us that freedom.

A Night In featuring Rejuvenation | brittanyMakes

Lucky Zano, right?! I keep telling him he has the coolest mom.

Lucky for you, I’m not the only blogger sharing A Night In! Check out more of the coziest evening spaces from my favorite bloggers ever:

A NIGHT IN | Rejuvenation

My Fiddle Finally has a Pot


Like many folk, I have a fiddle leaf fig. Actually, I had two, but one died a slow, sad death during our kitchen reno. This little guy here? I found him at Ikea about 2 years ago, and it pretty much took me that entire time to find THE perfect pot.

I’ve been looking for the perfect modern & simple ‘statement’ pot for my fiddle. I also needed something with height so the plant would still get adequate light from the window it lives under. I was initially drawn to the Case Study cylinder pot after seeing it around a few blogs and Pinterest, but wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. Then, Modernica released the Case Study Hex planter, and I knew immediately I had to have it. I love it’s taller profile, the Brazilian walnut base, and the tapered design.

I actually have a secret to tell you. Modernica, known best for manufacturing Eames Fiberglass chairs and current leader in high-end modern furnishings, is hosting it’s semi-annual sale in just 3 days! If you’ve been admiring their case study selection, planters, or even their iconic fiberglass chairs, now is the time to grab one!

Happy Tuesday folks! 🙂


Mini Gallery Wall in the Bedroom

The week before Thanksgiving always throws me off, I’m never quite prepared for it so do me a favor and just pretend this isn’t my first post of the week 😛

My husband has been threatening to get rid of all of my “junk frames” (as he calls them) which I was carefully storing in our garage the last few months. He desperately wants an empty garage so he can build his ‘home gym’ (lols).  I guess I wasn’t sharing his sense of urgency over working out in the garage, I wasn’t in any hurry to tidy up the mess. In reality, I had been waiting for that perfect design moment to arrive, you know, that light-bulb-I-got-the-perfect-idea moment to tell me how and where to hang the art that I accumulated from our loft.  It’s tricky trying to take decor from one space and insert it into another.  It takes time! Don’t husband’s know this??

mini gallery wall // brittanyMakes

I’ve been working with Minted on a couple things ever since they invited me to the Camille Styles book launch in San Francisco last week.  Minted has expanded their marketplace to not only offer cards and stationary, they now have a full suite of hand selected custom and limited edition art prints from all our favorite artists! I was looking for a photograph to incorporate in my bedroom that had 3 characteristics: soothing color palette, slight pattern, and large scale.  I stumbled on this print by Gail Schechter and just had to have it.  I was also head over heels for this print by Jennifer Little but thought I’d come back to that one another time.

mini gallery wall // brittanyMakes

It was easy navigating the Minted art shop.  I was worried I’d lose track of the prints that I loved, but their ‘favorite’ button (almost like a ‘Pin it’ button) enables you to go back and view all your favorites at any time. The next big thing Minted has added to their shop is a slue of metallic foil art prints! This one by Marabou Design is so sweet!

I just wanted to say thanks to Minted for sending me one of their gorgeous prints! My room wouldn’t be complete without it.




From the Weekend: Pumpkins & Weather


Zano's first pumpkin patch

We took baby Zano to our local pumpkin patch this weekend! I really enjoyed taking him, he was so observant of all the little kids running around and wanted to touch all the pumpkins.  It was always a tradition in our families to go to the pumpkin patch every year and it feels amazing passing even the littlest tradition on to this new family of mine.  I know Zano couldn’t actually pick out a pumpkin, but documenting his first trip is something we will reminisce once he’s older.

Speaking of pumpkins, this weekend was the first time it really felt like Fall.  It rained on Saturday, which I must have sensed was coming because I actually covered up our patio set just the other day!

patio cover // brittanyMakes


Here’s our patio set, sans party, sans appetizers, sans anythign pretty really.  We made a valiant attempt last year to cover it, but ended up just bringing the cushions inside all winter.  This year I was all bent on getting a patio cover for the set, as with all things I own, I like to prolong it’s life as long as possible.

Classic Accessories reached out to me and asked if I’d like to give their patio covers a test run.  Why yes, yes I would! They sent me the medium sized patio cover in gray.

patio cover // brittanyMakes


I’ll be honest, I’ve never worked with a patio cover before, mainly because I’ve never actually had a back yard to call my own! I totally feel like a responsible adult now that my patio set is covered 🙂


patio cover // brittanyMakes


Their cover was so easy to use. It’s fashioned with ties and those bungee tightening cable thingys, using both really got a perfect fit around our entire patio set.

It might go without saying, but covering your patio furniture will seriously extend the life of your patio set.  You can always find a reasonable cover at your local shop, but if you’re in the market, I highly recommend checking out Classic Accessories.  It rained on Saturday and our patio set stayed nice and dry, for that I am a happy camper.

*Classic Accessories sent me this product for review, all opinions are my own


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}

TGIF folks, like, for real.

Today’s post is a little different than my usual Friday posts.  Instead of piecing together 5 things I love from multiple venues, today I’m sharing with you things I love from ONE venue: the POPSUGAR Must Have Box!

Are you a subscriber? Have you heard of it? I posted this picture yesterday and shortly after I found out a close friend of mine is a subscriber and LOVES it! Her husband surprised her with the subscription not too long ago, and her reaction was pure excitement.  A direct quote, “it feels like Christmas every month!” Her favorite products so far are the candles, and I have to agree because the October candle is hands down the best thing I’ve ever smelled.  Our dogs sleep in our bedroom, sometimes it can get stinky, and let me tell you, now my bedroom smells like delicious pomegranates, not to mention it’s in a chalkboard votive.

October POPSUGAR Must Have // brittanyMakes

The best part of about the Must Have Box is that you actually receive some incredible products, and each box is a mystery! Every month you receive a box full of goodies, things you need, things you want, things you didn’t even know you want but now couldn’t live without! I started my subscription with the October box which is currently being revealed by bloggers like myself.  You can check out previous month’s boxes here, I’m super jelly about that September box!

PopSugar Must Have - October


My favorite item in the October box is the lucite picture frame.  Literally the day before I received the box I was searching high and low for a lucite floating picture frame that was reasonably priced.  I almost spent $20 on a frame, but this box PLUS all of it’s other goodies was only $39.95! Certainly those Rifle Paper Co. cards in the September box alone exceeds that price.

I couldn’t be more impressed with the products POPSUGAR curates for their subscribers.  I’m pretty excited to tell you POPSUGAR has offered a special $10 discount for brittanyMakes readers, just enter code OCT10SELECT when you buy a 3-month subscription.  The code is only valid thru 11/2, so get your move on and try it out.  You won’t be disappointed.


 POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it.


#Targetwedding, a Registry, & a Giveaway, oh my!

Disclosure: Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. All opinions are my own. #Sponsored

Being in the midst of a kitchen reno typically means you chuck all your kitchen belongings (fridge included) into the garage, and you live there until the renovation gets sorted out.  We’ve been in this state of upheaval, living out of our garage, going on 6 weeks now.  Let me tell you, 6 weeks is a LONG time to be washing dishes in the bath tub and searching for your salt at the bottom of a Target shopping bag!  Long story short, our current situation has really forced some perspective and self evaluation on all the things we own and how we store and utilize them in our small living space… ie, we need better storage!

It wasn’t too long ago my husband and I were planning our wedding, registering for gifts, contemplating our forever life together etc etc.  Hindsight is 20/20 right? I wish now someone would have suggested to me ‘hey, you need to consider STORAGE!’ Instead of just registering for all the pretty things like china and champagne flutes, I definitely wish we would have registered for things like storage totes, decorative baskets, Pyrex sets and the like.  Because of this realization, Target and I have decided to partner and share the good news about the Target Registry! Oh, and of course host a giveaway (see bottom of post for deets!)

The Target Wedding registry item I most strongly suggest adding to your kitchen arsenal is the Pyrex 10-Piece Storage Set.  After our wedding was over and the holidays came to, I asked Santa for a Pyrex set (not joking here!).

Target Registry

I’m so glad Santa delivered because I was kicking myself for not registering for food storage.  Can I tell you, I HATE disposable food storage, you know, those flimsy plastic “disposable” containers you buy in packs of 5 or whatever that permanently stain pink the second you plop your leftover spaghetti into them? Yes, those. I mean honestly, does anyone actually dispose of them?  I’m telling you, you need the glass set. Not only can you see what the contents are, you can microwave them from cold no problem.  Pyrex is magic.

Since I’m on this pedestal singing about storage, let me show you a few other items that would be perfect for your Target Wedding registry:

Target Registry

Cute & colorful storage totes! I love these storage boxes, they fit perfectly onto bookshelves and even more perfectly in that Expedit unit you know we all have somewhere at home 😉

Target Registry

If color isn’t your thing, try these more versatile and neutral shades of grey, leather and tan.  With these boxes, you’ll look very grown-up, indeed.

This season Target is encouraging couples to ‘get into our groove’ and design a life together beginning with the Target Wedding registry.  The Fall season is really the best season to gather and organize yourselves now that the fury of Summer is gone, and focus on new routines and habits.  Target offers a vast array of traditional and non traditional items for any couple’s style, budget, and personality.

Now, for the giveaway!

Target and I have partnered to giveaway a $25 gift card to one lucky reader. Don’t worry, everyone can play along even if you’re solo or already married!  One winner will be randomly chosen, but in order to qualify all you have to do is leave a comment here and tell me what item at Target you would add (or should have added) to your Target Wedding registryGiveaway ends Sunday October 5th at midnight, PST.

Good luck!


DIY Leather Pouf & Giveaway with the Leather Hide Store

*This post is in partnership with The Leather Hide Store, all opinions are my own 

For those of you who have been reading for a while probably remember the favored West Elm pouf hack.  Well, I sorta brought this tutorial back today, but revamped for my current needs: an ottoman for our nursery!

DIY leather pouf/ottoman | brittanyMakes

I feel so honored to have been contacted by the Leather Hide Store to sample a remnant of their leather.  I have ALWAYS wanted a leather pouf, either a morrocan or a vintage classic, and when putting together our nursery I knew a leather pouf was in order.

DIY leather pouf/ottoman | brittanyMakes


The Leather Hide Store sent me a few swatches of leather (I was extremely indecisive at first, they have so many incredible options to choose from!)  My first instinct was to play it safe and get something cream or white, but I decided to challenge myself and go brown (gasp! right? so edgy, I know). I chose Golden Saddle, which as you can see looks rich and vintage in the photo above (less like the image on the website – I recommend ordering swatches!).

DIY leather pouf/ottoman | brittanyMakes


One thing you’ll notice is the seam down the front side of the pouf.  I actually did this intentionally as I wanted the pouf to feel vintage and pieced together.  My pouf measures 18″ W 16″ H 18″ D, and sewing it together was actually the easiest thing, luckily Santa brought me a new sewing machine this year, sewing through two layers of leather couldn’t have been smoother.  My old machine would have choked…

DIY leather pouf/ottoman | brittanyMakes

I first attached all 4 side pieces, creating one long rectangle.  Then, I attached the top and bottom, which left me with one edge completely open.  I reinforced the corners of this open edge by sewing down about an inch top and bottom, then turned the pouf inside out.  I stuffed the pouf with 4″ high density upholstery foam (2 layers for the center) and surrounded the foam with Poly-fill, just like I did in this post. Once the pouf was completely stuffed, I hand stitched the edge closed.

DIY leather pouf/ottoman | brittanyMakes


Over all I am quite impressed with the leather quality the Leather Hide Store has to offer.  Their remnants are priced super well (and are actually on sale right now!).  But maybe a remnant is too small for your project? Check out their upholstery leather section for a greater variety of options.

I’m pretty stoked to be able to offer this giveaway today! All you have to do is enter the giveaway below.  Open to US Residents only, each reader has 4 chances to enter.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fly Away Stenciled Curtains

Ah! It’s Friday again! Thank goodness.  I’m skipping Friday Faves this week to share a fun project I just finished.  I’ve mentioned it a few times now, but I’ve been craving some serious coral lately.  It’s probably due to the change in seasons, but most likely the fact I’m missing that coral dresser of mine.  Still kinda sad I got rid of it, but that just means I can paint something else coral, right?? Like these curtains?

sparrow stenciled curtains | brittanyMakes


I’ve had my eye on pretty much every stencil Royal Designs Studios carries, so when they asked me if I wanted to try one out, it was a no brainer to accept.  It was tough choosing a stencil, I mean, have you seen their selection??!  I already bought the cheetah spots stencil, and this darling sparrow was next on my list so I had to get it, of course.

sparrow stenciled curtains | brittanyMakes


I tapped into my coral paint stash left over from my dresser makeover, I believe this shade of coral is Behr Lipstick, cut slightly with a splash of white matte paint.  I’m no paint brush snob, but the stencil brush Royal Designs Studio sent me is the best thing ever! I was able to stencil these two curtain panels so stinkin’ fast, with serious crisp lines too.  I’m always terrified of bleeding paint when stenciling, but this brush seriously works some magic.

sparrow stenciled curtains | brittanyMakes

I wanted to do something a little different to our bedroom, since it’s a small space and all.  I wanted to keep things light and airy instead of weighing the room down with heavy colored curtains.  I picked up a pack of white linen curtains from Ikea and married them with the Fly Away stencil. Oh, and you’re probably wondering where our sconces are? We actually installed the curtains before we decided on the sconces, go figure right? So anyway, I must say, a little splash of coral goes a long way don’tcha think?

So tell me, what’s your favorite Royal Designs stencil? And have you stenciled a space in your home? Do share!


Our New Bedside Lighting

Choosing bedside lighting isn’t one of my strong suits.  I usually toss mismatched thrifted lamps on our side tables, which make for a great single-sided photo of our bed, but over time I’ve realized it really makes the room feel out of balance.  I think mis-matched table lamps can be done well, but its a skill I have yet to hone and it was time I relied on a tried and true method: matching bedside lighting.  Real rocket science, I tell you.

bedside lighting with an accordion sconce | brittanyMakes


I’ve always loved accordion sconces, you can stretch them out to get a dramatic look, or tuck them in which reminds me of tucking your kids into bed, or in my case, my pups 🙂  Although I shouldn’t rule myself out on that analogy, soon I’ll be tucking in a wee one in about 12 weeks, crazy!

Accordion sconce by Kenroy Home

I loved the Floren swing arm lamp from Kenroy home, and I was able to get a pair of them to solve our mismatched bedside lighting solutions for good! These bad boys are the perfect option for an affordable bedside lighting solution.

I was so happy when I opened the box to find I only had to assemble 5 parts, and attaching the lamps to the wall was beyond easy.   I especially love that the cord is translucent, so I didn’t feel the need to use the cord covers that come with the lamp.


bedside lighting with an accordion sconce | brittanyMakes


Your probably concerned about the mix of metals going on in my bedroom, but I am a believer that all metals go together if done right, and the fact that this sconce is classic in design, it definitely pairs well with our gold headboard.

bedside lighting with an accordion sconce | brittanyMakes



bedside lighting with an accordion sconce | brittanyMakes


I have to thank Kenroy Home, a company who’s excelled at curating an amazing collection of home lighting and decor, for giving me the opportunity to welcome these lamps into our bedroom.  They complete the space if you ask me 🙂



*this post was partnered with Kenroy Home, all opinions are my own

In the Spot Light

I promise this will be one of the last bedroom posts! You’re all probably sick of my bedroom, I should feel bad that I’m beating you down with navy walls, crazy art, and gilt frames.  I suppose I’m still in love with my bedroom, and I feel the need to talk about it in explicit detail!


Like minutes before my wedding, Lamps.com reached out to me, first to say hello, then to see if I needed a lamp.  Of course! I mean, who am I kidding, like a true hoarder I’ll take a lamp any day. I ended up ordering the Adesso Spot Light table lamp, and I seriously couldn’t love a lamp more.  It’s industrial, shiny, sophisticated, and affordable… my kind of lamp 🙂


spot light 1-001

Lamps.com has an amazing selection of lighting, from unique ceiling pendants to sconces to floor lamps to anything that will fit your budget or your taste.  I really couldn’t have been more impressed by their selection.  And just for kicks I rounded up a few of my favorite lighting solutions (which was so hard, there’s literally thousands to choose from).


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

And just so we’re on the same page, I probably only have one more bedroom post up my sleeve (and it’s a doozy!).  Then I’m done, pinky swear!


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