window shopping with Polyvore

My BF and I have agreed to speed up our savings so we can move out of his bachelor pad by summer time.  Yay! So excited! Crossing my fingers for a loft!  The caveat? No more frivolous spending.  Sad face.  No more trips to the mall during lunch (the mall is across the street from my office, this will be tough).  I've even blocked my daily sales emails from J.Crew, Pottery Barn, West Elm and Crate & Barrel.  Boo.

I can't trust myself to only window shop, I always run into an irresistible deal that I can't pass up.  So, I've left my cards at home and now I'm left to think of alternative ways to scratch the shopping itch – without actually forking up dough.  Enter Polyvore.  You may have heard of it, or even played around with the design editor, and I know you've certainly seen outfits and collections throughout Pinterest.  My best friend created a few fall outfits that are still circling Pintrest.  She has excellent taste.

I scraped up a couple outfits with this season and my personal style in mind.  I Incorporated winter's influence with a few color pops, since we're all looking towards spring…it helps us cope with the rain or snow.

#1 – The weekend go-to: blousy shirt, tall boots, gold accessories, and a fab tote.


brittany go-to



#2 – The California rainy day go-to: nautical influences, cozy scarf, tall boots, canvas tote, and a rockin' umbrella

brittanymakes winter go-to



#3 The Wednesday go-to: blousy tee, beige blazer, gold jewelry, bold flats & matching tote


brittanymakes yellow go-to spring 2012



#4 The tomboy go-to: must-have boyfriend jeans, leopard accent scarf, tortoise shell watch, school boy brogues, and a fancy leather tote


brittanymakes tomboy go-to spring 2012


Pretty fun, right?  I definitely prefer the casual look, something comfy and accented with fun accessories, not to mention the Frenchie!  Rocco is my influence, Frenchies are so dang cute!
I'm thinking of making this a regular thing, using Polyvore each season or so, what do you think? You can check out my Polyvore page here.

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