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A few weeks ago I officially pried myself {and my blog} out of Typepad’s death grip, then dove head first into the heavenly world of WordPress. If anyone has worked with Typepad before, they should know this event is worth celebrating!  Sadly, I was only able to celebrate for a few minutes or so, until I realized I had made the move one step too soon.  The short story is, all my image links broke during the move to WordPress (which you may have noticed when visiting some old posts).  The long, and nontechnical story is, Typepad hates it when bloggers leave so they make it impossible to regain control over your own content.  There are special steps Typepad bloggers need to take prior to the move in order to keep all image links intact, and being a novice at this web design thing, I didn’t realize these special steps existed.  So, if you’re a Typepad blogger and are thinking of making the move to WordPress (which I FULLY recommend!), make sure to do extra research regarding transferring images before you flip the switch.

Now for the fun part! I’m {slowly but surely} going back and re-uploading the images to my old blog posts.  It’s a tremendous feat, but I’m determined to get it done.  I thought it would be fun to reinstate my top posts first, so we can revisit them and see how far this blog has come!

Let’s count down the top 5 posts! { click on the image to be re-directed to the post }

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A Little Inspiration…

Dear founders of Pinterest,

    Thank you for constructing a site that inspires people to create. And thank you for becoming our muse.




I experienced the perfect example of a little Pinterest inspiration yesterday.  I was casually browsing the everything board, and I saw this beautiful blossom necklace pinned by The Perfect Palette that I could recreate so easily!


via Pinterest



If you follow the links on Pinterest, this emerald blossom necklace is being sold on Etsy, which is one more reason I should open an Etsy account!

Anyway, I really like this design.  I went straight home and pulled out all my materials, gathered all my rose and flower pendants, some complementary bold beads, silver and gold chain, then went to town.  I like the vintage feel of this designer's necklace, she made it with an oxidized brassy chain, and chose to link the beads together using a simple loop technique.  I am a hard core wire-wrapper, I don't want my beads going anywhere, and I certainly don't want the wire to have any ability to open up and pull apart, which is why I wire wrap. 

Anyway, enough babbling! Here are my versions of this blossom necklace:


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