DIY: mini leather tassels

Hello, hello! Let’s kick the week off with a fun jewelry tutorial – DIY clip on tassels!




Tassels are all the rage right now, on furniture pulls, as flair on purses, and even hanging as pendants on necklaces.  I’ve seen so many versions of tassel bracelets, I thought I’d give it a try!





ONE cut 7 x 2″ pieces of suede TWO put a dab of glue inside the end cap THREE stack the pieces of suede together and pack tightly into the end cap FOUR trim suede to desired length FIVE connect the lobster clasp and jump ring to the end cap SIX attach to the object of your desire! I attached my tassel to one of my chunky gold chain bracelets.




Your options are endless, really! Suede cord is so cheap, and a little goes a long way to make these darling tassels!


Shadow box turned jewelry display

Friends! Followers! Blog lovers! First off, I want to say sorry for being a bit quiet these last couple weeks. There’s so much going on behind the scenes, mainly personal stuff (like wedding planning, 32 days ACK!) that I’ve had to re-prioritize.  I SOOO look forward to getting back to normal, if there is such a thing.  I have some fun stuff to share, but mainly it comes down to editing the content and writing the post – do you ever feel like that’s the hardest part? Well anyway, I’m in the calm before the storm so the plan is to get back on track these next two weeks before things get crazy serious.

OK OK, now to the fun stuff! I went to pick up something quick at Michael’s yesterday and saw this GORGEOUS gold shadow box on sale, 40% off, for $25! I love it as a shadow box, it’s modern yet sophisticated, very West Elm meets BHLDN.



It’s so silly to call this a DIY, since all I did was lay the shadow box on its back, open ‘er up, and throw my jewelry inside.  I seriously can’t believe how pretty this shadow box is! And for $25! I seriously might go get another.




Regardless if you use it as its intended purpose, a shadow box, or as a jewelry display like I did, it’s perfect for your most delicate pieces of jewelry.  I put all my bridal jewelry inside.  I’m actually undecided on which pieces I’m going to wear while walking down the aisle.  I feel like it’ll be a last minute day of decision.  Do any of you make decisions like this too?




The I bought the bridal sash is from Curio Road, the gold chain pieces are from Forever21, and the crystal bib necklace is a J.Crew piece (currently on sale!).  The tear drop earrings are Kenneth Jay which I bought off MyHabit.

What sort of things would you display in this beautiful shadow box?? I’d love to know!


the color of the year is here!


Yesterday Pantone revealed the color of the year for 2013 – Emerald!  I’m pretty excited about Pantone’s pick, being that Emerald and I have always gotten along well, which you may have noticed from the jewelry in my shop or one of my recent furniture projects where I made over my laptop desk in a gorgeous shade of Emerald green.

No other color on the color wheel better represents sophistication, nature, and renewing prosperity.  Green is the color of life and growth, which is why many interior designers and decorators avidly suggest to have something living in each room, to add life and interest to a space.  I really need to work on this, seeing as I kill all my plants…

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What’s new in ‘da shop!


Hi friends! I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already.  How did that happen? Raise your hands if you feel as thrown off by the time change as I do… anyone? I’ve been full of complaints about it.  It’s too bright in the morning and too dark too early! When do I wake up? When do I run? What time is it really?

It’s actually a great time to make some changes and prep for the upcoming holidays!  I’ll be updating the shop all week, so take a peek when you get a minute to see what’s new!  Here are a few items I added today:

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Bridesmaid Gift DIY


Hello hello! I hope everyone has had a great week so far, and that you all have exciting plans for the weekend.  The only thing I have planned is a 10-mile run.  Gross, I know, but I have a race in less than 3 weeks and I plan to kick some boo-tay this year.  Ha! We’ll see!

It’s no surprise, now that I’m getting married (OMG IN LESS THAN 8 MONTHS!) my DIY brain is triggered to all things wedding.  I’ve been building our wedding website (it’s a blog too!), making plans for engagement party decor, and the most recent being the gifts we gave each of our bridesmaids and groomsmen when we asked them to be in our lineup.

Today I’m going to share with you the gift I made for my bridesmaids: initial charm necklaces!

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The fall shop preview


Hey! It’s almost Friday, who’s excited??

I’ve been working on some items the last couple weeks for the revamped shop, and I thought I’d share a few sneak peeks with you!





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last call!

Wow, it’s Friday already! Don’t worry, I’m still here, I promise! Some weeks my day job takes more out of me (and my free time) than others, which means my project output has been hindered this week. I’m working on some fun things with my new miter saw my man bought me for my birthday, which I’m planning to finish & share soon!

I wanted to remind you about that little half-off sale I have going on right now.  That’s right, 50% OFF ANYTHING IN THE SHOP!! My goal is to make room for wintery stuffs, like flannel scarves, ornaments, or throw pillows!  Half off! Do eet!

Aaaaaanyway, I have some really fun pieces in mind, so have at it! I’m also planning my very first giveaway, SAY WHA? Yeah, you heard right! So look out for that very soon!

Is it weird that in my dream world I wish everyone would wear a piece of my jewelry?

OK, I’m outta here, have a great weekend and I hope to have my big project ready for you come Monday!

gold dome earrings

gold dome earrings

Inspiration strikes at the most random of times.  For me, it was this morning, as I was getting dressed no less.  I had decided I wanted to wear a pair of earrings {which I rarely do}, to class up my black-pant-white-shirt combo that I threw on last minute.

I wasn’t interested in wearing just any pair of earrings – I wanted to wear something gold and shiny.  I was rummaging through my jewelry stash, which consists of jewelry I’ve made and jewelry I’ve bought… but nothing was catching my eye.  Instead of giving up and going accessory-less, inspiration hit and I scurried to my jewelry supplies to whip something up.

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flash back! top 5 by brittanyMakes

Gild Chair 1

A few weeks ago I officially pried myself {and my blog} out of Typepad’s death grip, then dove head first into the heavenly world of WordPress. If anyone has worked with Typepad before, they should know this event is worth celebrating!  Sadly, I was only able to celebrate for a few minutes or so, until I realized I had made the move one step too soon.  The short story is, all my image links broke during the move to WordPress (which you may have noticed when visiting some old posts).  The long, and nontechnical story is, Typepad hates it when bloggers leave so they make it impossible to regain control over your own content.  There are special steps Typepad bloggers need to take prior to the move in order to keep all image links intact, and being a novice at this web design thing, I didn’t realize these special steps existed.  So, if you’re a Typepad blogger and are thinking of making the move to WordPress (which I FULLY recommend!), make sure to do extra research regarding transferring images before you flip the switch.

Now for the fun part! I’m {slowly but surely} going back and re-uploading the images to my old blog posts.  It’s a tremendous feat, but I’m determined to get it done.  I thought it would be fun to reinstate my top posts first, so we can revisit them and see how far this blog has come!

Let’s count down the top 5 posts! { click on the image to be re-directed to the post }

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DIY ribbon tie necklace

There are countless methods in making jewelry.  It's actually one of the things I love most about making or designing a piece of jewelry – that it's an entirely creative outlet with few rules or guidelines.  Once you learn the basic tools in linking beads and gems as one cohesive piece, you pretty much can never go wrong with the design. 

Welllll, you probably could go wrong. Like mixing metals… but let's not go there today.

I totally believe the same design methods you find in home decor parallel the methods of jewelry design.  You will find standards in both home decor and jewelry design; classic or trendy, modern or vintage, to name a few. These design standards are really just used for measuring an aesthetic.  "Does this chair, with that rug, and that lamp look modern, or retro?"

Some people religiously follow these home design standards, which is totally cool, but I, on the other hand, am a fan of breaking these design "rules".  For example, I like to mix odd colors and contrasting textures in order to create something unique and vibrant.  One of my favorite ways to "break the rules" in jewelry design is to forgo the standard toggle clasp and replace with ribbon.  Today I'll show you how to make your own ribbon tie necklace!




First, I start by gathering beads of a similar hue or tone.  For this piece, I wanted something sea glass and gold.  Gathering all these beads and stones does not mean I will use all of them.  It's a process I use which helps me to narrow down the design.



Next, I took 24 gauge gold filled headpins and wire-wrapped the gold beads onto the links of chain.  I decided to only make 4 of these beaded links (versus the 6 in the photo above).  Then, I took 18 gauge gold filled wire and made a basic link through each piece of sea glass.  I joined the sea glass links to the chain links with gold jump rings.  If you're lost at "wire wrap", check out this post.


Ribbon Necklace

Next, grab some ribbon and a needle and thread.  You want to find a softer ribbon since the ribbon will be laying on your neck.  You don't want something scratchy, rough or itchy.  I bought this soft ribbed black ribbon at Michael's. 



Next, cut 2 pieces of ribbon, about 18" in length.  Cut a triangle the one end of the ribbon with scissors, thread through the chain link, fold and sew!  I recommend tucking the knotted end of the thread inside the fold so that the end of the thread does not show.


Ribbon post


And you're done! Easy peasy.




Here are 2 others I made using the same ribbon tie method.  These two necklaces were strung on SoftFlex, and attached with crimb beads to a chain link on each end.


Other ribbon necklaces

I can't wait to wear them!  Now I'm off to pick up the keys to my new apartment.  Woot!!!


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