Home Depot Style Challenge – Patio Redux!


Home Depot Style Challenge - Patio Redux | brittanyMakes


Hello! I’m very excited to share with you today our patio redux challenge is officially live on The Home Depot’s The Apron Blog!  I was 9 1/2 month’s pregnant when The Home Depot reached out to see if I’d be down for the challenge, obviously I said ‘heck yeah!’ not realizing what it’d be like to tow a 3-week old around.  To tell you the truth, it wasn’t bad at all! My husband played with the baby while I got my refresh on.  We’re a good team 🙂

I can’t help myself, once I finish a space I just gotta put the space to use and show you how we have a good time! It’s officially summer so naturally I threw a s’more party to celebrate the refresh of our patio space we designed last Spring. Check out all the fun pics and details over at The Apron Blog.


Style Challenge Sneak Peek

The Home Depot Style Challenge - Sneak Peek | brittanyMakes


Happy Wednesday! Is it me or does it feel like the first few days of the week always pass so quickly?

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a sneak peek into the next installment of The Home Depot Style Challenge! I’m very excited to be a participant again next to some super talents. A full fledged redo wasn’t necessary this time around.  The task is to spruce up our spaces that we made over last year.  We wanted to answer the questions like ‘how did our patio sets hold up after a year?’ or ‘is painting concrete worth it?’.  Of course the answer is – design is always worth it.  But really, you’ll have to keep an eye out on The Apron Blog for the reveal of our spruced up patio spaces!


Our Home Depot Patio Challenge is LIVE!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  My patio makeover is being featured TODAY over at Home Depot’s The Apron Blog! It seems like yesterday, but about two months ago I was asked by Home Depot, along with 17 other bloggers, to join their Spring Style Challenge and make-over my patio featuring one of their patio sets.  Shortly after, HD published the full list of bloggers, and I couldn’t have felt more honored to be lined up next to all these fabulously talented and creative minds.



Home Depot sent me their Hampton Bay Woodbury dining set, and I couldn’t have asked for a better muse.  Here are a couple peeks, but you’ll have to check out The Apron Blog to get the full feature.


Home Depot Patio Challenge // www.brittanymakes.com


Home Depot Patio Challenge // www.brittanymakes.com


Patience isn’t my strong suite, the anticipation of this moment has been so unbearable I’ve hardly slept all week! I’m just so glad it’s here and published so I could share all the details with you!  Read the entire post, the whole story start to finish, on Home Depot’s Apron Blog.  And don’t forget, there are 17 more bloggers to be featured over the next several weeks!


mom, where’s my green thumb?

olive tree 9

My poor mom, I ask her this question so often, and now I’m putting her on blast! She has the greenest of thumbs, and you’d think a green thumb would be passed down to a daughter, but sadly this is not true.

I think I’ve reached an age or time in my life where the desire to nurture and grow plants is stronger than ever. I feel so terrible when I kill a plant, usually its from too much sun or too much water, but I really want to be able to keep a plant alive! Over the last year I’ve been patiently working on that green thumb of mine. I started with a small fern, but apparently this is an ambitious plant because it died quickly.  Lesson learned – start with something simple!  I  tried again with few succulents, two died, but a few are still living!

{

Patio Challenge Update!

I’m going to assume everyone is dying to see progress in our patio space.  Right?! If you remember, Home Depot asked me a few weeks ago to participate in their Spring Patio Challenge (CRAZY!).  There are 17 other INCREDIBLE participants, I’m still pinching myself about how I’m even in line with these fine bloggers.

How sweet would it be if we could all meet each other face to face one day? I imagine us all lounging in an outdoor space together, eating cheese and crackers, fawning over each others outfits, talking about our favorite colors, and the random things we love and hate in current home design trends… I digress…

A lot of you may not be on Instagram, which is OK! I’ve put together the best sneak peek pics from my patio transformation process.  Some of you may have already seen these images posted to Instagram or Twitter,  but here they are as a united front – a collage that represents our bold + whimsy everyday patio.


Patio sneak peek collage 3

I’ve had a particular thought on my mind for a while and I thought I’d bounce it off you folks –

I do think we all need to be happy and comfortable in how influenced we are from each other as bloggers and as home designers – professional or by hobby.  Sharing similar or identical interests is in no way a terrible thing.  My main example is, I’m certainly not the first to obsess over gold the way that I do, but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting, gilding, spray painting, and dressing all the things I touch, to gold.  Believe it or not, it just so happens that at least 3 of the participants that I know of, including myself, are incorporating the same exact gold stool into their patio design! I’m not one to shy away from projects or things that others have done.  As a product and spokes person for this DIY space, the fun and challenging part is to see ALL the different ways we assemble and integrate these projects, and how we make them our own.

I can’t wait for the big reveal of everyone’s patios! I’ve seen some amazing sneak peeks so far, and more to come as the project window closes! Follow #heartoutdoors (and me!) on Instagram if you want to see some amazing design come to life.


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