Shopping for a Dining Table

A commenter asked me the other day to round up some dining table options since she is in the market for a new dining table, and what do you know? So are we! Our kitchen remodel has decreased our dining space slightly, which means our Parson’s dining table no longer fit the space.  I was having a hard time dealing with such a large dining table anyway, as much as I loved it as a craft surface, it was impossible to keep clutter free. With that said, I’m actually happy to be moving on to a table that better suites our space.

When deciding on what table would best suit our space, I first considered the flow of the room.  Our kitchen and dining room are now one – you know, that open concept that’s so hot on homeowner’s minds right now? We have a small house anyway, so a smaller table was really the only thing that made sense.  My husband always thinks of function as the only deciding factor when purchasing furniture (men. right?, he wanted us to get an expandable table for when we have family and friends over.  I wasn’t against it, but I realized we needed a round table to break up the boxy angles and lines of our new kitchen, and there aren’t many round expandable tables that (let’s be honest) I liked.

It’s not often we have a large group of folks over anyway, so we decided we would purchase a folding table which we can store in our garage and bring out when we do have guests over that exceed our normal seating arrangement.  It was worth it to me to get a table appropriate for our space rather than get something that is just too large.  Our everyday is just the 3 of us, and a 4-seat table is really all we need.

Here are 5 round tables that were contenders for our dining room.  Can you guess which we purchased?

Round Dining Table options


// ONE // TWO // THREE // FOUR // FIVE



Fall in Love // A Room Makeover { update #1 }

Two weeks ago 18 other bloggers and myself announced a room makeover blog hop thingy that we’re doing, and what better room to makeover than our bedroom?! Our bedroom is in distress, kinda like the current state of my fiddle leaf fig tree (it’s dying! Help!).  I desperately need to give my bedroom some attention, and I have a plan yet it’s proven to take much more time than I anticipated.  Surprise, surprise.

So, what have I done since the announcement? Nothing.

Kidding. First we made a bigger mess by moving out our old storage drawers, like the ugly dresser my husband ‘borrowed’ from his college dorm, 8 years ago.  Yes, YEARS.  I tried moving my armoire into our bedroom once our wall came down (there wasn’t room to fit the armoire down the hallway before).  Once we got it in there I was so upset.  I probably threw what you’d call an “adult temper tantrum”.  I was so annoyed my armoire was eating up all the space in by bedroom.  It didn’t last more than a week in there! I decided living out of large blue Ikea bags was better than having a succubus of an armoire in my room.  I’ve been hunting for a replacement dresser, something vintage-y, without much luck.  My husband replaced his college dresser with the 8-drawer Hemnes dresser.  Trust me, it’s an upgrade.

So anyway, I’m running with a design plan with the following in mind: something classy and gender neutral, and a bit calming.

Fall In Love // bedroom makeover by brittanyMakes

Black & white pillow // gold pillow // art print // bowl // lamp // rug // dresser // throw // lumber

Some of these items may invoke questions, like the lumber.  Why the lumber? You’ll have to wait and see! Hopefully it all works out as I see it in my head.



DIY Woven Wall Hanging from Bathmat

Confession: I’ve been sitting on this project for over a month.  A month! Why the wait, you ask? Well, I kinda feel like I cheated, although simultaneously I kinda feel like a genius.  Take your pick, I wont be offended.

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

I wholeheartedly admire pure artisans, crafters, and makers.  I admire their patience and persistence and adoration of what they do.  I also admire people who pay a pretty penny for handcrafted goods, and I wish I had that pretty penny to support said makers, but alas I am not made of money therefore if I want something I usually have to figure out how to hack it, DIY it, fake it, or give up on it.  Consider this project a clever hack; mighty clever if you ask me!

I’ve gone and made a wall hanging (from a bathmat!!!). I am crazy in love with Rachel Duvall’s textiles, so you can say this project piggy backs off her designs, specifically how the wall hanging is actually hung from the wall.  Alright, enough words, lets get to the tutorial shall we?

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

First, per usual, I ran to Target to get some supplies.  I picked up a plain white bath mat. I kind of wandered around for a while, I was looking for something simple in design with a loom type look to it, maybe a welcome mat, maybe a rug? No, a bathmat!  Next, I rummaged through my craft paint stash, picked two boy-ish colors (teal & navy) as well as a bottle of fabric medium and a roll of Frog Tape.  I taped off the top triangle first, mixed the fabric medium and the acrylic paint per the instructions, and liberally coated the bathmat in paint.  I let this dry for a hour or so, then repeated this step for the bottom triangle.

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

Once the paint was completely dry, I dipped into my stash of upholstery cord and cut a bunch of ~12″ length pieces to make some fringeDIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

I tied a knot in the middle of each 12″ piece of cordDIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

Then attached to the bottom of the bath mat using hot glue

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

Then I unraveled each strand to get that lovely rug fringe look

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

I LOVE the way Rachel Duvall hangs her textiles, so I created something similar out of 1″x2″s.  I measured, cut, and stained the wood then secured them together with screws from the reverse side.  I added a picture frame hook on the back and hung it in the nursery.

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

So yeah, it’s a bathmat, and I’m probably not fooling anyone, but I think it actually looks really great! You could definitely do the same thing with a small entry rug of sorts, you know, those small rugs no one buys that measure like 2’x3’?

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

Would you consider hanging a bathmat as wall art?



Fall in Love // A Room Makeover

Happy Monday everyone! Thanks for being patient with me as I re-adjust to my back-to-work schedule.  It’s been extra tricky with our house being out of commission, still.  I hear the inspector is finally coming tomorrow to sign off on things… fingers crossed!

I have a fun announcement to make today – I’m participating in the Fall In Love Room Makeover Challenge along side a gang of brilliant bloggers (direct links below).

Fall in Love room challenge // brittanyMakes

The details about this challenge are easy, 19 bloggers are flipping a room upside down over the next 6 weeks, turning a sad room into one that’s inspiring and seasonally fit for Fall! We will be posting progress along the way so I STRONGLY encourage you to add these ladies to your reader and follow them on social media (I think Instagram is a general fave for sneak peeks and progress shots).

Now for the hard hitting question, what room will I make over??

Actually, that’s a very easy answer, and I think I’m about to commit blogger suicide with the picture I’m about to share.  It’s our bedroom.  Calling it a disaster is an understatement, and I’m beyond embarrassed to share with you that this is our current state of our bedroom.  Like, this is what it looked like yesterday.  I could give you a hefty list of excuses: just had a baby, kitchen and living room in demo, just had a garage sale, yada yada.

bedroom before // brittanyMakes


{cue slasher movie music – ree! ree! ree!}

What is even going on in here?! Nothing inspiring, that’s for sure.  Here’s the jist of my to-do list for this room:

  • Paint walls
  • needs adequate storage update
  • attach headboard to wall
  • get a rug
  • add window treatments

There’s so much I need to do to turn this room into a place we want to retreat to at the end of the day.  Right now I get so stressed out when I hang out in this room for too long.  It desperately needs help.  I’m truly ecstatic to be participating in this makeover challenge, it’s the fuel I need to whip this room into shape!

Don’t forget! Hop on over to these fancy ladies to see what rooms they will be making over.




5 Most Influencial Kitchens

If it weren’t for bloggers and Pinterest I would have absolutely zero clue what style of kitchen I’d want to design for our house.  You’d probably see me featured on an HGTV episode giving everyone a good laugh with my home design naivete. Luckily, the internet.  Right? Thank you internet for birthing Pinterest, and giving us bloggers a means to share our home interiors and the design processes, start to finish.

I’ve fallen in love with so many (like a ridiculous amount) of kitchens that I feared design paralysis.  Instead of letting my love of every single amazing kitchen fog my visions, I thought of a method to narrow down the features I like most in my favorite kitchens.  With this post I bring to you the 5 kitchens that most influenced the kitchen we’re designing for our house.

Let’s get to it:


5 most influencial kitchens // brittanyMakesI’m a fan of simplicity and the whole idea that ‘less is more’, especially when it comes to a kitchen.  I don’t want to regret my decisions 10 years from now, and as much as I love and admire certain trends like bold colored cabinetry or open shelving, in my kitchen, I need to keep things simple and clean.


5 most influencial kitchens // brittanyMakesI don’t understand why so many people complain about high maintenance counter tops. I need my kitchen to be functional, but there’s no reason I should compromise function over beauty! If I’m going to spend $xx on counter tops, by George I’m going to take great care of those counter tops!  If I have to seal my honed marble counters, I will do so with huge smile on my face because beautiful counters deserve to be taken care of.  In all seriousness, even counter tops that are low maintenance require maintenance.  In my opinion, if you opt for a counter that requires less maintenance, it will show. A well cared for kitchen lasts longer, honed marble or not! So anyway, I’m going for marble counters, I don’t care what they say.


5 most influencial kitchens // brittanyMakesI’ve always dreamed of having an apron front farmhouse sink.  I love everything about it.


5 most influencial kitchens // brittanyMakesWe don’t have a huge dining space in our house. We will be getting rid of our current dining table and downsizing to a table that seats 4 and will also incorporate seating at a kitchen island.


5 most influencial kitchens // brittanyMakesSarah’s kitchen is my dream kitchen.  It’s so well designed and so amazingly executed.  My heart skips a beat every time I see those pendant lights and cabinet pulls, so much so that you just might find them in our kitchen!

Sources: ONE //TWO //  THREE // FOUR // FIVE




DIY Black & White Chevron Pillow

DIY Chevron pillow from Striped Fabric | brittanyMakes for 6th Street Design School

I love mixing things up with fun pillows, don’t you? Today I’m sharing a pretty cool tutorial over at 6th Street Design School on how to make this chevron pillow from your favorite black and white striped fabric! My bets you have a stash somewhere at home, pull it out and let’s go!




MAKE THIS // Leather Handle Tray

Thank you everyone for all your great comments on the woven bench post! I already have some family members requesting that I make them a bench.  It’s very encouraging, although I just might have to invest in a KregJig.

OH. And about that earthquake!  Is everyone OK?? My grandpa owns a couple stores in Sonoma which got a little rattled, poor guy had to rally up a team of employees at 3:30 am to clean up before they opened.  A friends brother’s garage floor cracked, some keepsakes broke at my Meemaw’s house, and my baby boy slept through the whole darn thing. It definitely woke me up, and motherhood has officially changed my outlook on earthquakes.  I used to think they were no big deal, but this was the first time I really felt panicky that I couldn’t protect my baby from something, and I didn’t like that feeling one bit!  My husband on the other hand, he just fell right back to sleep (ha!), but it seriously got me thinking that we need to fine tune our evacuation plan.

ANYWAY, back to today’s tutorial! You may have noticed a cute little leather handled tray sitting on that woven bench I made…

HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY | brittanyMakes


Maybe you didn’t, that’s OK! See it there now? So cute, right? Well it just happens to be world’s easiest project I made from my stash of leather scraps. If you remember, I made this pinwheel pillow and this camera strap also from leather scraps!  Seriously, don’t toss your leather scraps or fabric remnants, chances are you can easily make something chic and sophisticated with them.  I’ll be here all day encouraging you to do so :P

So anyway, this project started out with a need.  I needed a tray of sorts by my bedside to corral all the random things – glass of water, hair clips, baby monitor, etc, you know, all those random things that make your bedside table look a mess? It was getting out of hand and I didn’t need yet another fancy $50 tray.  Lo and behold I found this $5 fabric covered tray at Target (I can’t find it on the website, sorry!), and athough it was lovely enough in gray linen, I thought it needed a little dressing up.

MAKE THIS // DIY Leather Handle Tray | brittanyMakes


Naturally the next thing I did was grab my trusty stash of leather scraps.  Then, I measured and cut two 3/4″ x 6″ strips of leather to make two handles.

MAKE THIS // DIY Leather Handle Tray | brittanyMakes


I cut triangles out of each end so that the handle resembles a little banner.


MAKE THIS // DIY Leather Handle Tray | brittanyMakes


Using a leather hole punch, I punched one hole on each end of the strap.

MAKE THIS // DIY Leather Handle Tray | brittanyMakes


I eyeballed where I wanted to place the leather strap on each side of the tray, grabbed my drill and drilled two holes using a bit about the same size diameter of a rivet.

MAKE THIS // DIY Leather Handle Tray | brittanyMakes


I attached each handle with two rivets, I only had silver rivets on hand but brass rivets would look fantastic here too!


MAKE THIS // DIY Leather Handle Tray | brittanyMakes


Super cute, right? And so easy? What’s funny is I originally needed this tray at my bedside but now it resides on our coffee table. I’m back at square one with a mess of a bedside table.  Tell me, what do you use to corral your bedside randoms??



HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY


HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY | brittanyMakesI love a good hack! I mean, who doesn’t? I saw this woven wrap bench from CB2 and… you know what happened, that thought that plagues all us DIYers danced in my head, ‘hey, I can make that!’ It’s an illness. You’ve got it, I’ve got it. There is no cure. Except money, maybe money is the cure? Sorry CB2, I can’t afford a $400 bench, so.. I’m gonna hack it? Why yes, yes I am.

Now, the take-away for any good hack is to not replicate it exactly. Make it your own in some way.  I mean, unless you can hack it so exact it’s like a replica.  I know my limitations and there’s no way I could hack those legs, so I took the essence of the wrap bench and made my version. Let’s go!

HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY | brittanyMakesSupplies needed:

First, go to the banister/decking section of your home improvement store and get the 2″x2″ pieces of redwood.  I tried using the 2″x2″s in the regular wood section before in a different project and they just splintered on me. Do I know what I’m doing? Probably not. What kind of wood is in the regular wood section? Not sure! I am absolutely not a woodsmith, and I’m not going to pretend to be!  I’m sure there are fancy tools that I should be using to prevent splitting wood, but alas I’m impatient and I just want to build things with my drill and miter saw. I bought 5 of the 2″x2″s in the decking section. I forget how long they are, 48″?

You will need to cut the following:

2 pieces of 45″ 2″x2″

4 pieces of 16″ 2″x2″

2 pieces of 14″ 2″x2″

Also, grab two bundles of 200ft clothesline.  You might think one is enough, it’s not, so save yourself a trip back to the store and grab 2! I also grabbed one spool of neon coral cord, which is in the same section as the clothesline and chain and stuff.

HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY | brittanyMakesI wanted the legs to be a bit fancy, but I couldn’t figure out how to cut the angle on my miter saw for the life of me, so I measured 5″ up each 16″ leg, then 3/4″ in on the bottom, and cut along this line using my jig saw (see pic below). I followed this step with a light sanding.

HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY | brittanyMakesNext, and this is where I truly show my lack of woodsmithing skills, I clamped the 16″ legs and 14″ side pieces to my dining table (LOL right?) and drilled them together with wood screws.  The correct way to do this would be to use a KregJig or some pocket-hole system, however I don’t have a KregJig, so I just screwed them together from the sides.  I would also recommend filling these holes with stainable wood filler, which I obviously didn’t do because I forgot to buy some. I can only take so many trips back to the store for one project.

HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY | brittanyMakesSo anyway, now that you know what not to do, here is what it looked like after I did those things! It actually came out quite sturdy. On to staining!

HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY | brittanyMakesPrior to staining raw wood, you always want to apply a wood conditioner.  It prevents blochiness and helps the raw wood soak up the stain more evenly.

HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY | brittanyMakesOnce the stain was completely dry, I went right on to weaving the clothesline over and under, back and forth, all the way along the bench.  Just make sure you pull very tight!  I tied the ends of the clothesline to one another by threading the clothesline that ended at right end of the bench back through to the starting side, if that makes sense.  The knot fell somewhere in the middle of the bench.

HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY | brittanyMakesI LOVE IT! Really! Even though I fail at screwing wood together “properly”, I actually love how this bench turned out.  Believe it or not, it does hold my weight! Although I didn’t make this for sitting, I’m showcasing this bench as our coffee table, since our living room has been sans coffee table since we moved in back in April! This bench would also look fab in front of a bed, under a window, or in an entryway!

HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY | brittanyMakesLove love love, all day long!

HACK THIS // Woven Bench DIY | brittanyMakesWhat do you think? Oh, and please ignore the carpet.  Just pretend its gorgeous hardwood laid in an impractical chevron pattern.




DIY Leather & Gold Pinwheel Pillow

It’s no secret I like making pillows from scratch.  I’m sure it’s the miser in me, I can’t afford to buy new pillows as often as I feel like changing them out, so I make them.  I’ve had a few flops, but I’m quite pleased with my latest pillow creation so naturally I have a tutorial for you!

DIY Leather & Gold Pinwheel Pillow | brittanyMakes


The steps are a cinch, promise!

DIY Leather & Gold Pinwheel Pillow | brittanyMakes

STEP 1 | Measure and cut yourself a square pattern measuring 20″x20″, preferably from a large piece of paper like Kraft or butcher paper

STEP 2 | Fold your 20″x20″ paper pattern in half corner to corner (AB to EF), then fold in half again, and fold in half one final time to get your single pinwheel triangle pattern

STEP 3 | Trace & cut various fabrics of choice, I chose 2 pieces of leather hide (left over from the project I did with the Leather Hide Store), 2 pieces of metallic gold fabric, and 2 pieces of beige vegan leather. Lay your triangle pieces of fabric out to visualize the layout, like so:

DIY Leather & Gold Pinwheel Pillow | brittanyMakes

STEP 4 | Sew together each corner quadrant, A & B, C & D, E & F, G & H

STEP 5 | Sew the quadrants together to make two halves, AB & CD, then EF & GH

STEP 6 | Sew the halves together to make your full pillow front, ABCD & EFGH

STEP 7 | Sew your pillow front to the backside fabric of your choice. I chose to do a solid backside from the same beige vegan leather used in the front side. You can choose to add a zipper or not, I chose not to add a zipper.  I sewed 3 full sides and the fourth side I left about a 4 inch opening, turned the fabric right side out, stuffed with pillow fluff, and closed the 4-inch opening by running it through my sewing machine.

DIY Leather & Gold Pinwheel Pillow | brittanyMakes


There you have it! It’s not as complicated as it looks, no? I really loved how this pillow turned out, it looks good almost anywhere in my house!



10 Amazing Floral Wallpapers


10 Amazing Floral Wallpapers | brittanyMakes

No joke, I’ve spent approximately 20 hours the last week or so scouring the internets for the perfect wallpaper, so I thought I’d share ten of my favorites!  I’m strongly considering something floral for our bedroom, I don’t think my husband knows this yet so shh, don’t tell him!

Well, here they are, clockwise, starting top left:


They’re all so good it’s hard to choose a favorite! I’ll admit, I’m most smitten with the air plant wallpaper, it’s so charming! However I’m leaning towards something classic yet colorfully bold.  I haven’t made a decision yet, which would you choose???


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