Merry Christmas! & our Holiday Card


Holiday Cards from Minted | brittanyMakes

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a fantastic day, full of love and laughter.  We had such a blast introducing Santa for reals this year. My MIL decorates to the nines with Santas of all shapes and sizes. Left and right I hear Zano say “ho ho” every time he spots a Santa figurine. It’s beyond adorable.

There are a few things I notice most around the holidays. Being a working mom, there are things I just can’t get to in a timely manner. I find myself shopping last minute, even though I started early.  Wrapping gifts two days before Christmas well past my bedtime, and ordering holiday cards a week before Christmas. I think some families have it down – you take your holiday card photo on or before Thanksgiving, so once turkey day passes, you’re on it! Ordering cards for delivery weeks before Christmas and New Years. Instead of getting to mid December and thinking ‘dang, it’s too late’, I have to tell you my secret – Minted.

For the last couple years I’ve ordered our holiday card from Minted. Let me clarify, I rush-order our holiday card. Minted has so many options to customize your holiday card, and since I typically cut it close on time, I choose a style that suits post-Christmas delivery (as in, can also be received as a New Years or general Holiday card and not feel like it was a late delivered Christmas card. Trickery!)

My favorite selection Minted offers is the foil pressed cards. Think gold/copper/silver foil meets letterpress. The foil is shiny and so fancy looking, and the slight indentation from being pressed takes the design to the next level.  I also love their new completely customizable cards where you upload your own image – check out the card Gwen’s kids created!

I ordered our cards Tuesday afternoon, and they arrived Friday. Talk about quick!

Christmas 2015 | brittanyMakes

It was like pulling teeth, but I sort of got a family photo taken on Christmas day! There’s something about 19 month olds that makes sitting still, let alone looking at the camera, nearly impossible.

On a brighter note – I chopped my hair off! It was somewhat a dramatic/traumatic experience, but after a couple days its finally growing on me.  Let me just say, it took two hairstylists and a lot of tears to get to this.

Merry Christmas!!! I’ll see you in the new year!


Copper Table Setting


Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

My dining table is usually covered in blog and shop materials – fabric, pillows, rugs, packaging tape, receipts. It’s rarely clean enough to eat from (and we always eat at our island anyway). It’s not until the holidays roll around when I get the sudden urge to dress it up (see last year’s table here). Something about a set table reminds me most of Christmas time.

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

I fell pretty hard for all the copper decor this season. I usually lean towards brass as my metallic of choice, but this year I’m all about incorporating different tones of copper to bridge the warmth of my walnut dining table to go alongside my go-to golds.

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

I bought a few of these paper hanging stars for a baby shower I’m hosting this weekend, but then decided they looked perfect atop my IKEA bar cabinet. I guess I’ll have to go get a few more for the shower 😉

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

The bottle brush trees alone were looking a little bare and lonely, so I clipped some branches from our Christmas tree – we got a flocked one this year! I had a few tubes of mini ornaments in copper and gold tones, left over from the Christmas challenge I did two years ago, that I sprinkled throughout the clippings and trees.

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

For the place mats, I spray painted some cheap mats from Ikea with Design Master 24 carat gold spray paint (it’s the perfect rose-gold!)

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

The geometric plates I found at Marshall’s almost 3 years ago. They’re DVF and I can’t find them online, although I’ve seen some olive colored ones on ebay… The black plates are from Ikea, they’re perfect, and cheap!

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

In case you’re interested, I put together a “get the look”! I love seeing these at the end of people’s blog posts.

OH, ps, if you’re wondering where my rug went, I sold it on the shop! I’m on the hunt for another…

Copper & gold table setting // brittanyMakes

banner // stars // sheepskin // table // flatware // trees // plates // copper bowl // place mat // black napkins

Anything else not listed is either vintage or discontinued (like those DVF plates, sadface!)



I definitely waited for the last minute to post my last minute gift guide.  See what I did there? I unintentionally showed you just how much of a procrastinator I can be… Help! How do I prevent my son from inheriting my ‘wait until the last minute’ tenancies? Funny enough and in my greatest defense, I usually make my best decisions under pressure! Speaking of pressure, we only have 6 more days to shop for Christmas… Here’s what you need to finish off that shopping list of yours!


Last Minute Gift Guide! // brittanyMakes

// ONE I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent trying to get my husband to wear chukkas, as dapper as I tell him he’ll look, he still refuses.  These are the most affordable ones I’ve found, yet still look mighty handsome // TWO a very manly vest to do very manly things while wearing // THREE because the holidays wouldn’t be the same without a red buffalo check blanket // FOUR copper is a man’s metallic, any dude will look a 100x sexier poppin’ bottles with a copper opener // FIVE matching copper shaker is a must, naturally // SIX pour your manly drinks in these rigid and angular drinking glasses

Last Minute Gift Guide! // brittanyMakes

// ONE my favorite thing to wear every day lately is a heathered gray vest, it goes with everything! And this one is perfect! A little lux action with that fur hoodie // TWO trust me when I say every lady needs a gold wishbone paperweight // THREE Black + gold + NYC action? This sweater is so cute // FOUR get this stool for one of the ladies in your life (or yourself!) before they’re gone! // FIVE gold glitter satchel? you had me at hello // SIX blush pink is a year ’round staple, grab this leather tote while it’s on sale!


12 Days of Holiday Tablescapes!

Christmas Tablescape | brittanyMakesChristmas is in 9 days. 9 DAYS! I tend to be a giant procrastinator around the holidays, I get caught somewhere between trying not to spend a million dollars on gifts yet still trying to find that perfect something for each member of my gigantic family without offending them with something from the dollar section at Target.  I know, a gift is a gift and should be happily received regardless, but it’s not always so easy is it? ANYWAY, I’m getting off track. Christmas, it’s here! And it’s the first time in our new house that we get to decorate for the holidays.  My husband is beside himself with joy.  It’s his FAVORITE time of year and I wouldn’t be a good wife if our table was sans decor.

And what fabulous timing! I’m joining forces with 11 other mighty talented bloggers (list below) on a 12-Days of Christmas Tablescape tour.

SIDE NOTE – our dining chairs, thrifted of course (which I’m 99% sure are Milo Baughman) are in horrible shape and need to be recovered.  Please don’t look too closely.  I got them for $10 each so if they’re not Milo I’m not even mad.

Christmas Tablescape | brittanyMakes

My formula for this holiday season was super easy: tartan napkins, sheepskin flokati, touches of metallic gold and copper, and classic white dinnerware.  Everything pairs nicely with our warm walnut dining table!  I love our dining table, it’s the first ‘grown-up’ piece of furniture we’ve purchased that was delivered pre-built! White glove delivery and everything!

Christmas Tablescape | brittanyMakes


I just trimmed some sprigs of greenery off our Christmas tree as a little tabletop flair. I tied them together with a bit of rosemary and red velvet ribbon.  What screams the Holidays more than red velvet ribbon?

Christmas Tablescape | brittanyMakes


There’s like a lot of weirdness going on in our dining area right now, like subfloor as flooring, missing baseboards, grimy dining chairs, weirdly draped tinsel, plants that look like tenticals, to name a few.  But i’m not going to complain one bit, It’s the holidays and my baby’s first Christams.  I couldn’t be more blessed and more at peace with these things.  All in good time these details will be fixed.


Christmas Tablescape | brittanyMakes

So!  Since I’m a noob at holiday decorating, what are your go-to tips and tricks to decorating for the holidays? Do you bother with a holiday tablescape? I actually quite enjoy the little details like the handwritten notecards, it makes me actually want to host an intimate holiday dinner 🙂

SOURCES: Dining Table // sheepskin flokati // shelving unit (sprayed gold) // gold flatware // DVF geo-shaped dinnerware // terra cotta place card holders // dining chairs: vintage // tartan napkins // gold & cement vase (instores only, sold out?) similar here // Wanderlust Globe // metallic mini bowls // zebra rug: vintage //

I have to thank Jen for hosting this fun tables cape tour! Be sure to check out the last 6 days tablescapes and mark your calendars for those who are scheduled next!


DIY Mystery Supply Challenge: Wanderlust Globe Ornament

I don’t want to sound like a complainer here, but seriously, glass ornaments! There’s not a whole lot more you can do with a glass ornament that hasn’t already been done.  So instead of this project being an “OMG what an amazing idea I wish I thought of that!” sort of project, it’s going to be an “oh cool! I really like that version of that ornament!” At least I hope so.

DIY Mystery Supply Challenge


Burlap and Lace // Desert Domicile // DIY Playbook // Dream Green DIY // Fabric Paper Glue //Homey Oh My // Makely Home // Sarah Hearts // Vintage Revivals





We were each challenged to design an ornament using essentially the same ingredients: A clear glass ornament, ribbon, faux snow, and a Sharpie paint pen.  The ornament shape, ribbon color, and Sharpie paint pen color were of our choosing, which is a great little twist because instead of all our ornaments being pretty much the same, we’re able to pick the ingredients that work with our individual styles and tastes.

Ornament inspiration: the hand painted Wanderlust Globe

globe inspiration

My main mission was to find or make something that would be the equivalent of a globe display stand.  I considered crafting it out of clay or wood, then I found this gold loop easel at the craft store, which ended up being perfect for the ornament version of the Wanderlust Globe, mainly because the head of the ornament would have posed some issues.  Instead of trying to hide the ornament head, I utilized it as it was intended, to hang from something, like this easel!



The process of my ornament transformation is fairly straight forward.  First, I painted two coats of chalkboard paint over a round ornament bulb.  I hung the ornament to dry on the gold easel.  I’m still so happy I found this easel,l it really is the best thing I could find that looked like a globe stand. Then I drew the continents with the white Sharpie paint pen.  Maybe it was user error but I was having trouble getting the paint out, just don’t look too closely at North America…



Wanderlust Globe Ornament // brittanyMakes


Next, I took a gold marker and wrote in all the major locations.  I wish the marker I chose had a little more metallic sheen to it, but I needed a fine tip so my options were slim.


Wanderlust Globe Ornament // brittanyMakes

The last thing I did was take a section of the glitter ribbon tape and wrap it around the base of the ornament topper.  So, where’s the snow? Well, consider me disqualified because all I could come up with is sprinkling it around the globe stand for the picture.  You can’t win them all can you.

Wanderlust Globe Ornament // brittanyMakes

Well, there you have it! Make sure to hop on over to the other beautiful participants to see what ornaments they cooked up! Here’s the list again if you need it 🙂

Burlap and Lace // Desert Domicile // DIY Playbook // Dream Green DIY // Fabric Paper Glue //Homey Oh My // Makely Home // Sarah Hearts // Vintage Revivals



It’s Christmas Time!

Wow! I can’t believe we’re already through with Thanksgiving. As of yesterday I am in full Christmas mode! The tree has been purchased, holiday decorating has begun, and lights are up on the house, which is super exciting because now that we’re homeowners, this is the first time we’ve ever hung Christmas lights outside.  My husband is kind of afraid of heights, he had to climb up a ladder to hang our exterior lights, and it’s mean of me but it I couldn’t help but laugh as he got all worried climbing only two steps up from the ground.  It’s not like our house is that tall!

I have an exciting announcement to make! I’m participating in a Christmas ornament challenge! The lineup for this event is blowing my mind.  I religiously follow each one of these ladies blogs and feel unworthy to be lined up beside them.  It must be a mistake!


DIY Mystery Supply Challenge


Burlap and Lace // Desert Domicile // DIY Playbook // Dream Green DIY // Fabric Paper Glue // Homey Oh My // Makely Home // Sarah Hearts // Vintage Revivals


The challenge is kinda like that foodie show Chopped? I always watch that show while I’m at the gym running on the treadmill, something about it mystery food dishes help me ignore the fact I’m working out.  Is it weird that not one dish have I ever thought to recreate? I wonder if the show has ever taken a poll on this… Well, anyway, this challenge is something like Chopped, where we each get a box of random craft supplies (we all get the same stuff!) and we create an ornament of sorts using said supplies.  The good news is no one is going to get publicly shamed, the bad news? I might actually shame myself if I don’t think up of something other than a snow filled ornament…

Here are the ingredients we get to work with:

– clear glass/plastic ornaments
– 1 Sharpie paint pen (any color)
– 1 bag of faux snow
– 1 roll of ribbon
The full reveal is next Monday, so put it on your calendars and add all these fine ladies to your reader, because ornament crafting is comin’ in hot!
Lastly, did everyone had a successful shopping weekend like I did? I participated in the Thursday night + Friday morning “Black Friday” confusion.  I had to go to Best Buy twice (!) to get the two things I wanted for the sale, because each item wasn’t offered on sale both days.  Dumb. But! I did score some 50% off at Old Navy & Gap, I bought this vest, this infinity scarf, this plaid shirt, and these fancy sweats. I was looking for some booties but came up empty handed.  And duh, today is Cyber Monday! I have like 5 rugs in my shopping cart from the incredible 70% off all Loloi rugs sale going on over at Scout & Nimble.  This indigo denim beauty and this vegan raw hide are my faves!  I’m also eyeing this wide angle lens for my Nikon DSLR.
Check back later this week, our full kitchen reveal is coming up!

BSHT Thanksgiving Style!

Welcome Jones Design Company readers! So happy you’re stopping by on this fun blog hop.  Emily’s blog has been a favorite of mine for years! Her blog is such an inspiration, she’s actually one of the reasons I started blogging.

Now that Halloween 2014 is in the books, we can officially declare that the holidays are here!  I tend to resist the end of summer in spite of the fact Fall is my favorite season.  My husband on the other hand? He’s probably the most pumped about the holidays, he’s been listening to Christmas music since July.

I love being a part of these seasonal blog hops – they keep me honest and ready for whatever’s next.  In this case, Thanksgiving!


Our family is notorious for keeping the tablescape S I M P L E for Thanksgiving.  We really prefer to highlight the food, not that styling a table isn’t something we enjoy doing, we just tend to style more with food than with decor during the big holiday feasts.

Today my goal is to share just a couple tips on how to keep that table setting simple yet chic and memorable.


Thanksgiving tablescape | brittanyMakes


The first thing I do when decorating for Thanksgiving is take a walk around the block with a pair of clippers. I keep an eye out for seasonal foliage and ‘borrow’ a couple clippings to toss in a vessel or two for some natural flair on the table.


Thanksgiving tablescape | brittanyMakes


I love collecting unique linen napkins, and my trick is to buy one or two of a pattern and mix with other linen napkins of a similar color palette.  It’s a fool proof way to trick people into thinking I effortlessly mixed the patterns myself, when really… I’m just too cheap to buy a full set. Ha!


Thanksgiving tablescape | brittanyMakes

I always hit up my local Trader Joe’s for inexpensive seasonal fruits and veggies. My favorite fruit for entertaining is the persimmon! They’re so unique to the season and I love how they give the perfect amount of dimension and color, they feel almost sculptural.  It doesn’t hurt that they’re crunchy and delicious! My favorite salad right now: persimmon slices + kale + pomegranate seeds + chevre. YUM.

We host such a huge party every Thanksgiving, most of the prep time is spent on the food and not so much on the table setting.  Our family is more than casual, with the main focus being on the food and the company, there’s not much room left for frills and layered place settings in our house.  A little goes a long way, that’s for sure!

Get more inspiration by checking out yesterday’s BSHT bloggers, and hop on over to Cassie’s blog to catch her amazingly curated tablescape.






World’s easiest (& prettiest) DIY gift tags

I like to live on the edge…  I’m a last minute gift wrapper.  Raise your coffee mug if you’re done shopping.  Take a sip if you’re done wrapping!

Even though I’m a last minute gift wrapper, I still enjoy every detail that goes into wrapping each gift.  My go-to formula is plain wrapping paper, like Kraft paper or something simple like stripes.  Then I dress each gift up with some ribbon.  Glittery ribbon, let’s be honest.  I always try to create a unique gift tag.  I just hate resorting to using scraps of wrapping paper folded in half.  We’ve all done it.  I’m not proud.

One year I made individual chalkboard gift tags, those were quite a hit! They did take some time to cure, so this year I decided to make something a little simpler out of glitter scrapbook paper.


DIY Glitter Gift Tags |

Clearly world’s easiest DIY gift tag.  All you need is the gift-tag looking hole punch which you can find at your local craft store.  I bought mine at Michaels.  I also bought about 10 sheets of glittery scrapbook paper over Black Friday weekend, which were seriously a steal.  I think each sheet ranges from $.99 to $1.99, totally worth making these adorable gift tags.

DIY Glitter Gift Tags |

I crafted two varieties, a bronze and a gold.  On the back I stamped “TO” and “LOVE”, punched a hole at the top and strung some baker’s twine for easy use when attaching to each gift.

DIY Glitter Gift Tags |


In preparing for last weekend’s pop-up shop, I sold packages of 10 tags.  Let me tell you, everyone LOVED them.  You can get so creative with what scrapbook paper you choose as well.  I almost bought the faux snake skin paper.  Almost.

What special touch do you put on your holiday gift wrapping? Do share!


A Holiday Card & Tiny Prints

Happy weekend friends! It’s a rare Saturday post today, but it’s all because of a mighty fun collaboration with a business I adore.  Tiny Prints asked me to host a DIY on their blog in exchange for some holiday cards.  I immediately said “YES!”, for two reasons of course – one, the opportunity (duh) and two, it was a slim chance I was going to get my butt in gear and put together (let’s be real here, pay for)  a holiday card.  Now that we’re in full  saving-every-penny-for-the-baby mode, some of the traditions I love, like sending holiday cards, have to be sacrificed.  Again, this is what happens when two accountants get married!

Tiny Prints DIY Stocking Tutorial with brittanyMakes

Thank goodness for Tiny Prints! They made my holiday card dreams come true, AND we were able to coordinate a pregnancy announcement with them as well.  As my husband would say, “double whammy!”.

Let’s get to the fun part.  The DIY I’m sharing over on Tiny Prints blog is a super easy, 6 step tutorial on how to make your own faux fur stocking.

brittanyMakes holiday cards


Hop on over to Tiny Prints to get the full step-by-step! And I bet you didn’t know, there is a whole plethora of DIYs from so many bloggers you already know.  Grab a cup of hot cocoa and have a little Saturday reading 🙂

Happy Saturday everyone!


Holiday Home(ish) Tour

There are only 17 days until Christmas. 17! I’ve been in the holiday spirit for a couple months, since we started The Home Depot Holiday Challenge (back in October!).  We moved shortly after, which means we had to take down and box up our holiday decor before we were ready.  We’re still settling in to our current spot, not 100% unpacking since the plan is to move to our next spot in a few months before I pop out an infant.  With that said, we haven’t totally decked the halls quite yet, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on holiday decor!

gold and glitter Christmas | brittanyMakes

The last couple weeks I’ve been sewing, gluing and glittering like mad preparing for a pop-up shop I participated in this weekend.  I’d like to say I definitely turned my booth into a mini living room full of Christmas cheer.

glitter ornament on flocked tree | brittanyMakes

I decked out two mini flocked trees in German glass glitter ornaments.  Flocked trees and glitter ornaments are a must have for the holidays if you ask me.   It’s so easy to turn a plain glass ornament into something special.  Here and here are two easy tutorials that I posted the last two seasons. Customize your ornaments has never been so easy!

metallic Christmas decor | brittanyMakes


Every year I like to make one big Christmas craft.  This year I decided to make some fab stockings from remnant pieces of fabric from my (absurdly large) fabric stash.  It’s a fun way to add some whimsy to your fireplace or mantel.  And of course! I’ll be sharing a tutorial soon 🙂

Christmas decor details | brittanyMakes

Fresh greenery in the form of garland and wreaths are also a must for holiday decor.  For the pop-up shop I shared a booth with my girlfriend who is quite the talented florist. She hand made these gorgeous wreaths! Crazy, right? I totally soaked up their beauty in my holiday space all weekend.

My husband and I are absolutely ready for the holidays, however this year we’re just spreading the cheer in different ways than we’re used to, which includes this darling little booth.


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