Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}

TGIF!!! I’m skipping the ‘favorite things’ product collage today as I’m trying to put together some last minute gift guides for next week.  I’m a last minute shopper, I can’t help it, and certainly I can’t be the only one so I thought if any of you are procrastinators like me, I should be a good person and help you all on finding some last minute gifts too.

christmas tree shopping // brittanyMakes

// We’re celebrating my SIL’s birthday this weekend with an ugly Christmas sweater party. I just might be wearing this sweater.

// have you been entering the 24 Merry Days giveaways yet? The lineup and product list is redic.


// I just ADORE how this DIY wrapping paper turned out

// Dear Santa, this peacoat is everything.


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


Friday Faves // brittanyMakes


// ONE a very chic lumbar pillow // TWO it’s never too late to start collecting blue & white ceramics! Start now with this beautiful jar // THREE oh man, I would do questionable things for this table // FOUR Live edge cheese board?!?! Quite possibly the best hostess gift of the year // FIVE super cute (and surprisingly expensive) braided basket. Perfect for a kids room


// excited to finally see this big reveal!

// these business cards are unreal

// congrats to Kirsten & Erin on their new shop!

// are you following this podcast? I can’t get enough! I’ve listened to each episode twice.  Don’t judge.

// I NEED to make this


Have a great weekend everyone! And thank you so much for the positive feedback on our kitchen! I’m hoping for the big reveal sometime in the next week or two.  I’m still kind of afraid to cook in it,it feels too new! I hope to really break it in over Thanksgiving 🙂



Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


Friday Faves // brittanyMakes

// ONE Winter’s coming! bundle up with this lux faux fur infinity scarf // TWO these place mats are so simple and stylish! // THREE I’m already contemplating a simple holiday table setting using these chic dessert plates // FOUR I need this stunning pitcher for my new kitchen! // FIVE love this new open shelving unit

// TOMS for Target, say what!

// I really enjoyed the honesty in this post

// This is such a cute and easy DIY

// Can’t wait to meet this talented lady next week!

// Help! I can’t decide between these boots or these boots

Have a great weekend everyone!


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


Friday Faves // brittanyMakes

// ONE Why does Anthro always kill it with their hardware? // TWO this faceted cheese board would make your cheese oh so fancy // THREE I’m dying over this lamp! // FOUR these magnets would look so chic on your fridge! And would make for the perfect holiday gift, no? // FIVE man, this blanket looks so soft and cozy!

// I’m thinking of DIYing this as a holiday gift

// How to get a Hygge & West 20% off coupon

// VERY intrigued by this box!

Have a wonderful fall-filled weekend folks!


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


Friday Faves // brittanyMakes


// ONE I’m in love with the Sugar Paper line now available at Target! Get your 2015 calendars and planners ASAP // TWO I must be ready for the season as i’m already coveting warm clothes and layer-able items like this perfect plaid scarf // THREE Oh Joy! for Target, the holiday line is here, and I must have that table runner! It still surprises me how affordable this stuff is! // FOUR obsessing over the Etsy shop that sells these gorgeous handmade kantha baby quilts // FIVE this is a very cool, and VERY affordable flatwoven rug

Happy Halloween!!! What’s everyone dressed as today? How about your kids? Zano is going as a grizzly bear. Aren’t baby costumes are so stinkin’ cute?

// 13 mind blowing facts about Ikea

// my favorite girl Kristin killing it this week with this tutorial and this reveal

// I forgot about this table in yesterday’s post (Thank you Lindsey!)

// Sneak peek of our kitchen


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


Friday Faves // brittanyMakes

// ONE how perfect are these house numbers// TWO Target selling MCM furniture??? How great is this dresser? // THREE Wit & Delight for Target! I adore these faceted planters // FOUR this pillow reminds me of this other pillow I made!  // FIVE gold metallic waste basket, your trash will never feel so chic

// I’m guest posting over at Cuckoo 4 Design today, sharing super cute pictures of all my pups, check it out!

// this faucet is making its way into my kitchen as we speak!

// My sister in law has an Italian Cookie bakery in Monterey, CA and she’s in the running for a small biz grant from Chase Bank and could use your votes! Help us spread the biscotti love!

// Wish my dad could build me this bench!


This weekend is focused on getting my bedroom in order, and hopefully seeing the finishing touches happen in our kitchen! I owe you an update, everything’s just happening so fast!

Happy weekend friends!


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


Friday Favorites // brittanyMakes


// ONE #nateberkusdoesitagain // TWO I wish there was a way I could hack this beautiful brass suspension chandy // THREE #targetdoesitagain // FOUR I’ve been obsessing over this roller chair after seeing it in Emily Henderson’s guest bedroom reveal, she sold the extras on Charish, which sold out super fast. I’m now depressed. // FIVE geo planters, I’ve got some succulents for you

More around the internets:

// I cried yesterday

// I died yesterday!

// This is our new dining table, should arrive in a week or two, I can’t wait!

// I’m not liking the new changes on Pinterest AT ALL. How do you feel?

What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow we’re doing purge round #2 by selling more stuff at my mom’s garage sale.  I need to get rid of all the things!  I have so much crap.


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


Friday favorites // brittanyMakes

// ONE the best leopard pillow in all of blog-land // TWO Lotus lights are making a strong comeback, and I’m completely obsessed over this one // THREE I could like totally make out with these nightstands // FOUR I’m such a fan of Erin’s shop, Grandiflora. Imagine two of these stools at the foot of your bed.  That’s right, I know you want them 🙂 // FIVE  THIS BED!

 // An excellent article and an excellent response to the current state of Gen 1 of home design bloggers

// BOGO at Target?! These pants are my fave! If you like the Minnie at J.Crew, these are even better, promise.

// Did you guys know the original Funfetti frosting has been discontinued??? I’m outraged! There is a FB group to bring it back.  Join with me?

// My fall staple bootie, I think I’ve worn them every day this week.  They taper at the ankle, super helpful to help my short legs look longer.  These aren’t too bad either!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! PS thank you for the love on yesterday’s post!


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


Friday Favorites | brittanyMakes

// ONE interesting and beautiful, this custom star ceiling lamp is uh-mazing! // TWO just a really cool cord kit, if you ask me // THREE this lamp is from TARGET!!! // FOUR loving this hex throw blanket for fall // FIVE don’t want to try your hand at himmeli? CB2 makes it easy to get that sculptural piece you’re looking for.

More faves around the web!

// I can’t stop oogling over Emily’s and Jenny’s homes featured on Domino.

// Congratulations Sarah!

// this floor has me contemplating a temporary flooring solution for our house

// I’m heartbroken. I hope they get the recharge they need, this space wouldn’t be the same without them.

We’ve got a little family get-away planned this weekend for my bro’s 30th birthday. And after my first week back at work, I need a little relaxation away from our hectic house reno stuff.  I expect lots and lots of cuddling with sir Zano.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Links & Things}


friday favorites | brittanyMakes

// ONE Pop your bottles in style with this trendy hexagon bottle opener! // TWO we might be over the ‘in-your-face’ chevron textiles, however this chevron embroidered toss pillow is subtle yet classic // THREE what a clever way to hang an art print!  // FOUR the impending back to school season has me yearning for a new satchel // FIVE Gold geometric paper weight? I’ll take them all.

I almost forgot about my dentist appointment this morning which delayed this post from being published. My bad! I should be a better blogger and get my stuff done ahead of time, but alas I’m just your average procrastinator. Here are some links around the web I that must be shared with you today.

// OMAGAH! This DIY!

// Want to customize your Ikea furniture without the DIY hassle? This list, read it.

// This is EXACTLY how I feel about my student loans

// All my kitchen scheming has me dreaming of copper accents like these.

Have a fantastic weekend! Enjoy those last few moments of summer break.


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