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B by Brandie & brittanyMakes


Hello! Checking in again while on a little vaca in SoCal/Disneyland (and yep, I’m in Disneyland with a 8 week-old baby, call me brave!).  Today is a fun day because the tablescape I designed for B by Brandie is live on their blog! Please, check it outB by Brandie is a company who designs fashionable, high quality dinnerware for the everyday home.  I was asked to design a tablescape using their gorgeous china as my muse.  Of course I had to go gold :)

Notice those fancy ferns? I teamed up again with the mighty floral talent Amanda Luu for another episode of The Flower Workshop! The next tutorial is coming soon!



Your Camera is Missing Out


DIY Camera Strap from Scrap Leather | brittanyMakes for 6th Street Design School

I love a good DIY, there are just so many ideas swirling around in my head. Some of my ideas are original, crazy weird, super simple, or happen to be various renditions of other projects or things I’ve spotted out in the internets. Today’s project is something of the latter, I’m not claiming originality nor am I re-inventing the wheel, I’m just putting my spin on something I actually needed, yet, of course, has been done before.

I completely ruined my stock camera strap when I photographed the latest Home Depot Style Challenge.  I came home and my entire camera bag, strap included, reeked like bonfire.  Not to mention my clothes and hair! It took me a week to wash out that smell, and I’m a girl who hates shampooing… Anyway, I needed a new camera strap, so I turned to my mound of fabric scraps for a solution.  Read the entire tutorial over at the interior design talent Kirsten’s blog, 6th Street Design School.



Three ways to customize your Ikea frames

Thank you all SOOOOOO much for your great comments on our wall gallery yesterday.  Every comment is like a big hug – they make me feel all warm and toasty!  The gallery wall was such a fun project.  Check back tomorrow, I’ll be sharing sources, and maybe more!

In the mean time, you can find me today over at 6th Street Design School, I’m sharing 3 fun and unique ways to customize your (boring) Ikea frames.  Those Ribbas need some sprucing, don’t lie to yourself.


Check out the entire post here.



Catch the latest DIY at 6th Street Design School

In case you missed it – hop on over to Kirsten’s blog to see my latest project, vintage scroll frames!





Up next – Friday faves comin’ in hot!



Sadie & Stella Feature!

HELLO!!! Check me out today over at Lindsay’s blog, Sadie & Stella! Lindsay is featuring our living room today, and all the super secret details that went into designing this space.


Not gonna lie, this feature came just in time, as I’m still recovering from a long and busy weekend.  I still have so much to share with you! I blame it on wedding brain.




where you’ll find me today

I’m guest posting today over at Kirsten‘s incredibly fabulous blog, 6th Street Design School! Click over to see the full tutorial.




Our Home Depot Patio Challenge is LIVE!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  My patio makeover is being featured TODAY over at Home Depot’s The Apron Blog! It seems like yesterday, but about two months ago I was asked by Home Depot, along with 17 other bloggers, to join their Spring Style Challenge and make-over my patio featuring one of their patio sets.  Shortly after, HD published the full list of bloggers, and I couldn’t have felt more honored to be lined up next to all these fabulously talented and creative minds.



Home Depot sent me their Hampton Bay Woodbury dining set, and I couldn’t have asked for a better muse.  Here are a couple peeks, but you’ll have to check out The Apron Blog to get the full feature.


Home Depot Patio Challenge //


Home Depot Patio Challenge //


Patience isn’t my strong suite, the anticipation of this moment has been so unbearable I’ve hardly slept all week! I’m just so glad it’s here and published so I could share all the details with you!  Read the entire post, the whole story start to finish, on Home Depot’s Apron Blog.  And don’t forget, there are 17 more bloggers to be featured over the next several weeks!



where you’ll find me today!

Today’s an exciting day! I’m happy to announce I’m a new contributor over at Kirsten’s blog, 6th Street Design School! I’m sure you’ve heard of her blog, Kirsten is a rock star, and I’m just so lucky to be able to share my projects with her readers!


Today Kirsten is sharing my tutorial on how to add gold ric rack to a pillow to create a scalloped edge.


And that’s not all! You’ll also find me on Home Depot’s Pinterest page, they’ve used my space as the announcement for the launch of the Patio Style Challenge! You’ll just have to click on the image below to see the full pin!


Also, I recommend following Home Depot on Pinterest to get more peeks and inside scoop details on the many things they have brewing :)



it’s official! the Home Depot Patio Challenge is on!

As if I wasn’t excited enough! Home Depot as just announced the 18 insanely talented participants in this year’s Spring Patio Challenge – and one of them is ME!  This project is all I’ve been thinking about  since I was asked to participate.  I’ve been eating, sleeping, drinking, sewing, painting, and dreaming everything PATIO!

I am just so incredibly humbled to be lined up next to these big blog superstars.  Hop on over to The Apron Blog to read the details and get to know these fine participants!





a special thank you

Hello! I wanted to take a minute and write a quick thank you note to a site that has been very supportive in my DIY crafting journey over the last year and a half.  I have not been asked to write this note, it’s just that my heart is just so full after receiving this award, that I needed to share it with everyone!

Online Colleges

I know I’m only able to write a few days a week, mostly about my DIY musings, and other times of things that I find pleasing enough to share with everyone, and it’s between these lines where sometimes I second guess myself and question whether or not I’m making any progress or moving in the right direction.  This award just affirms that I am doing something right! It affirms all those times when I decide to tackle a project that is overly challenging (and possibly ridiculous), all in the fun of doing it myself, will result in an outcome that will help, benefit, entertain, or educate others in some small way.

If you can, take a minute and browse eCollegeFinder’s list of top DIY blogs, there are some famous contenders on this list, as well as new blogs, and blogs I’ve actually yet to discover!  If you’re unfamiliar with eCollegeFinder, they’re an online college placement service that helps people who are pursuing their dreams, or furthering their education, but need help on figuring where to start.  It’s a service I 100% support, and makes me seriously wish their services were around at the time I was going to college!

Lastly, I genuinely want to thank you all for your support, for reading and laughing and commenting throughout this blog’s journey.  I couldn’t do it without you!

Have a great rest of your weekend, and if you want to know what I’m up to, I’m usually Tweeting and posting pics of my projects (or my pups, hey hey) on Instagram, @brittanymakes. Ciao for now!

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