bully of the week 4/25

This is just too much… TOO MUCH!! My heart has exploded.

french bulldog puppies running

{image found on Reddit)

There’s no way anyone could have a bad day with this picture in mind!  Oh my heart! For real, when I think of the purest moment of happiness, I think of myself surrounded by French bulldog puppies.

Don’t judge.


Bully of the week 3/11/13 (& Curio Road giveaway winner!)

Hello, hello! Today I’m recovering from having raced 13 miles yesterday.  All my muscles hurt! Let’s smile away the pain together and enjoy another Bully of the Week post – this is Rocco’s first time trying lemon sorbet!

We’re wearing matching red vests too… yes, I’m that dog owner.








Also! The winner of the Curio Road giveaway is Kimmie Ruth from Texas!  Congrats Kimmie! Look out for an email with the details.

Kimmy is super lucky, Curio Road just launched two new sales with T + J Designs, two collections of gorgeous statement jewelry that rivals J.Crew’s necklace collection.


bully of the week – 2/14/13



 Happy Valentines day, from this cute face to yours!


bully of the week – 2/4/13

Hello and happy Monday! I had a turbulent weekend, so I thought I’d spend a minute and share some pick-me-up pics of bulldogs.  Cuteness overload ahead, beware!

frenchie and baby

via: the daily frenchie


fatty frenchies




frenchie in the ocean




10 cute frenchies




diva frenchie




frenchie and baby 2






bully of the week – 1/28/13

One of the most redeeming traits of a French bulldog is that they love to obey their owner.  This comes most handy when training a Frenchie to do tricks.  Rocco’s favorite trick is to play dead, which we’ve taught him to do two different ways.




This trick above is easier to train, as it is more of a submission tactic than a full on trick.  You’d typically use this move to calm down a rambunctious puppy by putting the pup on it’s back while keeping your palm on their belly.  You wait until the pup is calm before releasing.  We turned this move into a trick by teaching Rocco to balance on his own.  We’ve taught him to balance for a few minutes – it’s pretty impressive!  All the while he’s waiting for our command to get up and grab his treat.

The other ‘play-dead’ trick is the most difficult to master, but it goes something like this – we tell Rocco to sit as if we’re going to give him a treat, when instead we pull out our finger-gun (the classy thumb and pointer finger gun), point it at him and say “bang bang!”.  Rocco then falls to the floor on his back, and we reward him with his treat.  This trick is a mighty crowd-pleaser.  I’ll try to get this on video for you all to see, it’s a kick!

Happy Monday!


bully of the week – 1/21/13

I found out last week that bulldogs are the 6th most popular breed in the US, and frenchies are 18th.  This is exciting news!  I also found out Martha Stewert and I are two of a kind, she has 2 French bulldogs and I spotted her wearing the sweater of my dreams (below) while I was searching to buy it online since I refused (and now regret) paying $100+ at J.Crew when the sweater was available.


frenchie sweater


And while we’re on the topic of wearing Frenchies, my dream casual ‘Girl meets Frenchie’ inspired outfit would be this:


I need a polka-dot blouse, pronto.  Even Martha’s rocking the sweater pretty hard! Love you Martha!


Everything about this picture is amazing – the pups, Martha’s kissy face, the sweater, the white Christmas tree covered in ornaments of pictures of her Frenchies.  I die.


bully of the week 1/15/13

It’s no surprise that I love bulldogs.  If you missed last week’s post, I introduced to you a new series here on this crafty DIY blog.  Why a series on bulldogs? Because they’re adorable and make my heart feel warm and full.  Case in point:


Oh gawd, the cuteness! Look at that face!

Now pin away, because I know you’re going to want to share this cutie with your followers.

You can actually purchase a print or card of this handsome blue fawn Frenchie at this site here.


bully of the week – 1/7/13

Happy Monday friends!  With this new year I bring to you a special weekly series focused on two loves of my life: my bulldogs Rocco and Trixie.  I expect all bulldog owners will have an automatic understanding as to why this series was born – we just love our bulldogs so much and find them so fascinating, it’s hard not to share them with others, am I right?



This photo was taken yesterday while I was working on a project.  He was staring at me so intently, curious as to what I was doing and why it didn’t involve him.  This is Rocco’s “can I help?” signature look.

Mr. Rocco loves to be in my lap while I’m working, it’s as if he wants to work too!  Sadly, he lacks opposable thumbs, so he doesn’t make the best assistant, but he is definitely one cute side-kick!


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