I know I know, I’m one of those moms who hashtag their kid.  Don’t judge me too hard.

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It’s been a couple months since I posted a motherhood update.  Let me be very clear, I LOVE being a mom. I love seeing this little nugget’s face in the morning, all smiles and cheeks, so innocently joyful for no reason whatsoever.  My heart melts every day for this little kiddo. I can’t believe we created this little being, his little heart, his little lungs, his toothless grin, we created him and it blows. my. freakin. mind.

The first thing I tell couples who have no kids is this: there is absolutely nothing like the love you have for your child. There is nothing you can feel prior to having a kid that will compare. Nothing.

The other thing I tell couples is, as special and as extraordinary this love feels, it is SO common.  Every mother and every father feel the love of this magnitude for their children.  It baffles me that something that is so personal and so individualistic and so significant to us is commonplace.

Some other random tidbits I want to share now that I’m a mom:

  • I can’t stop buying baby clothes. Baby jeans, baby sweats, baby Christmas sweaters, baby bear claw slippers, baby hats. All this baby-wear is the new hoarding, and I might have a problem.
  • Every move he makes, every giggle, every fart, every roll, every wiggle, brings me blissful joy.
  • This book saved me
  • We’re officially sleep training as of last Friday.  Now, he’s always been a decent sleeper, and because of the book mentioned above, he’s literally like a clock for naps and feeding, but the last 4 weeks or so he developed a bad habit of waking up every 2 hours at night (I blame Thanksgiving), and of course I couldn’t help but run to the rescue when he woke up. But no more! I can happily say that during the last two nights he’s slept at least 8 hours straight.  SO! There is hope I will sleep again!
  • I haven’t gone for a run in like 2 months. I feel so gross.
  • Being a working mom sucks.  Some moms love it, I know, but it’s the hardest thing I’ve had to do, besides childbirth.
  • I will look at pictures and videos of him while I’m at work, with a big fat grin on my face.  I will also show strangers and random coworkers pictures of Zano at any moment of awkward silence.  His cheeks are the best ice breaker.
  • I haven’t joined a mom group yet.  I had it in my mind that I would hang out more with friends that have babies of similar age, but they either live too far away, or are as equally consumed by juggling work and parenthood that we just can’t seem to find the time to hang.  Sometimes it makes me feel sad.
  • We’ve only been to the theaters once since the baby was born, and that was to see Interstellar
  • I am so fearful of having a second kid.  I worry that there’s no possible way I could love two kids the way I love one.  I know it’s an invalid thought, but it really worries me.
  • What is the best time to have kid #2?

This is pretty much the most random post ever.  I’d love to hear your thoughts! How did you feel when your first baby was 6 months old? How did you get the courage to have baby #2? What did you do to sleep train? What crazy things should I look out for in the next 6 months?



Tour of the Blogosphere!

Perhaps the most invaluable perk about being a blogger is that we get the opportunity to meet likeminded folk from across the country and around the world that we otherwise wouldn’t ever get to meet.  Earlier this week, Jen, the blogger behind House of Wood (where she builds amazing pieces of furniture.. from scratch!) tagged me in a tour of the blogosphere post.  Jen said such nice things about brittanyMakes, sometimes I wallow in doubt over the projects or direction I’m headed, but when someone says such nice things it’s really heartwarming and validating and makes me feel like I do have an audience!

The way this tour works is, I answer 4 questions then list a couple blogs I follow and reasons why so that you fall in love with them as much as I have. Got it? Good.

1. What are you working on?
Here’s a fun fact! I have DIY-er ADD when it comes to projects, I start one, like painting our dining room, then get bored and start painting a piece of furniture, or distracted by the mail man and start building and styling the bookcase that just arrived for the nursery.  Believe it or not, I’m actually trying to keep my projects at a 4-count max.  My house just isn’t big enough to carry on more than that! So yeah, I’m working on the dining room, the nursery, a couple DIY tutorials, and in the back of my mind I’m scheming over plans for our bedroom.
projects in the works | brittanyMakes
2. How does your work differ from others in your genre?
This is a tough question to answer! Us DIY/design bloggers are always trying to think of the next best thing, a project or a designed space or whatever.  I’m constantly influenced by the more successful and experienced bloggers and designers, from their photography skills to their design aesthetic.  I am so far from where I want to be, but can certainly say that I’ve come so far from where I began.  Did I answer the question? No? That’s ok.
3. Why do you write/create what you do?
Because I would seriously internally combust if I didn’t make things.  I have way too many ideas swirling in my head, and sometimes we just need to take a break from our daily routine to do something creative.  I’m a Libra, I like balance in my life!
I’ve never thought it would be fun to make just one thing over and over. I want to make ALL THE THINGS! I’m constantly inspired by pretty much everything and, being a DIYer, I usually think “I can make that!” to whatever thing I see. I mean, most things are made by someone right? Why can’t that someone be me? Naturally sometimes I fail at execution, but seriously that’s part of the fun.
4. How does your writing/creative process work?
Well, usually I see something, an object being sold at a store or think up a solution to a need some people might have, then I get to work.  I gather supplies and, either get to making right away or go through a R&D process of what the best method would be to make said thing.  Then I take lots of pictures of the process and the finished product, and you’d think I’d be able to turn over a tutorial right away right? Nay.  I tend sit on my projects for a bit before I share them.  Why? I don’t know.  Writing a post doesn’t come easy to me so that might be the problem, which is the main the reason I don’t post every day. Someday I will! Maybe…
OK, you ready to hop on over to two blogs I absolutely adore??
FIRST UP: Gwen Hefner, the magnetic beauty behind the blog The Makerista
The Makerista
I was first introduced to Gwen via a Facebook group I’m in.  Immediately I was so impressed with Gwen’s style and blog performance, she is a natural talent! I mean, her blog brand, “The Makerista”, its so perfect!

Gwen is one of my favorite Pinterest pinners to follow, she’s just SO GOOD. If you don’t follow her, you must! Right now Gwen and her family are building a house from scratch and I’m just so excited for them and that we get to see the whole process as it unfolds.

NEXT UP: Chris & Julia, the dynamic duo behind the blog Chris Loves Julia

Chris Loves Julia

I first started reading Chris & Julia’s blog after being a fellow participant in one of the The Home Depot Challenges.  I was immediately drawn to them, they’re honest, heartwarming, relatable, beautiful and have two adorable girls that I can’t get enough of from their Instagram feed.  Chris & Julia are renovating a home in Rexburg, Idaho, coincidentally the exact little town where my sister lives! (My sister is a student at BYUI). I love their design aesthetic and following along their journey as they turn their house into a gorgeous home! Not to mention, Chris is a killer cook, I drool over my laptop almost weekly with his recipes.

Well, there you have it! Two super cool blogs you should definitely follow.



The Scary Story

I have a scary story to share.  I meant to share it 2 weeks ago (sorry!) but so much has happened since and I felt I should share all of the information I’ve gathered in case (heaven forbid) the same thing ever happens to you.

OK. Let me just rip the band-aid and tell you – my identity was stolen.



It really sounds SO silly saying it out loud.  It’s something I never thought would ever happen to me, I mean come on! I’m a type-A businesswoman for crying out loud! I watch my credit like a hawk! I’m super careful when shopping online and I only share my personal information when it’s absolutely necessary.  How could this ever happen to me?

Like many, I was one of those who shopped at Target during their breech period late last year (I mean, who didn’t shop at Target during that period??).  You might think this situation was because of Target, but in reality I only used my debit card and my bank swiftly sent me a replacement since they’re on top of that kind of stuff.  Also, I knew it wasn’t Target’s fault because it was my social security number that was stolen.  My SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! How? Why? HOW?!

Anyway, I bring up Target because if it weren’t for them I might be oblivious at this moment that my identity was stolen.  Target signed me up for free credit monitoring as part of their diligent apology for the breech.  I couldn’t be more grateful for this!

You’re probably wondering, how did I find out? Well, it was a normal Wednesday morning when I received the first alert via email from Target’s credit monitoring service “Surveillance Alert!”.  Hmmm, that’s weird.  So I logged in to check it out… and my mouth dropped.  There were 5 (FIVE!) new inquiries on my credit for 5 retail credit cards that were opened within the last 4 business days. This is bad.

If you’re at all familiar with the credit bureau setup, there are three agencies: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.  Your credit reports from these three agencies can vary, for example information will hit one report faster than another, inquiries will post to one agency and not to another, your credit score will be different across these three reports for this exact reason.  Most credit monitoring services are linked to only one of the agencies, so as soon as I saw that I had these 5 inquiries on one report, I knew there was a huge possibility of more posting to my other reports.  Down the rabbit hole I went…

I ran my other two credit reports & scores, paid the fees to do so (the fees are super dumb but in this case I would pay anything to stop someone from stealing my identity!).  Between the 3 credit reports, I found a total of 11 (!!!) retail accounts attempted to be opened in my name.  I was flabbergasted.  Someone has my social security number, someone is opening retail credit cards in my name and maxing them out.  Someone is ruining my credit as we speak.  I felt utterly powerless!

Of course I wanted to cry and throw things, but really the only thing I could do was contact each retailer and put a stop to these accounts.  I spent the next 8 hours calling retailers, filing a police report, filing a complaint with the FTC, and opening fraud investigations with each retailer.  The amount of work I’ve had to do to clean this up was ridiculous, not to mention I’m still working on these accounts, 2+ weeks later!  I do have to look on the bright side and be thankful that each retailer has a fraud department, and that each retailer provided as much guidance and help possible to fix this situation.  I can’t imagine having this happen 10 or so years ago when this crime was really started taking place.  The crappy part about all of this is this person will most likely not get caught, and will continue to live their lives by ruining others.  I’m lucky to be as diligent as I am in monitoring my credit, and being as responsible to react so quickly.

After telling friends and coworkers about this situation I began hearing their stories like “oh someone took out a mortgage in my name” or “someone tried to cross the boarder with my identity”.  What if I was less diligent? What if I never checked my credit reports? What if I wanted to buy a house and got turned down because I didn’t know someone had ruined my credit by stealing my identity? What if one day I got calls from collection agencies saying I owed over $15K in credit card debt that I never even knew about?! $15K is about as much as this person who stole my identity was granted in credit from using my identity.  I can’t even imagine.

Moral of the story: check your credit regularly.  By law everyone is entitled to 3 free credit reports each year (www.annualcreditreport.com).  Put reminders on your calendar, run these reports every 4 months and make sure no one is living their lives at your expense.  This can happen to anyone.  If it happened to me, it can happen to you.

*Update* I’ve been asked if this affects my credit score.  Absolutely it does, which is the WORST part of this mess!  Until these fraud investigations close and the credit bureau blocks additional information from hitting my credit, each one of these hard inquiries and balances will negatively affect my credit score.  Every inquiry that is reported to your score (like a credit application or credit check), regardless if an account is actually opened, drops your score.  I’ve been told it will take on average 90 days for each account to be resolved.  Let’s hope it happens sooner!



Currently Reading

I wish I could say I’m one of those people who loves to read.  I mean, I like to read, I used to be a big book worm in grade school, and I definitely love a good series and will usually pick up a well recommended book, but I don’t love to read.   It’s probably an excuse but I feel like I just don’t have enough time to read.  Does anyone else feel this way? I read a lot of blogs, does that count as reading?

A couple months ago I stumbled on Joanna’s Motherhood Mondays series – if you haven’t read this series, you MUST, it’s a virtual page turner! Specifically her articles on parenting around the world, places like Norway, Japan, Dubai and more – I’m not kidding, these interviews will blow your mind! Anyway, as I stumbled on her series I read her post about a book she read called French Kids Eat Everything, by Karen Le Billon.  I’m about half way through, and no joke, this book has completely changed my life.

French Kids Eat Everything - a GREAT book!

OK, that sounds a little dramatic, but seriously, I’ve found Le Billon’s reflections on American food culture and how she compares it to French food culture straight up riveting.  She is so spot on in the way she distinguishes between the two cultures, all the while sharing her story as an American woman living in a French coastal city (in Brittany actually!) with her French husband, and how she learned to cure her kids of their picky American eating habits.

What’s most interesting so far is learning through Le Billon about what French food culture actually MEANS.  It’s not like, ‘oh the French love to eat weird stinky foods but they walk a lot so they’re always skinny,’ or ‘the Italians love to eat pasta and have big obscene dinners with every family member every single night’, or whatever misconceptions we carry about other food cultures.  What’s eye-opening for me in reading this book is learning how French food culture is literally engrained in all things in France.  It’s in their education system, it’s in their daily routine, it’s in peer pressure and social influence.  It’s unspoken, yet everywhere.

Le Billon does a great job summarizing the unspoken “rules” of French food culture, 10 rules to be exact.  She explains how these rules can be applied so that we as parents/parents-to-be can overcome our current food-related habits, which happen to be the root cause of so many food related issues that Americans face.

You’re probably asking yourself, is this book a food Bible? No.  Will you fail as a human if you don’t memorize every single word and change everything about what you know about food? No.  But it is crazy eye-opening, and really gets you thinking about how your “normal” food habits might be influencing your children.

In short, I recommend reading this book.  You’ll love it, I promise.



Worth Reading: “How to Create a Business Plan in Under an Hour”

IN UNDER AN HOUR?!?!?! Yeah, It caught my attention too!

Although truthfully you probably have to be pretty focused.  My inner ADD child always pours out when I have to write about serious stuff.  Anyway, I honestly thought this article was worth sharing, as creating a business plan can seem daunting and beyond scary, but the professional peeps over at Etsy have the best ways to make it easy.  I promise!


Etsy screenshot

Read the entire article here.



How do you read your daily blogs?

I don’t know about other bloggers, but let me tell you, I read a lot of blogs, and I love it! Reading blogs of all shapes and sizes was actually the primary reason I started this blog – I realized ‘Hey, I have a voice and creative ideas, too! Let’s do this!’

I used to be able to manage my list of daily reads pretty well, but I’m now at the point where all the space on my bookmarks toolbars in Mozilla, Internet Explorer, AND Chrome, are completely maxed out!  I never cared or understood how to use Google Reader, and I didn’t think to research other reader alternatives, I was pretty satisfied with my morning routine clicking straight to the blogs I wanted to read in the same order, every single day. Talk about a creature of habit!

trixie blogs

 I don’t even know how I stumbled on it, it must have been a re-marketing campaign while perusing the internet, but I landed myself on NetVibes reading about their awarded personalized dashboard and thought ‘what the heck, let’s give this whole reader thing a try’.  About two weeks ago I signed up for a free account I can’t tell you how much my life has changed.  Having a real time feed of all the blogs I read in a day makes me feel like I have the entire internet all in one place. It’s more than amazing!

NetVibes has been around for a while, but it’s completely brand new to me.  I’m still learning how to use it, but so far I’ve used 3 different views to read my daily blogs – the classic widget view (below), which is laid out in a tile board similar to Pinterest, and each tile lists the most recent 7 or so posts from each site.

blogs I read 3-001

 I also like the current activity view, you can see all the posts that were published today

blogs I read 1-001

My new favorite view is the image tile view for all posts most currently published.  I’m totally into this visual method of reading a feed!

blogs I read 2-001

 OK, OK, so I’m fully aware that utilizing a reader is a no-brainer for most of you folks, which makes me wonder, how does everyone else read their favorite blogs? What readers do you use? Or do you prefer to click directly to sites? Do you keep a list of your favorite blogs? I’m so interested!

PS: if you’re curious about what blogs I read on a daily basis, I created this page dedicated to them for easy access.  You can find the link to this page is on my right sidebar.



10 tips for a successful move

My man and I have spent the last month 100% focused on moving (and might I mention, into our OWN place), and the last two weeks physically moving into our new place.  I think it's safe to say we are officially done and moved in!  Last night was the first night in our new apartment.  We still have a lot of adjusting to do, new routines for the pups, getting used to new noises, and dealing with all the light from our windows.  Curtains are in store, ASAP.

As I look back on our move, the plans we made and the obstacles we faced, I thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of 10 tips to make your move as successful and painless as possible.  Here we go:


Plan &  Prioritize

My BF and I are both accountants, which means we're both A-type business-oriented budgeters and planners.  We can easily take a situation and translate it into concise bullet points or a cost benefit analysis.  When we first discussed moving out into our own place, back in January, our first step was to make a plan.   Then, we discussed our plans with our roommates to make sure they were on board.  We also set a goal for a move out date, drafted a budget and started saving. 

I am well aware not everyone operates like we do.  I've helped out plenty of family and friends who lack a move-out plan, and end up scrambling at the absolutely last second.



{

the thrifting itch

Thrifting is an obsession, it's an unquenchable thirst, or an itch you just can't seem to scratch. There are days when I just need to go out and dig through some junk, and yesterday was one of those days.  I have a few secret spots by my office that I'll sneak off to during lunch, in hopes I'll come across another $6 french chair or some other pot of gold.  There is what appears to be a junk yard a few blocks from my office, it's the same place where I found the set of antique dining chairs I restored.  

Once you walk in, you're greeted with dozen of school chairs.  Cute right?  




Then, to the left, old toilets!


{

how to shop for beads & gems

Happy Monday! I was a busy busy bee this weekend – took a trip to the airport to send my BF off to India for work (yikes!), celebrated my Dad's 50th birthday party yesterday (happy birthday dad!), and finished up a couple old projects that I had put on the back burner during the holidays.  Somehow I found time to hit up the local gem show to restock my jewelry supplies that have dwindled down to nearly nothing the last few months. 

(I took all photos with an iPhone, so please pardon the quality)



Let's talk jewelry supplies.  There are many ways to stock up on jewelry supplies – you could go to a local bead shop, order supplies from an online retailer, order from auction sites like eBay, or attend a wholesale gem faire. 

Each venue has it's perks and drawbacks.  Local shops generally charge higher prices and have limited inventory, but you're able to "get it now".  With online retailers and eBay, you have to pay for shipping and you're unable to get the tangible experience – touch the item or view the stone or gem in real light.  Also, online retailers & eBay both have a much larger inventory and selection to choose from. 

My preferred method of stocking up on jewelry supplies is to attend a gem faire.  You have a selection of hundreds of vendors to choose from all under one roof.  Some vendors sell similar items, like pearls and crystals, others sell unique and one of a kind items like gold or copper dipped leaves.  You're more than likely to find the best prices at a gem faire, but it definitely takes a few dedicated hours to get through the entire show floor, which can be exhausting.

The Sonoma County Gem Faire is a scaled down version of the Bay Area show.  My aunt and I were in dire need of supplies and we couldn't wait until April for the Bay Area show.  I snapped a few pictures of the various vendors to give you an idea of what you'll find at a gem show…


{

Resolutions for 2012

 Hello! Happy Saturday! Yes, It took me one week into 2012 to finally say good riddance to 2011, mainly due to work, but I'm here now and ready to shout out my resolutions for the New Year, and for all to hear! Here's to throwing that 2011 calendar away…


Good bye 2011


 …to wiping the slate clean and starting fresh! It fascinates me how the start of a new year can encourage so much change in people's lives.  We all have the habit of sticking to the same-old routine.  But once the new year rolls around, we write down goals, change our diet, and resolve to being better, healthier, and happier selves! Let's cheer to the new-year-new-you, and encourage each other to reach our goals and change our lifestyles for the better.

I've split out my resolutions for 2012 into two sections – blog and personal – and I'd like to share both with the world!  This should solidify my resolutions, no excuses, and will encourage and motivate myself to reach and attain these goals. 


{
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