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King Louis Caned chair

Why, hello! Happy Monday!

Let me begin by admitting one thing – I have a *small* fascination with chairs. I’ve been asked more times than I can count, “why do you have so many chairs?”  It’s true, I have a lot of chairs, and much to my fiance’s chagrin – they each serve a purpose!  Every chair I own has been sat in at least once since we moved. This, I must say, is a success.  Otherwise I fear I’d have to get rid of some. Eek!

It hit me yesterday that I haven’t yet shared with you all the many chairs that make up Brittany, or brittanyMakes, that is.


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the Monterey Concours


My man and I spent the weekend in Monterey, visiting his family and searching for wedding venues.  And guess what! I think we found one, but I’ll refrain from jinxing it until we lock down the date with our church.

August is a big car month in Monterey, and this past weekend especially as auto enthusiasts from across the state (country?) celebrate car week.  If you didn’t know this already, Laguna Seca raceway is smack dab in the middle of Monterey, so all those race car dudes go nuts this time of year.  Hundreds of rare and collectible cars get auctioned off during the week.  Can you believe a car went for over $11.8 Million on one of the auctions! It’s unbelievable people have that kind of cash, while I’m sitting here stressing out about $75/head for a wedding.  *le sigh*

My fiancee and I popped in on Saturday to see what cars were up next for auction.  The event itself is closed to the public, you must pay to get into the auction, but we were able to see some beautiful cars lined up outside awaiting their turn for bidding.  Here are a few I fell in love with…

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you’re kilim me!

Overdyed Kilim Rug

This is really just a post of gorgeous statement rugs that I wish I could afford.  Apparently Kilim rugs are supposed to be inferior to pile rugs, but they’re just soooooo pretty!

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how to make a curtain rod from copper plumber’s pipe

copper plumbers pipe curtain rod

Hello! I’m currently buried 6 feet deep in upgrading my blog to WordPress, and I just realized I forgot to schedule this post.  Apologies, apologies!

Remember that mystery project I hinted at last month?  This is it! This is probably one of my favorite projects to date.  It may not look like much, but this project incorporated a lot of planning, measuring, drilling and using that magical thing called a lever.  I spent significant amount of time in the plumbing aisle getting to know the crazy names of various plumbing fixtures.  It was fun.  And I still have a few windows to work on, which means there’s more fun to be had!

I thought it would be a great idea to make a curtain rod out of copper plumber’s pipe.  Many people have done this, it’s not new, or special, or anything crazy.  I just have a thing for copper (and gold), and I thought it would pair perfectly with all the exposed beams in my apartment.

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red floral drapes

Slowly but surely, things are starting to come together in our loft.  The most recent update being, I sewed new drapes for our bedroom windows! This has been a tremendous feat. We have 6 giant windows in our bedroom, on 14′ ceilings… do the math, that’s a lot of fabric!  My man was patient enough to let me bargain hunt for just the right fabric (at the right price) so that we wouldn’t break the bank.  I’m pretty sure I found the perfect fabric.  And guess what?

It’s red.

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I’m a busy body, and I just can’t sit still.  I always need to be running around, cleaning something, working on a project, social networking, planning, talking, brainstorming, crafting… and rarely do I give myself a break.  Sometimes it may seem quiet here on the blog front, but let me tell you, there is a ton of stuff going on back stage.  I’m trying hard to reorganize my weekly routine to better serve you all – my blog friends & family – as I anticipate my schedule to get only MORE hectic as I start planning a wedding! EEK! I still can’t believe I’m up next 🙂  Pinch me!

Last week I decided to trade my 50mm 1.8f lens for a 50mm 1.4.  You know, I’m head over heels in love with Mr. Aperture, so I decided to upgrade from the 1.8 to the 1.4.  To test out my new lens, I joined my family on a blast-from-the-past trip to the Sonoma County Fair this weekend.  Cotton candy, horse races, ferris wheels, over-sized stuffed animals = complete nostalgia.

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photography + food, and a bakery

Emi's biscotteria

Hello! I wanted to share with you an exciting side project I’ve been working on.  My soon-to-be sister-in-law is in the process of opening up her first store, and I’m helping her with the interior design!  She envisioned a rustic Italian cafe – mis-matched woods against white walls, a stark contrast of chalkboards and gilded frames… totally up my ally.  She knew I could help execute her vision.

While we’ve worked a lot on the interior, it’s not yet complete.  I will definitely share with you the grand reveal once the store is ready.  In the mean time, I wanted to share with you a yummy photography session I had with Emi’s cookies!

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the gilded wall gallery – part 1

Checking in from Disneyland! It’s a hot one today, and the lines are all at least an hour long, so we decided to take an afternoon break and lay out by the pool.

Before we left on vacation I started working on the walls in our dining nook.  Over the last year I’ve been collecting a bunch of gold and brass mirrors and frames, with the hopes that one day I could make a wall gallery.  My fiancee and I recently moved into our own place, and now there are more walls than I know what to do with.  We decided to take one wall at a time, the first being the walls of our dining nook.

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an unexpected surprise!


Hello friends! Oh my gosh, this weekend has been incredible, I have something so exciting and completely mind blowing to share with you!

My BF and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary this weekend in San Diego, followed by a week in Disneyland with his family for our annual Disneyland trip.  A week! It’s crazy, and so exciting, and all the Mickey madness began at 8am this morning!

Yesterday, we arrived in San Diego around noonish, picked up a delish sando from Which Wich, and headed off to visit our favorite sites around the city.  We drove out to the Cabrillo monument on Point Loma to enjoy the view of the city and take a few pictures together.

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the Tricycle red nightstand

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen the sneak peek photo I posted over the weekend of my freshly painted nightstand. I painted my nightstand in Miss Mustard Seed's new line of milk paint, Tricycle red to be exact!  This shade of red is the best red evah!  Believe it or not, I used to be a red hater (I blame my old roommates for their poor choices in home decor – pops of red people, not EVERYTHING red! OK, I'm done…). 

Miss Mustard Seed revealed her Tricycle red milk paint back in May, and it's been on my mind since that very moment.  Then, a couple weeks ago, an amazing opportunity fell in my lap (which I've yet to share, so sorry!) and milk paint was the exact ingredient we needed.  I emailed Marian, spilling some secret details about our big opportunity, and asked if it was at all possible to buy some paint before it was even available.  It was possible! And Marian is my hero.

So, first, let me say many sorries for all the red-hate I let out onto the internet!  I suppose I needed the perfect shade of red to hit me in the face.  Tricycle red, I love you.

Here's the exact photo I posted to Facebook:




Sneak peek photos are so fun, could you guess this was a nightstand? Probably not.  Maybe a dresser or console table? 



And here she is, perfectly happy beside our bed where my BF can pet her before he sleeps. Here's what our nightstand looked like before:


The before wasn't bad, I enjoyed it's original state for a few months.  I was waiting for inspiration to hit me on what to do with it.  I wanted to do a test run with the milk paint I ordered, so I chose something I had on hand.  Enter: nightstand.

Marian has said it over and over, that milk paint gets all chippy and distressed in the most unpredictable way.  It's a guessing game where the paint will stick and where it'll chip.  I applied the first coat and was afraid it wouldn't chip at all.  But once I applied the second coat, and let the paint dry overnight, it was a hot, beautiful, chippy mess in the morning. 


Nightstand post


I grabbed a sanding sponge, and lightly sanded the entire dresser.  It took me about 3 minutes, and the paint just flaked off.  I wanted to prevent the paint from chipping further, so I grabbed some dark wax and covered the entire dresser in a light coat. I chose dark wax over clear to slightly tone down the red just a little.  Also, the dark wax makes it appear weathered and distressed, without having to sand the paint down further.  The look isn't for everyone, but I thought it was perfect for this piece.



I have 2 other milk paint colors in my hands, Ironstone and Boxwood… Hmmmm… red, white, green? Can anyone guess what region those colors represent?  Hint: I think I smell something Italian in the works…

Just a quick note, you can catch all sorts of sneak-peek projects and behind the scenes photos by following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@brittanymakes)!  Don't miss out!


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