Navy Gold & White Kitchen Reveal

Happy Monday!!! Get your Pin-it buttons ready friends, this is the brittanyMakes moment you’ve all been waiting for!

The full kitchen tour is here. If you’re new to the blog, check the bottom of this post for quick links to the progress on this makeover.  Now, get ready to feast your eyes…

navy & white kitchen reveal | brittanyMakes

This is the view of the kitchen/dining area from our sofa. It’s hard to believe less than a year ago there was a giant wall blocking this view.

navy & white kitchen reveal | brittanyMakes

I love this angle. There’s nothing like a farmhouse sink flanked by symmetrical doors and drawers.  And that gold faucet. Heart eyes all day long.

You remember the before? Woof, right?


In hindsight, I kind of wish we had waterfall-ed our island. It would have added $$$, and the space is rather small, so we probably made the right decision. The other thing I’d like to fix are the switch plates under the island. It’s not something that keeps me up at night, so I’m cool for now.

navy & white kitchen reveal | brittanyMakes

I really lucked out with those roman shades. They match the cabinet color perfectly! More details on those soon!

navy & white kitchen reveal | brittanyMakes

Our sliding door broke within the first week of owning the house. We used the remodel as an opportunity to widen the doorframe and install outward swinging French doors. We LOVE how they look! When both doors are open, the sunroom feels like an extension of the house, when before it felt completely closed off.

navy & white kitchen reveal | brittanyMakes

We usually have a third counter stool in the below photo, but I move it out of the way to take the picture.  You can really see the wood tile in these photos too. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how much I love these floors.

navy & white kitchen reveal | brittanyMakes


navy & white kitchen reveal | brittanyMakes

The last thing we have to finish is the void above the refrigerator. We need to add a piece of trim or whatever to finish off the fridge. It’s just kind of a bummer to see the bottom of the plywood cabinet. I could probably just paint the bottom of the cabinet and it wouldn’t be so noticeable. Whatever! It all still looks good to me.

navy & white kitchen reveal | brittanyMakes


For those who have been here with me through this entire process, thank you! It’s taken a while for us to finally get here. I feel so lucky that we were able to make improvements to our home, I love everything we’ve done so far. If you haven’t seen the before yet, click on the posts linked up below. You’ll be shocked what we started out with!

Have a great Monday!

Sources: Wood tile floors | Carrera marble counters | subway tile backsplash | farmhouse sink | exhaust hood | refrigerator | range | lower cabinet paint color: Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams color matched to Kelly Moore Dura Poxy | Target Windsor style counter height stools | Lew’s brass hardware | Cedar & Moss pendant lights | CB2 bell flush mount light | Delta faucet | Target polka dot vases (in stores only) | Target gold & cement vase (in stores only) | Oh Joy for Target gold pitcher footed chopping board | vintage rugs | brass globe chandelier | dining table | dining chairs – vintage | black china cabinet – vintage | mid-century style bar cabinet | Roman shades

Get caught up on the remodel!


  • Sarah Rojas

    Beautiful!!! I could stare at your kitchen all day. The flooring is perfect and the wait only made it sweeter!

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks Sarah!

  • Wow, it is gorgeous. What an amazing transformation.

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you so much Marty!

  • Kristin Strickler Cadwallader

    Well, you know I already love it 😉 Your hardware and lighting choices are so good my friend! Enjoy that wonderful space 🙂 xo

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks doll! the lighting and hardware are definitely my favorite parts 🙂

  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    Best freakin kitchen ever! Love everything about it

    • brittanymakes

      you’re always so nice Julia! thank you! xoxo

  • schuelove

    Looks beyond gorgeous!! Love the cabinets and all the gold!! What a showpiece!

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you!

  • STUNNING and i think you made the perfect lighting choices!

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks Cassie! I was worried it would it would turn into globe light town, but I think they all balance pretty well 🙂

  • lexi

    This looks absolutely gorgeous! I love how well the gold features look with everything.
    xx Lexi @glitterinclexi | Glitter, Inc.

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you Lexi!

  • Woohoo! Looks amazing Brittany! I must say I still wasn’t sure I’d like the wooden tile but it looks great! I recognize your feelings about that void above the fridge and the switch plates, our house still has a ton of these tiny details I need to fix but haven’t gotten around to. I’m just thinking that if it doesn’t take me years to sort this all out, it’s all fiiiine 😉

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks Patricia! Yeah, the void above the fridge was one of those details I didn’t even notice until after our contractors were gone. Definitely a learning experience, but I’m not totally worried about it. And I get your stance on wood tile. Honestly, if we didn’t have dogs, I would have done hardwood. I just couldn’t bring myself to install hardwood and just watch it get destroyed by our dogs. It would have really bummed me out lol.

      • Smart choice! We do have hardwood floors in our place and we have a cat and even his activity shows on the floor because he sometimes likes to run really fast from room to room (and somehow with his nails out)… It’s mostly because the previous owners chose cherry wood for the living room and office, which is very soft and bruises easily, but I can only imagine what dogs would do!

  • Rose

    Looks awesome!!! What color did you paint the walls?

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you Rose! Our walls are Paper White by Benjamin Moore

  • Breanna

    Ah I love it all! Seriously stunning. I think the navy cabinets are my fav 🙂

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks Breanna!

  • Kathy Baugher

    This might be my dream kitchen Brittany! You have included all of my favorite elements. Deep hue and white cabinets. White and gold (LOVE the light fixtures and hardware), vintage rugs. It’s just stunning. I can’t believe the transformation.

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you so much Kathy!!!

  • Centsational Girl

    So SO soooooooo stunning!!! xoxoxo all of it, bravo my friend, every detail is perfect!

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you Kate!!! xoxoxo

  • Absolutely utterly fabulous. Such an inspiration – adore every single last thing! xxx

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you!!!

  • Sara McCarty

    WOW!! What an amazing transformation! You guys did an incredible thing! I adore the gold hardware. Love love love everything about this!

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks Sara!

  • Jennifer@TheChroniclesofHome

    This is just an insane before and after. Gorgeous!!!

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you!!!

  • Thrudy Regan

    I had been saving to see this until I had alone time because I knew it was going to blow my mind and it DID!!! wow congrats!! what a dream come true!

    • brittanymakes

      Aww thank you Thrudy!!!

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  • Gorgeous! I love every. single. detail. Beautifully done! 🙂

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks Caitlin!!!

  • Unbelievable gorgeous Brittany!! What a transformation!

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks pretty lady!

  • so happy to see this finished for you all! I’m sure it feels good 😉 and it looks amazing!

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks Gwen!

  • melbajo

    I’ve been following along for a while and just wanted to say that everything looks gorgeous! Every detail is so well thought out and it’s all so bright and fancy. I also wanted to pass along a quick tip – I redid my kitchen last year, and had that same gap above the fridge. I cut a piece of scrap wood to the exact size of the opening, painted it with the same paint as the cabinets, and attached it to the surrounding cabinets with two of those magnetic cabinet door latches. It works great, is removable (if you ever need to slide the fridge out), allows for airflow (don’t want that fridge to overheat) and it looks totally seamless with the rest of the cabinets. It took me many months after the kitchen was done to finally figure out a way to deal with that gap, but it made a huge difference to how finished it all actually looked. Anyway, enjoy your space, it’s wonderful!!

    • brittanymakes

      Excellent tip!!! Thank you! I will probably do this exact thing, it just might take me a while to get to it haha.

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  • Lindy Meranto

    Hi, what brand and color are the wood-tile floors? Beautiful!!

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  • What a stunner, love the color combo! Must be such a joy to cook in now. 🙂

    • brittanymakes

      It totally is! Thank you!

  • Your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!! I love everything about it!! And I’m glad you didn’t do the waterfall edge island because it’s so trendy. In two years, everyone will be ripping out the waterfall edges, sliding barn doors, etc. Your kitchen is perfect!!!

    • brittanymakes

      Aw, thanks Kim! You make me feel better about not doing it!

  • Abby Hobson

    Gorgeous kitchen! Wow! Love the blue cabinets! I’m about to paint a dresser that color! I actually looked up your color – cyberspace – from your link and it shows it as a charcoal gray color. Can you tell me where I can get your color cabinet?

    • brittanymakes

      Hey Abby! Cyberspace is the exact color you see on my cabinets! It’s such a great color, it’s charcoaly blue in low light and a navy in direct light. Don’t believe me? Get a sample and paint a test spot! It’s pretty incredible color.

      • Kathi W

        Thank you for asking Abby and thank you for clarifying Brittany! I was convinced it was Hale Navy (BM) so when I saw your posting that it was Cyberspace I ran out and got the color tab and was convinced it was a misprint! LOL I almost bought the Hale Navy… @brittanymakes:disqus

        • brittanymakes

          Hale navy is also a perfect color!

  • Abby Hobson

    Wow very cool! I love when paint colors change in different light! Ok I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks!

    • brittanymakes


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  • Janelle

    Why did you decide not to do an air gap? We are installing the same faucet you used and are struggling with what color the air gap should be.

    • brittanymakes

      I believe we installed a high-loop hose (came with our dishwasher) instead of the air-gap, they’re generally more effective at preventing backwash

  • This kitchen is perfect! You did such a great job! We are working on our kitchen right now and soo considered going dark on the bottom. We ended up putting black on the inside of our cabinets and I love it too!

    Looks Great!

    Leah Faye

    lavender & clover

    • brittanymakes

      black on the inside?! that is awesome!

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  • Jamie

    I love your kitchen and had a question about the hardware. Trying to get an idea of what length pulls you used. Are those the 10 inch pulls on your lower drawers? What is the width of your drawers? And did you use the same length in all drawers or would you have gotten longer ones for wider drawers? Thank you so much!

    • brittanymakes

      Hey Jamie, great question! All of the cabinets with drawers happen to be the same width, if they weren’t I would probably have ordered larger ones for larger drawers. And yep, I used the 10.5″ ones for the lower and upper cabinets, they also have 12″ and 16″ pulls. I’m so happy I went with the ones i did, even if they are a little more expensive than the small ones, they seriously make the kitchen!

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  • JemmaA

    Hi, I love your kitchen and I was wondering if you could say where your cabinets are from? We’re considering Ikea cabinets with Semihandmade doors/panels, but curious to know what you went for? Thanks!

    • brittanymakes

      We considered those! Our cabinets are J&K our general contractor handled the order, but I’ve also heard amazing things about Cliqstudios cabinets! Semihandmade is an amazing resource!

      • JemmaA

        Great thanks. Sadly J&K aren’t available in NY and Cliqstudio only seem to come in limited colors. But we’ll keep looking. Thank you!

  • JemmaA

    Hi, I love your kitchen and was wondering which pre-fab cabinets you used? We’re considering Ikea cabinets with Semihandmade doors/panels, but curious what you went for – they look great! Thanks!

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  • Sara

    I love your kitchen. I’m in the process of designing our own new kitchen. I like the symmetry of the sink with the two narrow cabinets and then the dishwasher. But what do you store there? Baking sheets? I’d love a post on how you organized your kitchen/ chose what cabinets, drawers went where. Thanks!

    • brittanymakes

      Hey Sara! Great idea, I think I need to post about that for sure! (cue cleaning out drawers haha). The cabinet to the left of the sink is actually part of the lazy susan. I had our contractor make a faux door to match the one on the right, I insisted on symmetry between these two! I put a handle on it, even though it doesn’t open like the one on the right – it’s hinged to the next right door and opens into a lazy susan. let me know if that makes sense. SO, the lazy susan houses all our pots and pans, the small cabinet on the right is a pull-out spice rack. I could probably convert it into a pull out garbage, although it might be a tad thin.

  • What a great kitchen! I especially love the brass accents. Kudos for your great style 🙂

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