IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet

 IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakes

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakes

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakesOur original kitchen renovation plans included a desk-like area that would run from the cabinet beside the range, under the window and to the wall that meets the sun room (see this before photo for reference). We envisioned a desk/seating space that would appear like an extension of the kitchen, with a matching marble counter and a matching cabinet to store office stuff like a printer or filing system. Unfortunately we couldn’t install this desk-like space for two reasons: mainly cost, but the standard prefab cabinet depth was deeper than the wall that meets the sliding door to the sun room. The counter tops would rest beside glass, and if we didn’t want that then we would have to alter the sliding door area and it just seemed like too much of a headache at the time. I kind of wish we had pursued that option since our sliding glass door is broken anyway and we plan on replacing it, but we didn’t, and now we’re left with an bare, awkward corner in our dining room that just needed some help.

As a temporary solution I placed a Vittsjo shelving unit in the corner, which I spray painted gold (duh). And although it did the trick it always looked messy and I was SO TIRED of dusting those glass shelves, they always looked dirty.

I always thought a bar cabinet would look excellent in that corner, one like this or this or even this! But you know, $$$$$ and there’s just no way I could persuade my husband that we needed a $700 bar cabinet when I could DIY a legit one for like $150.

Here are the materials you need:

I wanted the inside of the cabinet to have a little flair, and I had extra faux bois gold foil wrapping paper (which I hoarded from Christmas). I used some double-sided tape and taped the paper to the sides of each cabinet wall (I didn’t want to commit to gluing it on).

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakes

We don’t have a ton of cabinet space (a decision I made on purpose, I hate having too much crap in kitchen cabinets!) and needed a place to stash our go-to wine glasses. I ordered these raw wood wine racks and screwed them into the Besta top using wood screws.

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakes

I actually had a set of wood legs from an old stool I found at a flea market, so I just removed them from the stool and attached them to the bottom of the Besta cabinet.  The fact that they are vintage adds so much character to the cabinet if you ask me! For the same look, use these table legs, spray paint the caps gold, and attach them using angled plates.

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakesFinally, attach the doors, measure and drill holes for the knobs and you’re done!

IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet // brittanyMakes





  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    Besta cabinets are my favorite and I have several. Love the added detail inside! It looks so good.

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks Julia!!!

  • JenWoodhouse.com

    Ohh, I love this Brittany! Great hack!

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks Jen!

  • sarah m dorsey

    So good Brittany!!!! Love it! I have a few sets of vintage tapered legs too!

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks Sarah! Your stash of vintage anything has to be incredible

  • astrollthrulife

    How fun is this. Great job, it looks amazing. I have those same Fitz & Floyd gold wine glasses. Love it all.

    • brittanymakes

      I love them!!! its especially fun having my husband and his buds drink from them LOL

  • LOVE this! the legs and paper are perfect! and here are some super embarrassing old blog photos from 5 years ago, but this project reminded me of one i did that was midcentury and faux bois. i had them in my home here after we moved, but they just weren’t working so i eventually sold them. and now i miss them after seeing yours!


    • brittanymakes

      Great minds!!! its so funny, i almost refuse to look at my old blog posts hahaha

      • i cringe at all of mine, but i had to share this! 🙂

        Subject: Re: Comment on IKEA HACK: Mid Century Bar Cabinet

  • Preciously Me

    Beautiful hack! And I like the ‘glamorous’ touch inside ♥
    I love Ikea because there cabinets are so versatile!!!
    I used Ikea kitchen cabinets to make a gorgeous mid century credenza and I just love it 🙂

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you!

  • Stephanie

    Brilliant! I need a new t.v. stand! May I ask what color paint is on your walls? I just LOVE this space!

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks!! It’s Benjamin Moore Paper White, it’s a cool white and I just love it

  • Love it! I’m still kicking myself for not snatching up that paper after Christmas!

  • Breanna

    This is stunning! The paper on the inside totally makes it.

  • Looks soo good! Love the additions you made…the legs and knobs make such a difference!

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks Gwen!

  • Kristin Strickler Cadwallader

    This is so awesome Brittany!!! I adore it and I adore that art everytime I see it 🙂 xoxo

    • brittanymakes

      Thanks!!! I kinda feel like I need to retire her haha

  • This is incredible! I love the lookalike one from West Elm, but I think I like yours better! You did such a good job! I’m planning a DIY with wrapping paper and a shelf soon, so glad it looks FAB!

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you pretty lady!!!

  • Nicole Lange

    This is beautiful!!! Amazing work! Where is the picture of the woman you have from? it’s stunning.

    • brittanymakes

      I found it at a flea market for $10! it’s one of my all time favorite finds 🙂

  • brittanymakes

    Thank you!!!

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  • Summer Hogan

    Brittany I’m seriously drooling over this hack! You are a genius and that gold faux bois is delicious! You killed it!

    • brittanymakes

      Aw! Thanks Summer!

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  • Love this Hack! So awesome, I definitely have to try this!

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  • Rose Keller

    Hi Brittany! Bought all these pieces and have the unit together, except the doors. I’ve never worked an IKEA hack and am wondering, should I have bought the hardware to attach the doors separate? I thought the doors would have come with hardware. And do you happen to know the company that produced the paper? I’ve been looking for it and am trying to recreate this exact look. Will be so excited when it’s complete!

    • brittanymakes

      Wow this is so exciting!!! You know, the paper was wrapping paper from this past Christmas at target. I think thy sold it under a target brand 🙁 but if you search for gold foil faux bois you might be able to find something! I thought the door hardware came with the doors too.. That’s odd…

    • Yli Chaleff

      paperchase-usa.com has it. It’s called “Gold foil wood grain wrapping paper”

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  • Love the gold trimmed glasses and the glam paper inside plus the whole bar is a dream. Very inspiring ..Ikea never looked so good.

    • brittanymakes

      Aw, thank you!

  • I just found your Insta page and blog and lurv your style! You got that eye. This Ikea hack is awesome– I did a similar one but as as a media cabinet (including the same knobs!). You’re incredibly inspiring. Keep it coming!

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you !!!!

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  • Carol

    Hello! I love this hack. Which Besta cabinet did you use? The link provided just takes you to the general Ikea website. Thanks!

  • Girl, this is absolutely amazing! Pinning now 🙂

    • brittanymakes


  • brittanymakes

    hey! It looks like what Ikea offers online isn’t exactly what you’ll find in store, but here is the size that looks most like what I used for this cabinet – http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S19047842/#/S89047669 i think you’ll have to check your store to see if they sell the high gloss door fronts. I can’t seem to find them online!

    • Carol

      Thank you so much!

    • Kristina Bisceglia

      This link doesn’t work any longer. Could you tell me the dimensions?

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  • Yli Chaleff

    Hi Brittany,

    LOVE your hack! I have a question though, could you tell me the exact dimensions the legs need to be? The link you posted takes me to (what I believe is) a listing for 12″ legs. I’m not sure about the length and diameter. Please help 🙂

    • brittanymakes

      yep! use the 12″ legs with the angled plates and it ends up being about 10″ additional height to the cabinet.

  • Yli Chaleff

    Brittany, thanks for the info. BTW, I FOUND THE PAPER!! Ok, so it’s at Paperchase-usa.com and it’s called gold foil wood grain wrapping paper. I can’t wait to get started. The only thing I’m doing differently is that I’m using the glossy grey doors as opposed to white. I already have the white Besta TV console, and a white lacquer parsons desk so I wanted to add some contrast. I hope mine turns out as stunning as yours!

    • brittanymakes

      OMG!!! You struck gold finding that source! I can’t believe it! thank you for sharing, and it’s going to look AMAZING

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  • Sara Nuñez

    I’m having the hardest time putting on the cabinet doors. They are crooked and overlap. Any advice?

    • brittanymakes

      Hi Sara, with the ikea doors, there are little screws in the hinges that you twist to adjust the leveling of the doors. it takes a little bit of time but trust me, it will fix the prob!

      • Sara Nuñez

        Thanks for the advice! I’ll try it out

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  • That is so gorgeous! I love it.

    • brittanymakes

      thank you!

  • brittanymakes

    exactly! And yes, as long as you use the angle plates and attach them to the base of the unit, you can screw in any legs with a top screw attachment.


  • Brittany Danielle

    I need this in my life! Thanks so much for the inspo. Can’t wait to build one of these with my hubby

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you!!!

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  • Lavvina Teckchandani

    Hi Brittany,

    I simply loved the hack along with many others here. My husband wants some additional storage on the doors of the cabinet to keep bottles etc . Like this one http://www.westelm.com/products/rosana-ceravalo-bar-cabinet-h1624/?pkey=call-sale-furniture%7C%7C

    Do you think we can make shelves out of soft wood and attach them to the doors ? Do you have any other ideas to add shelves on the door ?


    • brittanymakes

      I think that would be a great idea! Since the doors are attached separately, all you need really is the Ikea hardware installed on your custom door. I’m totally on board with this idea!

  • Ann

    Was it easy to drill holes for the knob on the high gloss doors? Does it not crack? I would love to try this project but a little scared…:)

    • brittanymakes

      It was very easy! It didnt’ crack. I think I measured about 2″ in from the corner

  • Lydia

    LOVE this so much. Plan on making this for our new apt but the link for the cabinet isn’t working, unfortunately. I only see the wall cabinet that is vertical – did you adjust the cabinet door direction/installation?

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