DIY Woven Wall Hanging from Bathmat

Confession: I’ve been sitting on this project for over a month.  A month! Why the wait, you ask? Well, I kinda feel like I cheated, although simultaneously I kinda feel like a genius.  Take your pick, I wont be offended.

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

I wholeheartedly admire pure artisans, crafters, and makers.  I admire their patience and persistence and adoration of what they do.  I also admire people who pay a pretty penny for handcrafted goods, and I wish I had that pretty penny to support said makers, but alas I am not made of money therefore if I want something I usually have to figure out how to hack it, DIY it, fake it, or give up on it.  Consider this project a clever hack; mighty clever if you ask me!

I’ve gone and made a wall hanging (from a bathmat!!!). I am crazy in love with Rachel Duvall’s textiles, so you can say this project piggy backs off her designs, specifically how the wall hanging is actually hung from the wall.  Alright, enough words, lets get to the tutorial shall we?

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

First, per usual, I ran to Target to get some supplies.  I picked up a plain white bath mat. I kind of wandered around for a while, I was looking for something simple in design with a loom type look to it, maybe a welcome mat, maybe a rug? No, a bathmat!  Next, I rummaged through my craft paint stash, picked two boy-ish colors (teal & navy) as well as a bottle of fabric medium and a roll of Frog Tape.  I taped off the top triangle first, mixed the fabric medium and the acrylic paint per the instructions, and liberally coated the bathmat in paint.  I let this dry for a hour or so, then repeated this step for the bottom triangle.

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

Once the paint was completely dry, I dipped into my stash of upholstery cord and cut a bunch of ~12″ length pieces to make some fringeDIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

I tied a knot in the middle of each 12″ piece of cordDIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

Then attached to the bottom of the bath mat using hot glue

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

Then I unraveled each strand to get that lovely rug fringe look

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

I LOVE the way Rachel Duvall hangs her textiles, so I created something similar out of 1″x2″s.  I measured, cut, and stained the wood then secured them together with screws from the reverse side.  I added a picture frame hook on the back and hung it in the nursery.

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

So yeah, it’s a bathmat, and I’m probably not fooling anyone, but I think it actually looks really great! You could definitely do the same thing with a small entry rug of sorts, you know, those small rugs no one buys that measure like 2’x3′?

DIY woven wall hanging from bathmat | brittanyMakes

Would you consider hanging a bathmat as wall art?


  • Julia @cuckoo4design

    Well yeah, you can totally call yourself a genius! For real this is beyond awesome!

  • now this is my kind of woven wall hanging! i LOVE it! what a smart idea!

  • Breanna

    This is amazing. I never would have known that was a Bath Mat! I love it! Pinned 🙂

  • that is an amazing idea! i vote for genius!

  • Genius!

  • This turned out SO cute! What a great idea and something I could definitely accomplish, because I’m not sure how I would be at looming:)

  • Brooke Harrison

    Um, ya, pure genius, if you ask me! Love it!!

  • DUDE. This is next level genius.

  • how smart are you?!

  • thethriftress

    Super cool!

  • Dawn M

    Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Genius DIY!!

  • Sarah Rojas

    I haven’t been too into the woven wall hanging’s trend (how dated will it look in like half an hour), but this is cute, easy, frugal and oh so smart!

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  • Rhonda Davis

    Bath mat? Smash mat? Who would know if you weren’t busy telling everyone. Shhhh…this is genius. I’m impressed and I know it’s a bathmat you painted with ‘boyish’ colors. Please promise that if I make one, you won’t tell anyone it’s a bathmat or one of those 2′ x 3′ rugs everyone slips on at the entry to Grandma’s kitchen.

  • Thanks for the idea…I LOVE this! It looks great btw 🙂

  • Ali Daly

    I LOVE this! Also, where are the little stuffed animals from?

  • mkay647

    This. is. AMAAAAAAZING!

    • brittanymakes

      haha thank you!!

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  • Abby

    how did you secure the rug to the wood?

    • brittanymakes

      I drilled a screw through the wood from the back side of the cleat, and it was tight enough to secure the rug.

  • I love this idea!

  • Cori Schwabe

    Love this! So cute, simple and creative!

    • brittanymakes

      thank you!

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  • Shana Russell Baker

    I am going to Target tomorrow (they have this in stock still 🙂 ) I am buying three to hang over our buffet (used as TV stand). You are seriously genius. This is stunning, yet so simple. I plan to hang mine from an aspen branch using the same technique you did at the bottom. UGGH, love.

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you! That’s such a great idea! It’ll look so good 🙂

  • Crystal Wu

    love this! probably will use for my dorm room at Berkeley in the fall! changing it out for a moss green and grey 🙂 thank you!

    • brittanymakes

      excellent! And you’re in my hood!

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  • osvaldo anderson

    Isn’t it so exciting and interesting to see that you can do something or crafts on your own. Those DIY tips and tutorials at
    are so helpful for you to become creative and artistic in your own way.

  • Karen Nepacena

    This is amazing Brittany! So clever (and cute).

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  • Love Love Love this! Such a great idea and the end result is amazing!

  • Elise Kurtz

    This is the most genius idea i have ever seen. I have been searching all afternoon for a woven wall tapestry and it cracks me up how easy this would be. You deserve and award!

    • brittanymakes

      You are way too nice!

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