craigslist dresser makeover


Ah! I’m so in love with this makeover.  I bought this dresser off Craigslist last June right as we were moving into our loft.  My man wasn’t too thrilled, he couldn’t understand the purpose of a dresser as a TV console.  But all you ladies understand! You need drawers to hide all the random boy stuff (video games, DVDs, alllllll of the remotes).


The dresser in its before state wasn’t all that pretty.  The DIYer in me saw straight past the ugly, I knew right away this dresser could be great!


The first thing I did was scrub the dresser squeaky clean.  There’s nothing like the smell of storage locker stink, and I wasn’t having any of it in my house. Next, I had to repair a few of the drawers where the overlay was detached.  I used wood glue and a couple clamps.



I decided to sand, stain, and wax the top of the dresser.  I knew the top surface area would get a ton of wear and tear, seeing as we’d be placing a thousand pound TV on top of it.  I could also foresee that painting it would only bring headaches and scratched paint, plus I’m a fan of the stain/paint contrast.   Later, I removed all the hardware, cleaned them, and brought them back to life with a bit of Gold Leaf Rub n’ Buff.



I painted the dresser in Behr’s Cool Lava in a matte finish.  I wanted the paint to resemble a soft chalk paint, and I thought any sheen shinier than matte wouldn’t look quite right.  I first applied one coat of primer, then three coats of paint, then lastly a protectant coat of Annie Sloan’s soft clear wax.

And just for kicks, here are my three succulents, alive and well! I am one of those people who lack any bit of a green thumb, so every plant that doesn’t die is a mighty success!




Coral and gold pair so well together!  My living room has completely transformed into a serene and happy place, and balance is restored again with all the boy stuff lying around.  I have my “pink” dresser, as my fiancee likes to say, while he still gets to store all his gadgets in all 9 of it’s drawers.


On another exciting note! You can catch me today over at 6th Street Design School where the ever fabulous Kirsten Krason is sharing my tutorial on how to create this gold foil ampersand art.  It’s SO easy!




  • Oh my goodness, Brittany! This is one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen, no joke. What an amazing find and a spot-on color choice!

    • brittanymakes

      You’re making me blush 🙂 Thank you for the sweet comment!

  • Bethany DeVore

    I love this! What a beautiful color and I love the contrast with the darker stain. I’m with you on killing plants, I even killed my succulents! Thank goodness they have fake ones that look real 🙂

  • Michelle Robertson

    Visiting from 6th street design school but after seeing this dresser makeover I’m staying forever! That dresser is absolutely stunning. As soon as you mentioned the paint color I ran to my chalkboard to write it down, I will find something to paint!

    • brittanymakes

      You’re so sweet! And welcome! I love new blog friends 🙂 Please do share if you paint something in this color. I can’t get enough of it lol!

  • Julia Konya

    Oh yes, I totally understand. Dressers as TV consoles are the way to go.
    I’m in love with the color you picked. The hardware is perfect and I’m also absolutely loving that the top is stained not painted.
    I love your DIY art at Kirsten’s today too!

  • Did my comment post?

  • jen

    Just came across your blog and WOW!!! I love it!
    I’m new to blogging myself and having a great time learning as I go. Love the dresser, it looks amazing, I’m actually on the hunt for one to do for the same thing! Keep up the great job, Lady!


    • brittanymakes

      Thank you Jen!

  • You are amazing! Such an amazing color and I love the contrast with the stained top. Happy to see you have plants alive! Where did you get that lamp shade?

    • brittanymakes

      for now they’re alive! the middle one is questioning life right now lol. The lamp shade I found at HomeGoods, it was a mis-mate, and was super dusty and had an $8 sticker on it. I glued the black grosgrain ribbon around it to give it some life.

  • Julie Cadieux

    Stunning!!! The handles on this piece are so unique -now they pop. I love this color too …I did my daughter’s night table (a salvation army find) several years ago in a similar color …you can check it out here:


    • brittanymakes

      this color just makes me so happy! thanks for sharing your daughter’s night table, i love it!

  • I love this color combo and the rustic hints you added with the wood, antique fan & succulents are so cute!

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    • brittanyMakes


  • Marlene Sauer

    Wow, this is a truly stunning finished piece. The color is fab and what cool hardware on that dresser!

  • Jennifer

    This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Funny….my husband couldn’t understand either why we were buying a dresser a few months ago for our tv console. When will they learn to trust that we gals know what we are talking about?!

  • Genevieve Chambliss

    Lovely! What an interesting dresser. I love the detail of the molding around the pulls. And the color you chose looks a lot like a dresser I just refinished for a project. Love that coral is so in right now!

    • brittanymakes

      WHOA beautiful dresser!!! Thank you for sharing!

  • Laura Henry

    This looks so AMAZING! I am so jealous. The paint job looks so smooth, do you use a paint sprayer?

    • brittanymakes

      I don’t use a paint sprayer, but someday when I have a garage I will! I think the combo of a paint brush, the matte finish paint, and sanding between coats helps give a smoother finish

  • Shelby

    I am loving this dresser transformation!! I am amazed that you convinced the fiance to have a “pink” tv stand. I don’t think that would ever fly with mine. Maybe I should just do it and ask for forgiveness later. 🙂

    Just discovered your blog and I’m loving it!!!!

    • brittanymakes

      hahaha, that’s exactly what I did, I had half the drawers painted already before he noticed “oh, I didn’t know we were getting a pink dresser” lol!

  • That color, the hardware, the storage! Love it!

  • Nicole

    Wow, what a transformation! Great vision! Well done 🙂

  • Ebony Gaiter

    wow! How beautiful is this?!?!?!?!? I just pinned you on pinterest and I can’t wait to drool over your other transformations on this blog. I ran across you from and boy am I glad I did!! GREAT WORK!!!

    • brittanymakes

      Thank you! You’re so nice!

  • Hi! LOVE your dresser! What method of painting did you use? Paint brush? Foam brush? It looks so smooth.
    Thank you!

    • brittanymakes

      Hi Lindsey – I used a 2″ angled Purdy brush, and sanded between coats to get a smoother finish. Choosing a matte finish in a paint will help get that look too! A glossier paint might show brush marks..

  • Oh my gosh I just love this makeover! You did a wonderful job on bringing that piece current. Love the darker top, really gives it sophistication. Question, was there a makers tag anywhere on the dresser? I’d love to see if I could find a similar one in my area! That’s how much I love it 🙂

  • Mallory @ Classy Clutter

    I have a coral dresser as my tv stand too!!!! I’d love for you to check it out! I love the stained top on yours! 🙂

  • GenuineElegancebyK

    A-mazing!…I love it!!…It matches my blog, too! 🙂

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  • OMG This is gor-ge-ous! I love your color choice and I can’t believe how different it looks after a little TLC. Great job!

  • charlotte

    So, you can ignore the comment I made on your post with the chair that you are currently upholstering. I had asked where you found your dresser. 😀 I do have to ask though: What period do you think the dresser is paying homage to? I want to say Art Deco but it’s not quite right…. Thanks! Great job with your dresser! It’s stunning!

  • Megan Kane

    Love your dresser! I just redid a Craigslist find of my own in a similar color for my daughter’s nursery! Check it out!

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  • sandra mendoza

    Love it! I will be painting a faux bamboo table for daughter soon!

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  • Brittany Thompson

    I was wondering about whether Annie Sloan soft wax would protect over non-chalk paint – how is yours working out? Also, can you tell me what color stain you used for the top? Thanks. It looks beautiful!

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  • Love the way this came out! You’re so lucky to have a fiance who will tolerate coral in the main living areas. I’ve overcompensated by painting my office pink 😉 Also, I just have to say how excited I am to find another blogger with no garage… I thought I was the only one!

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  • Danielle Cronin

    Hi what color is the stain on top?

    • brittanymakes

      It’s Minwax Dark Walnut

  • Danielle Cronin

    Thx u! Also did u sand the entire dresser before painting?

    • brittanymakes

      I heavily sanded the top. I just did a quick sand on the rest of the dresser to remove any dirt & grime (it was an old dresser!) and rough up the previous finish so that the paint had something to stick to. But that was it!

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  • Sheila Taylor Berns

    I would love to know what stain and wax you used on the top. I know this is an old post, but I happen to be in the middle of a very similar project!

    • brittanymakes

      Of course! I used minwax dark walnut stain for the top, and Annie Sloan’s clear wax as the top coat

  • Lori Britt

    Do you happen to know who makes this dresser? I was so close to getting my hands on one and it slipped through my fingers so I was going to try and do a search.

    • brittanymakes

      Unfortunately, I don’t! There were not brand markings on it, as I recall.

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